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Hair Clippers For Men: Barber Essentials To Get The Perfect Cut

Hair Clippers For Men: Barber Essentials To Get The Perfect Cut
May 30, 2021

Rachael Grant

If you’re the owner of a barber salon or are often cutting men’s hair, you’ll know the importance of hair clippers for men! They play a pivotal role in the styling of the hair and gives you the ability to create versatile looks. Ofter considered and essential of the barber world, it’s not as frequently used on women.

Let’s delve into why clippers are mostly used on men, cutting techniques used with clippers and some inspiration for cuts and styles using clippers. Also, take a quick look at our guide for creating the perfect barbershop with some classic favourites!

Hair Clippers For Men – Why Are They Used Mostly On Guys?

Okay, before we get to the battle of the sexes, I’d just like to point out that men and women’s hair needs differ. More often than not, men go for classic looks. Today, these include fresh fades, short back and sides, or sometimes they go for unique and creative. Think patterns, lines and shapes all carefully etched into the hair. Okay, now imagine trying to achieve this with a pair of scissors.

Hairdressers are skilled, but it would take an incredible amount of time to get anything close to the same results as what you would with clippers. This is one of the biggest factors as to why men are mostly seen sporting looks achieved from clippers.

Additionally, the risk of hair appearing uneven is greater in short hair. There is less room for error, to say the least. Cutting into the hair with scissors can leave the hair appearing patchy in some sections and noticeably missed. You can tell when a section of the hair has been chipped into a little too much, this helps to avoid it While thinning scissors can be used, to really get that even look requires a little assistance. Why handwash when you can use a washing machine, right?

Achieving The Perfect Cut With Clippers 

Okay, so women can use clippers too. You’ll notice video’s emerging on socials all the time of trimmers and clippers used as a technique. One method that’s been common recently is using a comb to even out the hair and using the clippers to cut straight across. More hairdressers are trying this approach, especially for those with thick hair types. It can allow for that perfect blunt look!


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Other ways clippers can be used along with long hair is using it to create a hybrid look, Think shaved underneath and long on top! As mentioned earlier too, it can be used for classic looks too. Go for a classic shaved army look or another hybrid look, yes, mullets count too! While some looks are easy to create at home with a good set of hair clippers.

Key Tips For Using Hair Clippers

While clippers seem easy enough to use, there are some considerations to make prior to cutting the hair. Firstly, what brand are you using and what sizing guides and attachments will you use? This will determine the length of your hair. Each brand slightly varies or maybe using a different sizing guide, so remember to cross-reference before shaving! 

Secondly, don’t cut your hair if it’s wet! The wetter your hair is, the more likely it is to become clogged in the clippers. It can be slightly damp to ensure knots are out, but be careful not to overdo it!

Thirdly, when your start cutting, begin from the nape of the neck and work up. This will allow you to stop in the correct position. Starting from top-down will mean there is more room for error so it’s best to go from the bottom up!

Selecting The Perfect Clipper Cut Look For Men

People think that men can’t get creative with their look. The truth is, there are so many styles and variations on looks, you won’t be stuck for choice! These are just some of the modern looks men are going for today!

Most of these looks need other tools to create the perfect looks. Remember to have the key essentials always stocked so you never run into a problem! Barbers are back!

Barbershop Essentials

While hair clippers play a pivotal role in getting your barbershop up and running, you also need to have a few other tools on hand! Firstly, you’ll still need a good pair of scissors. Both thinning scissors and regular will be used frequently to get the job done. Also, you’ll need the following:

These tools will help aid the service that you can give to your clients. Remember, not everyone will want just a simple style. You may need to use a number of these items on just one client or at home to achieve the desired look!

Comment below or tag us in your photos so we can see how you use hair clippers for men and women!

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