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Hair Maintenance Tips To Survive Between Salon Visits

hair maintenance tips at home
May 12, 2020

Rachael Grant

During quarantine, many of us have shown hidden talents and skills. They would have never seen the light of the day hadn’t it been for the #stayhome recommendation. Every crisis births inventiveness. We have seen fantastic art, cooking, fun and creativity done at home. But turning into a professional hairdresser is a bit more difficult than that. It takes years of training to become one. So, what do we do instead? One solution would be to borrow hair maintenance tips from professionals. Thanks to just a touch of their hair mastery and using the right quick-fix products, we should be able to get out on the other side of this quarantine looking at least presentable, if not more.   

Most Common Hair Problems During Quarantine   

The hair challenges you encounter while in quarantine won’t be much different than standard hair problems at other times.

Feeling sheepish? Failed to schedule the appointment on time? The expected result is grown roots, brassy blonde, frizzy ends, stressed hair, shapeless haircuts, and dull and lifeless tresses. These common issues exponentially grow when you skip on regular care and maintenance. Therefore, you must not lose your TLC spirit even when you are stuck at home. 

Furthermore, too much free time at home can be the perfect moment to compensate for all those hair maintenance sessions you missed out on by finding excuses that you are too busy. If you feel less than inspired, though, take a look at these basic hair maintenance tips you can apply while staying in your home:  

Grown Roots

Unless you decide to turn grown roots into a fashion statement, you might as well do something about them. Reaching out for the permanent colour can be problematic unless you have at least some experience. For those less confident in their hair colouring skills, root sprays may be the perfect solution.

Check out this grey root concealer which is a simple and easy solution for grey hair that’s left too long without a professional colouration. Make sure you pick the right shade that matches your hair colour for minimal colour difference. 

Colour Fading

Frequent washing with shampoo regardless of how mild it is can damage the colour. What’s the solution to make your salon hair colouring lasting as long as possible. It’s simple: skip on that daily shampooing. Replace every second wash with a dry shampoo treatment and you will get colour that lasts twice as long than usual.

Frizzy hair

Since you won’t be blowdrying your hair as often at a professional salon, nor giving it necessary trims, it won’t have its natural allure, shine, and silkiness. Frizz can be nasty when left without proper care for too long. To calm the woolly look, make sure you religiously apply anti-frizz conditioner after every wash. Now and then, saturate your hair with a keratine mask and nourishing oils to help it retain natural proteins and moisture.

Blonde Gone Yellow

Depending on your natural hair undertones, lightening your hair to platinum and silver-blonde fades out to gain yellowish or orangey hues after several shampoos. To avoid the brassy look, purchase a bottle of no-orange or no-yellow shampoo. The blue and violet neutralisers in these products combat the warm tones, restoring the cool brilliant shades that most resemble natural blondes. For best results, go for a duo pack no-orange shampoo and mask.

Colour Retouching 

Another simple solution to fading colour that won’t ruin your hair quality or cause raising eyebrows at your next salon visit is colour shampoo. Most colours shampoos don’t contain ammonia or peroxide and will provide semi-permanent results.  They come in a range of colours form lights to darkest and will tone in-between honey, chestnut and caramel shades with success, as well. Toning your blonde hair can be a temporary colouring tip if you bring down a notch on peroxide and bleach or leave them out of the treatment completely.

Damaged and Stressed hair

Staying at home can be stressful so your hair will undoubtedly suffer. Coloured hair is in ever more stressed and in need of care due to its altered fibre structure. Start from the essentials by using an appropriate shampoo for coloured hair that will not only restore lost vitality but also maintain the colour. 

All-in-One Colour and Care 

To survive quarantine without radical makeovers, refresh your hair with a colouring mask. Masks are an excellent option for brunettes who would rather be safe than sorry.

Fine and Lifeless Hair

A blowdry by an experienced hand is the life of the fine hair party. Having your hair dried and styled by a professional is one of the greatest blessings of professional hair care, coming next to a great haircut. Alas, it is impossible to replicate a salon blowdry at home, regardless of how you want to do it!

However, you can make improvements to your hair styling skills by using hair maintenance tips for drying your hair like a pro. Above all, don’t forget about a volume-boosting spray. It is one of the best-kept secrets of hair professionals. Since you won’t be able to reach to the back of your head to pull and lift hair, use this tip instead: you will end up with a greater volume and less pain in your bicepses.   

Loose, Saggy Curls

There is only one solution to curly hair if you are missing on the trims and it starts getting shapeless: pump up those curls! You can go for a curling wand or for hot rollers. The second choice requires more acumen but it is less damaging to the hair when done as instructed. But the results can be spectacular!

Haircut at Home?

No, we didn’t go crazy. We are not talking about a complete haircut with scissors, thinning, and texturising. You won’t be able to pull that one off in the same way as your hairdresser even if you turn on your head. But you can take care of your man’s hair that grows around the cheeks or the neck with hair clippers. The same applies if you wear short hair. But if your man has never held clippers in his hands, it’s best if you ask your BFF, sister, or anyone else that may be a bit more confident about their clipping skills.

Facial Hair Maintenance Tips

It is not only your crown that deserves attention – you could have forgotten about another important keratinous growth – facial hair! Perhaps you are strutting the Dumbledore look, but it still needs to look orderly. 

Fabulous long beards need regular application of beard oil to avoid looking unruly. Otherwise, a radical cut will be the only getaway from months, maybe years of dedication to grow it that long. That’s the least you can do without visiting your barber.

Whatever you do, don’t make radical decisions out of boredom. This crisis will end and you don’t want to look like you’ve been through a battle at the end. Use tested products which are safe to use at home to get both thank you from your mirror and your hairdresser once we go back to normalcy. 

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