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How Do Cloud9, GHD, and Silver Bullet Weigh In?

Cloud9, GHD, and Silver Bullet
September 6, 2021

Rachael Grant

If you are in the market for a new hair styling tool, you are probably feeling a little overwhelmed with what to purchase. Many companies out there claim that they are the best and it can become difficult to know what to buy. We have explored and collected key information about Cloud9, GHD, and Silver Bullet to help you in your search. While there are still plenty of other brands you should consider, these are some brands people are often drawn to. 

How Do Cloud9, GHD, and Silver Bullet Weigh In?

All three brands have their devotees, so we understand that the decision is not so easy. Each brand makes various heat styling tools – hair straighteners, irons, curling wands, hot brushes, and hairdryers. Cloud9, GHD, and Silver Bullet focus on specific hair tools, accessories, and appliances. But when people compare them, they mostly think of the heat styling tools. Let’s find out what makes each brand unique and why some differences between Cloud9, GHD, and Silver Bullet don’t really matter.

Cloud Nine 

The brand is best known for its premium hair straighteners. Cloud 9 offers product personalisation of iron plates and monogramming your initials for an extra cost. Because styling is only half the job without styling accessories, Cloud Nine also makes styling sprays, bristle and paddle brushes, combs, clips, rollers, and travel bags to store your stylers. 


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GHD stands for “Good Hair Day”. If you scroll their Instagram, you’ll notice the acronym extension hidden in plain sight in their logo. Similar to Cloud Nine, GHD heat styling tools are an endeavour initiated in Australia and made in Korea. GHD is famous for their “GHD Unplugged” cordless heat irons, which use the newest technology based on continuous feature testing and innovation to make styling easy on the wrist and the pocket.

Silver Bullet

Apart from the usual hot stylers, including curling  irons and straighteners, the production range by Silver Bullet includes hot rollers, clippers and trimmers. Because the temperature range for Silver Bullet heat tools is adjustable, it suits various hairstyles (bleached, coloured, and perms) and is excellent for styling damaged hair.  

If you want to stick to one brand (for salon design harmony and customer loyalty benefits), you can choose the one that most suits your salon work. If you own a barbershop, you may prefer Silver Bullet. If you do plenty of travel for work, go for GHD. And if you want to let your personality shine through your beauty accessories, try personalised Cloud Nine straighteners. 

Cloud9 vs. GHD vs. Silver Bullet: Comparison Chart

Now let us look more in-depth into brand characteristics, hoping to shorten your quest for frizz-free smoothness, va-va-volume, and bouncy curls. Your basic preparation about Cloud Nine, GHD, and Silver Bullet differences follows below: 


Cloud NineGHDSilver Bullet
  • Salon Professional 
  • Focus on sustainability
  • Premium Collection
  • Salon Professional 
  • Created by hairdressers
Salon Professional
Origin/Made in Australia/KoreaAustralia/KoreaAustralia/New Zealand
Heat styler settings/TemperatureVariable heat settings you can adjust on 7 levels with temperature between 100°C and 200°COptimized heat controller to 185°C, the ideal point for results without hair damagingMaximum versatility with 4 heat settings from 80˚C to 210˚C
PlatesUnlike widespread titanium, Cloud Nine has mineral-coated ceramic plates for softer and smoother hair Uses aluminium plates layered with ceramic to distribute heat evenlyTitanium, ceramic, and ionic technology, infused with argan oil
Suits hair typeContains a MiCOM (MicroComputer) heating system to calculate and adjust the temperature before it breaks or damages hair.Thin, fine hair with a lack of volume that suffers damage even from occasional styling. Frizzy, frequently styled hair. 

Great for sleek bobs and straightening thick, stubborn curls.

  • Heat resistant guide, protected from copying with a hologram code.
  • Adjustable heat settings to avoid very high temperatures.
  • Special product care and storage are required.  
Has a sleep/ hibernation mode that makes each styling section a breeze without worrying about fire hazards. Considering the highest temperature settings, it requires greater care when using it. 
Heating timeStyling tools take 20 seconds to heat up.30 to 40 seconds to heat up to the highest setting.
  • Instant heating element with dual voltage. 
  • Infrared heat is included for even faster heating.
Style/DesignCopper-coloured iron plates and all-over black design. Premium Collection is white and light rose, with an ultramodern sleek design. 
  • Clean, ergonomic, with curved edges. 
  • Black and white for straighteners.
  • Black, white, pink, gold ombre chrome, plum, ink blue for hair dryers.  
Black matte body and detailing, with variations in gold, black, rose-gold, and pink, both for body and plates.
  • Lightweight.
  • Travel bags.
  • Travel mirrors.
  • Vanity travel mirrors.
  • Sustainable water bottles.
  • Refurbished micro-iron. 
  • Easy to transport.
  • Mini paddle brushes.
  • Unplugged hair straighteners. 
  • Styler carry-cases and heat mats. 
  • GHD Flight Travel Hair Dryer. 
  • Includes lighter options such as the Obsidian Hairdryer that weighs only 480 gr.
  • Look for the Silver Bullet Travel logo.
Most popular products
  • Cloud Nine Cordless Iron Pro.
  • Cloud Nine The Original Hair Straightener – Black.
  • Cloud Nine The Curling Wand – Black.
  • Cloud Nine The Wide Iron Hair Straightener 4 cm Wide. 
  • GHD Creative Curl Wand.
  • GHD Platinum+ Straighteners.
  • GHD Curve Soft Curl Tong.
  • GHD Flight Travel Hair Dryer with Protective Case.
  • GHD Unplugged
  • Silver Bullet Supernova
  • Silver Bullet Fastlane Ceramic Gold
  • Silver Bullet Luxe Travel Pink Set
  • Silver Bullet  Fastlane Curling Wand
  • Both (Has a Premium Collection with cordless items). 
  • The Cordless Iron Pro Box with a personalised iron includes a charging pod, faux leather case and bag, water bottle. mirror, adaptors, universal voltage charger.
  • Both. 
  • GHD Unplugged is a portable tool designed for busy lifestyles. 
  • Both. 
  • 360° adjustable swivel cord.
  • Cordless clippers. 
CostMedium range with a few pricier items. Medium range.Most affordable.
Warranty6 months to 5 years, depending on the product. It extends when the product is registered, most tools have a 2 to 3-year warranty.6 months on brushes to 6 years on GHD Platinum and hair straighteners 
  • 1-year warranty on rollers, trimmers, and clippers.
  • 2-year warranty on heat stylers.
Premium collectionYes.Yes (Limited Edition Collection).No.


Because most brands today have a unique touch on how they approach products, it is hard to make simple comparisons and final decisions about which stylers top the chart. As you can see, you need to consider dozens of characteristics. What suits you may not be someone else’s priority, looking at ghd review and silver bullet review will help though. It is not a question of rivalry between Cloud Nine, GHD, and Silver Bullet. It is about uniqueness, and the search will end once you understand what makes your needs unique. Time to get to know yourself!

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