Head Of Foils: Before and After the Magic is Complete

head of foils
April 8, 2020

Rachael Grant

The first time you see the effects of a full head of foils before and after they have been removed will amaze you. The patience that requires sitting for up to three hours in a salon is totally worth it.  And you won’t mind the fact that a full head of foils is not the cheapest service available! For a full head of blonde highlights, you might need to spend approximately three hours getting it done. If your hairdresser is working on a regrowth, you can finish everything under two hours. Some sittings may even take up to 6 hours depending on the length and thickness of your hair and desired colour. Regardless of what’s your chosen colour range, the before and after differences of a head full of foils are so striking you will feel like a whole new person again. 

Considering a Full Head of Foils? Before & After Blonde, Red, and Brown Transformations

We get that you are curious about how a plain-looking hairstyle transforms into a catwalk-worthy mane when you are out of the salon and done with the highlights.  It’s natural to be inquisitive when the techniques for a full head of foils on dark hair are different than highlights on virgin blond hair or blonde balayage. If you are wondering whether this style is for you, check the ‘before and after’ differences in these selected hairstyles. We hope to make your decision slightly easier.

1. Dimensional root shadowing  

We love a full head of highlights so much because the technique is unmatched for achieving natural, subtle colour dimensionality. 

But did you know that you can make the transitions in your hair look even more seamless? Yes, welcome to the world of root shadowing. Root shadowing (also called root smudging) is a technique where the roots are coloured with a darker colour than the rest of the hair. Root shadowing mimics a natural regrowth that’s moderately darker than the hair that has been extensively exposed to sunlight or previous products:

2. Sun-kissed babylights

Has this blonde spent her last three hours in a hairdresser’s chair or strolling on the beach? That is an excellent question, considering how beautifully interwoven are the golden and the dark highlights on this hair. The advantage of doing a full head of blonde foils on brown hair is that you get that beach babe look but without the excessive exposure to UV rays:  

3. Full dark-to-blonde transformation

The easy, healthy way to highlight your hair for more than 5 to 6 shades is by getting your head fully covered in foils. This way, your darker hair that hasn’t been bleached or exposed to a stronger developer will provide the so much needed shiny structure. 

4. Balayage ombre

Not all hairdressers use a full head of foils to achieve the balayage look. However, it is a failproof method for smooth hair blending on large sections. As well as for applying more than one highlight colours on top of the basic colour. Precision in colour tweaking is what draws most clients into getting foil highlights. With balayage, you get extra dimensionality to replicate the most natural differences in hair colour.

5. Red to rosegold transition

Redheads can have it hard when going blonde. Very light blondes retain leftovers form a hair that has previously been died red. This can make the hair look brassy. Your hairdresser can work with what is available by bleaching a full head of blonde foils and mixing rosegold toners or colours to blend in and achieve a cool red tone that transitions into platinum highlights.  

6. No more orange

If you’ve spent a lot of time at home and had a few unsuccessful attempts to lighten your hair, the final result may look something like the ‘before’ photo in this Instagram post. You hairdresser will apply foils, a no-yellow toner, and no-orange shampoo afterwards to solve this problem. However, don’t do too many of these experiments at home. Take a look at what hairdressers wished they had said to the clients to avoid such mistakes in the future!

7. Caramel copper painted balayage 

We usually consider foils the hairstyle for blondes and brunettes. But once you witness the wonders of foils distributed on top of a rich basic red colour, you’ll start thinking differently. The vibrancy in these red locks is achieved with this painted balayage technique completed by mixing copper and caramel highlights. 

8. Pastel blue-grey blonde

This is not a regular grey. It is rather a more radical grey hairstyle achieved by applying a full head of blue and grey highlights on dark brown hair. Drastic hair lightening makeovers such as this one require a gentle approach, which can showcase its full beauty. It does this by partially highlighting the basic colour with nuances that differ in up to seven tones.  

9. Head Of Foils For Blonde Regrowth Correction

As much as we would all want that to be true, hair that has been subject to multiple colouring treatments in a short period is just not in the same shape as minimally processed hair. Therefore, hairdressers would often recommend using a full head of foils instead of covering your scalp in colour. The benefit of this subtle approach is that you get brilliant, even-looking highlights that melt with the lowlights, giving the impression you have extra volume and dimensionality. And you still get to keep the hair healthy long term!   

10. Chocolate brown highlights

The before and after-effects of a full head of foils are stunning when you consider how much they can shift the perception of your hair quality. From flat, dull tresses, you will progress to a bountiful, shiny hairstyle that enlivens not only your hair but also your whole face. This is especially apparent when you leave at least three tones between the darker and the lighter colour. For example, as in these chocolate foil highlights.  

There so many variations you can do with a full head of highlights, it’s impossible to list them all. The second-best and more affordable option to a full head of foils are getting partial highlights, which will do the work when you make corrections after the initial extreme transformation.  

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