How To Apply Highlighter

How To Apply Highlighter
February 21, 2018

Tako Phanoraj

How to apply highlighter is a must in this day and age. Shimmer, glow, shine, luminosity, iridescence, pearly sheen, light reflecting, glimmer, illuminating and radiance are a few words that describe your new best friend and your new makeup product to add to your makeup collection if you haven’t already, the highlighter. No, not your neon highlighters in the stationery section. We are talking about the trendy craze of high impact shimmering powders that give your face a lifted, youthful and brightening glow. The way of highlighting or highlighters have boomed over the past few years. Now becoming more mainstream and popular amongst makeup lovers. They come in many different shapes and forms, finely milled powders available in loose tubs or conveniently travel-sized compacts, creamy wound up stick applicator tubes and liquid gold solutions all contained in luxe packaging. But if you don’t have a highlighter or are hesitant to experiment with one, you can always use a shimmery eyeshadow.


The art of highlighting is your makeup technique to accentuate and bring forward certain pinpoint areas to make your face radiate. “Highlighting” usually just involves you using a highlighter to make the higher points of your face pop. However, for a more intensive look, you would use two kinds of mediums to get the ultra-high impact highlighting look called “strobing”. When it comes to strobing, you would use a liquid or cream-based highlighter as a base and then set it into place with a powder highlight on top. Like you would with a cream or liquid foundation and then set the rest of your face with a foundation setting powder. So, if you want to know how and where to highlight or strobe read on to see how it is done.

The Beautiful and always glowing Emily Ratajkowski

Personally, during the day I would go in with a highlighting powder for a natural look. And for a night event like a fancy dinner or a night out with the girls, I would strobe – a look that is both wearable and almost blinding. You do what you do for the Instagrams, you know (just kidding). Ideally, you want to highlight the high points of the face. Placing your highlight in these places will illuminate and bring your face forward compared to contouring where you would use a matte powder to create a shadow.

How To Apply Highlighter – Your high points are:

    • The inner corner of the eye
    • Underneath the brow bone
    • Tops of the cheekbone (just below the eye)
  • Bridge of the nose
  • Tip of the nose
  • The top area above the beginning of your eyebrow
  • Your cupid’s bow

I would do my highlighting process after my base (foundation, contouring and blush), eyes and brows are done but before my lipstick.


 How To Apply Highlighter – DAY LOOK

You will need:

  • A Fan or Fluffy Blending Brush
  • Powdered Highlighter
  • A Pencil or Smudger Brush
Makeup Brush Set


So, for a day look, I would take my fan brush or a fluffy blending brush, take my brush dip it into the highlighting powder, tap off the excess and start on the tops of my cheekbones and blend it in. I will turn my face to the side and use it as a guide to see if I am happy with the intensity or not. Then I would go and place this underneath my brow bone, blending that in. And now taking a different brush a pencil brush I will then dip a little bit of highlighter and highlight the inner corner of the eye to make it appear wide awake and brighter.

For the nose using the excess powder on the brush I would place that onto the bridge of my nose and then I would blend that in by dabbing it with my middle finger to elongate the length of my nose (as I have a short bridge). To lift my nose to make it appear turned up like a button nose, I would dust the excess on the brush again at the tip of it but on the top of the nose; not directly in the centre of the nose as that may look it appear Tin man-esque from the Wizard of Oz.

For the cupids bow, I would take the fluffy brush or my finger again and dab or dust it onto my cupid’s bow to give it that full pouty upper lip look. Do not go too heavy-handed or too high up on the upper lip as that may look like you have a highlighting moustache.


 How To Apply Highlighter – NIGHT LOOK
You will need:

Lily Make Up Sponge Pink


For the night look that I previously mentioned, I would go in with my liquid highlighter, blend that out with my finger or my damp makeup sponge and then set that in place with my highlighting powder. I would do sections at a time as the liquid highlighter will set and dry up if not blended in time. Ensure that your liquid or cream foundation and contour is applied first before your liquid highlighter and then set with powders. And if you simply do a mistake and go too heavy with your liquid, just buff that out with a cleaner section of your makeup sponge to erase the mistake.


TOP TIP: If you have small features like a small chin and small forehead area you can lightly dust some highlighter in the centre of your forehead and in the middle of your chin to give your skin a more dewy finish. If your chin and forehead area are quite large and make you feel self-conscious I recommend not to do this tip as this will emphasise these features even more.

 How To Apply Highlighter – HIGHLIGHTING FOR YOUR BODY

For the ladies out there, that are enjoying the balmy nights of summer wearing slinkier and sexier outfits that reveal plunging necklines and cute mini dresses or skirts to show off their legs. Here are ways to highlight your body not only with a gorgeous tan but to give it that little bit extra of body bling.


With a light hand, take a big powder or bronzing brush you want to dust in some highlighter onto your collarbones. To focus on your arm area, with the rounded part of your shoulder (the deltoid). You want to highlight and dust it, concentrating in the centre of your deltoid. And then subtly dust down your arms.

And there you have it, a guide to give your face and body that summery glow all year long. If you liked this blog, please comment below on your thoughts on our way on how to apply highlighter


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