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Hair Colour Trends for 2021 that Are a Breath of Fresh Air

September 13, 2021

Rachael Grant

More hair colour trends in 2021 are leaning on the bright and bold side than ever. We could all make good use of some vibrant novelties. But let’s not forget that gorgeous classic hair colours are always in trend.

Hair Colour Trends for 2021 You’ll Fall for

If the change of the season motivates you to do something about your hair, here are some of the most uplifting hair colour trends from 2021 that can serve you as a tonic for your next hairdresser’s visit.

Dark Ice Queen Look

Silver hair is among the major trends for 2021, and this one takes it to the dark side with a combination of black and silver we call Salt and Pepper. This idea presents a great opportunity if you are tired of your blonde highlights and want to tone them down.

Straight Brunette

Even if you are religiously dedicated to hair maintenance, bleach-treated hairstyles need a trim from time to time. You don’t need to go super-short; just be ready to say farewell to 5 cm and dye your hair dark with demi-permanent colour with a hydrating formula. Forgetting about the heat styler for a couple of months won’t hurt your new trendy hair either.

Face-framing Highlights

The face-framing colouring technique is a genius invention for making your hair colour look natural. It starts by creating a frame around your face that is two or three shades lighter than the rest of the balayage. The secret is in choosing colours that suit your face so that you look bright rather than washed out.

Ultimate Grey

It looks great on dark brunettes – this is a surprisingly flattering twist of metallic grey hues created with the ombre technique (we almost put that one in our back drawers, didn’t we?). It may not be the penultimate silver colour, but this “I mean business” grey is definitely among the hair colour trends worth trying in 2021.

Burgundy Plum

Such a versatile colour suits everyone, provided you are spot on with the shade. Burgundy plum is the safe variation even for people who have a “Meh, I don’t know.” reaction to cool dark reddish tones. What we can promise is impressive shine and healthy hair envy from those for whom this would not be the primary choice.

Gold Rose

Yes, you read that right. It is gold rose, not rose gold. The accent is not on the pink tone but the golden shine. Being a little saturated with the rose gold hair trends over the last couple of years, it is invigorating to witness a new take on the look. In this case, the rose is very subtle.


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Spiced Brownie

Think cinnamon, nutmeg, and raw vanilla beans highlights on chocolate brown hair. Make sure you ask the hairdresser to be generous with the foils. This warming trend needs a fully covered head of highlights; the dark brown only serves as a delicate base.

Blunt Blonde

To be deservedly called blunt, both your haircut and your colour must turn heads at every corner. This new hair trend for 2021 is not pure platinum, but rather a soft beige blonde with sophisticated, almost non-existent milky highlights. In case you are tired of your blonde balayage, this is something to experiment with – the split ends prevention from the bob cut is a welcome bonus.

Slackin’ Mess

Are you a fan of low maintenance colours? Then, you will adore this subtle sunkissed balayage, in which the lower half of your hair is dyed a maximum of up to two or three shades lighter. The overall effect is the one of sunbathed hair that you forgot to revamp because you’ve had a blast of a time.

Magenta Roots vs. Orange Tips

Magenta and orange are complementary colours. The contrast makes both shades give a new level of spectacular. Contrary to some of the previous understated hair colour trends for 2021, this one will make you pop and make someone’s day even when that was not your intention. Bring in the good vibes.


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Collarbone Balayage 

Are you struggling with a choice between keeping your hair long or cutting it short? Here comes the solution that is a medium that meets both alternatives halfway. How to make an angled long bob look even sharper? It is easy: add a masterful balayage technique, and don’t forget to sleek it down to perfection!


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Golden Toast

Feelin hungry already? Too many crunchy toasts can give you a not-so-desired waist look, but you are safe with this golden toast hair trend. Although some consider it an autumn colour (looks great with olive-coloured chunky knits), it will warm up everyone’s heart, regardless of the season. Mix with red makeup for a fresh alternative to the safe rose blush makeup look.

Toffee Highlights

Remember the days when highlights first entered the hairdressing scene? Decades ago, highlights were all about mixing toffees, caramels, and walnuts with dark brown to emphasise the stark contrast. And these hair trends have lingered through the years all the way to 2021 for all the right reasons. The only rule you need to follow this season is to blend frontal sections well to avoid the 90s Ginger Spice look recently recreated by Bella Hadid.

Purple Highlights on Dark Hair

Did you think that only blondes can do purple? You couldn’t be more wrong, judging by this stunning hair trend that has taken over beauty salons in 2021 – purple highlights on brown hair. The magic is choosing a shade that works seamlessly with your natural hair colour. Purple has cooler hues, so make sure you test what will work best to add a mystical quality to your persona instead of creating a bland, unnoticeable you.

Peach Dreams

Another classic that persists among hair trends for more than one year is blonde orange or “blorange”. When skillfully done, this unusual pastel blonde is the perfect antidote to winter blues. Combining reds and blonds regularly brings awards to hairdressing ambassadors, and now we know why. You don’t need to do the full-on hair model look; check this modest peachy blonde that is promised to inspire a few compliments among your friends. Strawberry blonde is always a winner too!

For more colour ideas worth swooning over, check out our section about celebrity brown hair ideas! See how to achieve popular colour looks here!

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