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13 Oct

Halloween Nail Ideas to Spook the Town  

Halloween is creeping up around the corner, so you must be thinking about some fresh and freaky nail ideas for your next Halloween costume party or just for some good old festive getting into the spirit fun. You have hung your decorations of spider webs, laughing skeletons, carved pumpkins and ghouls. You may have already even ordered your sexy witch or zombie outfit and planned your hairdo… but what about topping it off with themed nails to match? Rest assured, for I have found some freaking spooktacular Halloween nail ideas for your inspiration when you go out and rock the neighbourhood at trick-or-treat.

What I have realised after going through these Halloween nail trends is that shape plays a large role in creating a more devilish effect. The sharp and pointy nail shape, also known as stiletto nails, is great for creating a horror vibe because they are sharp and look a bit like vicious claws. The squared off version of the pointy nail, known as the coffin nail for its shape, is also highly popular and gives room to play with nail designs. I hope you find something you like in this selection to show your nail artist or even attempt to DIY!


In classic Halloween tradition, carve out some Jack-O-Lanterns and have them painted on your nails. You can try a full set of Jack-O-Lanterns or alternate them with some black paint like the one below. I particularly love this design in the stiletto shape as it helps accentuate the demonic look of the carved and angular eyes. Otherwise, in the coffin shape is another design I absolutely love as it is creative and playful. As much as I hate round things that pop out, those spooky eyes are super cool, as well as the handcrafted spider for the 3D effect.

Blood, blood, give me blood!

There are so many ways to play with blood… I’m going to try and sound less like an expert on this. This bloody effect is quite easy to create with some dripping and mixing and layering with clear polish. Or the alternative is to do the dripping over white polish for a more pronounced look. You can also add some red diamantes to make your blood glisten and shine.

Graveyards and cobwebs

Yes, there is nothing that rings more Halloween than this Goth noir nail art. The graveyard artwork is spectacular – I love the attention to detail, the little added diamantes in the centre of the crucifixes and the little bats fluttering away. In the other look, I adore the fusion of the spider webs and then the marble-like nail design.

Reptilian Predator


I’m obsessed with these stiletto nails with reptilian designs. They are subtle and yet make quite a statement with the texture. You’ll be like a creature crawling out of Aliens vs Predator, just sexier.

OUIJA summon the devil?

Summon some spirits today, or the devil, with this Ouija inspired Halloween nail design. I think this has to be the cleverest design of everything I have found – the detailing of this is just incredible. The marbling looks exactly like an Ouija board and if you look close enough, like blood infused.

Dangerous and Murderous

This stiletto shape, the length and the chrome just scream dangerously seductive. Just look at them glisten like steel… and imagine the things you could do to your enemies with those nails. Okay, I’m going too disturbingly far in fantasy land with this. That skull ring is an absolute killer as well.

Pumpkin Spice and Everything Nice

If you want to be more of a sweet treat during Halloween, then wear it pumpkin spice colour to match your pumpkin outfit. You’ll be less scary but rather cute as a button. Delicious, too.

Goth Queen


Be the Queen of all Goths. Wear black. Dress magic. Lure them in with magical nails and some chain embellishments. Or the other beautiful addition of jewels and handcrafted black roses will also air of goth.

Ombre Seduction

Seduce with this ombre nail design looking bloodilicious. To get this ombre effect, use a sponge. One way of doing it is to layer the colours onto a sheet of paper, blend the two colours in the centre and dab a sponge over it. The other technique, also using a sponge, is to complete one layer of you polish and use the sponge to dab the top colour on. Finish off with a top coat – matte or glossy depending on what effect you want.

She is devilish

You can go simple with red but make it look absolutely divine and devilish. Again, the stiletto cut just adds that extra oomph to make your nails look villainous and yummy. Add glorious embellishments to detail. I just love these jewellery pieces as they are so bold and make a statement. If you can find any bold skull or spider jewellery, definitely put it on to make an impact.


These cat eye nails are eerie and uncanny. They will be sure to spook!

Horror Movie Night

These horror movie inspired Halloween nail ideas are fantastic. The Clown ones would be great timing due to the recent release of Stephen King’s It and everyone knows clowns are scary as… but my absolute fave out of this lot is the Joker. There is nothing more menacing than Batman’s arch nemesis – not quite horror, but still spinechilling. Scream is a classic, so you can’t go wrong with that either.

I hope you find these Halloween nail ideas useful in helping you decide before the big week!


Samantha Bun

Samantha is our in-house content writer based in Sydney who covers all hair and beauty related topics. She has completed a Bachelor of Arts majoring in English Literature and a Master of Creative Writing at University of Sydney. In her spare time, she loves writing poetry in calligraphy for her Instagram @samanthabunpoetry

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