Halloween Makeup Looks We’re Obsessed With

October 24, 2016

Samantha Bun

Halloween is just around the corner and the craze is real! We get the feeling Harley Quinn is going to be a popular look this year as well as some super sexy sugar skulls. Other looks we are in love with are extraterrestrial and avant-garde inspired. There is also something quite spine chilling about a woman with perfect brows and contour on fleek, with a bit of added sparkle or vivid neon colours.

We have compiled some of our favourite makeup looks using LA Splash lip colours and StarGazer UV colours for some Halloween inspiration. You can count on us for some ways to treat yo self this Halloween.


L.A. Splash Lips

It’s all about the lips this Halloween. The lips say it all, they tell tales of horror, seduction, desire and fantasy. Lips will be the defining element of your Halloween look! Choose the right colour to instil fear in all your enemies.

Get the look:

Lips of Death

Dark as your soul

Get the look:

Harrowing Sugar Skull

Avant Garde Clown

Sci-Fi Spook


Stargazer Neon and UV Colours

Get out of this world with wicked neons and UV colours created with Stargazer. UV colours are extremely popular and add an extra ‘Wow’ factor to your costume, especially in the dark… trick or treat?

Get the look:

Shop Stargazer

Whatever the look you create this Halloween, we are sure you will spook the living daylights out of everyone. Happy Halloween, ladies.

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