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Happy Birthday to our Creative Director: Sochesda Heng

September 25, 2016

Samantha Bun

There are moments in time, places and events that combined make life memorable and exciting. Then there are people who apply themselves so intensely that their efforts stagger those around them, transferring their most memorable moments in time into an unforgettable life experience.

We speak of a one, Mr Sox Heng – visionary and revolutionary Director of AMR’s dedicated team of artistic creators. His incredible foresight has dictated the level of excellence achieved by this amazing team, so much so that the entire industry has been left spellbound and in awe. Praise and congratulations are constantly received from envious industry leaders left lagging in advertising wilderness.

Mr Heng, your professionalism and commitment is obvious. It’s like a hunger to the ones who surround you; they just can’t get enough. We know the stars are your only limits.

Which planet will you take us to next and how do we get back?

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