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How To Become A Nail Technician

July 28, 2018

Tako Phanoraj

Have you ever wanted to know how to become a nail technician but never knew where to start? Take a page out of CJ Artistry’s handbook and jot down a thing or two as this nail and beauty salon dabbles in all things beauty. Their services include makeup applications for both glam and special effects looks, hairstyling, lash lifts, lash extensions, eyebrow tints, waxing, spray tanning, cosmetic teeth whitening and, of course, what the girls and their team of exceptionally talented ladies are predominantly known for; their expertise and meticulous attention to detail in the art of nail artistry. Whether it be nail repair or a beautiful brand new set of nails with your natural or an acrylic set, their approach and immaculate execution will give you impeccable nails that just leave you staring.

CJ Artistry wanted to be more than just your average run-of-the-mill typical beauty salon that offers more than just nail and beauty services having worked with luxury retailer Reebonz, Westfields Parramatta, Sephora and none other than big time nail brand Sally Hansen too to boot. They wanted to become a space where not only do they make women feel and look good but to impact on every client’s experience in a positive, embracing note to empower themselves too. Their clientele comes from all corners of New South Wales; located in the humble south-west area of the Sydney suburbs that is known as Fairfield Heights, can flock the most fashion savvy and beautiful of the most elite ladies in the biz. Their clientele can stretch as far from the areas of the Hills district, the Shire and even from the Sydney CBD area, whether it be their regulars or newbies to come knocking at their beauty parlour door.

I was fortunate enough to interview the powerhouse leaders of the iconic CJ brand, sister team Cassie and Jade hence the name CJ Artistry and was lucky enough to ask them a few questions on how they started their journey on becoming the biggest leading nail technicians in Sydney, blowing up their Instagram profile and feeds with their nail art transformations and setting nail trends by storm.

What inspired you both to become nail technicians?

We were always passionate about all things beauty and our passion grew even more when we wanted to make a change in the salon experience people were getting.

Did you need training to become a nail technician? If so, where did you study? And how long did it take?

Cassie: Yes, I studied in the MHM Australasian College in Broadway, graduating with a Diploma in Beauty Therapy, Cert 3 in Nails and Makeup for 1 year.

Did you need any previous credentials before studying to become a nail technician?

No, you don’t, you just need a passion for it to start.

What issues did you face in your first year of becoming a nail technician?

Our challenge in our first year of our business was finding who we were and what made us unique. Also trying to find the right team who were passionate, driven and who shared the same vision as us.

a) Rose Gold b) Nude c) Marble and Silver Foils d) All of the above

How do you choose the nail brands that you stock in your salon?

Cassie: Trial and error, and always quality over quantity Jade: We do not use to stock any products without trying it on ourselves first so we understand the wear of it.

How do you stand out from other nail salons?

We run our business based on our own aesthetics and we are always trying to push the boundaries by being innovative and showing you [that] not every set will be like the last because every person is unique in their own way.

What are some of your favourite colours and designs to create?

Cassie: Baby Boomer! The French Ombre will always be my favourite and I must say I’m the queen of 3D Flowers. Jade: My go-to colour will always be my sheer nudes. They’re so elegant, suits with every outfit and you can literally add any design to it.

I noticed you have had a variety of social media influencers and industry leaders come into your salon to get their nails done like beauty guru Youtubers Chloe Morello, Jackie Sanchez and Instagram hair stylists and colourists superstars Love is in the Hair by Janet and Amy Reign hair – how did you attract this clientele?

Honestly, we have the best clients! They either find our work on social media or by word of mouth. Social Media has allowed us to show off our style and work and there’s no better form of marketing than word of mouth.

What are some of the wackiest nail requests you have ever heard amongst your extensive clientele?

Not sure about wackiest, because we’re a bit wacky ourselves and we love a good challenge, but we’ve had some extremely long nail clients lol. Some lengths are just wacked!

On your Instagram page @cjartistrygirls, there was a $100 dollar bill design, how did you come up with this concept?

It was during the time when Australia was protesting if they should legalise marijuana so we got political and decided to encapsulate some greens. The set needed something bright to make it POP, and so the $100 bill design was created. The rest was history.

Living that Boujee Lifestyle

What do you both think of the current crazy nail art that we have been seeing going viral on social media recently, for example, the teeth nails, bubble nails, the milk squirting udder nails and etc…

We love seeing it and we love how artists from around the world are getting creative, but it’s all for the gram. We don’t see it staying around for long.

What trends are emerging for up and coming nail technicians in the near future?

We’re already planning for spring/summer and we can’t wait to show you what we have coming up! Neon Nails will be making a comeback and definitely Russian/Dry Mani and Pedi’s.

What advice do you have for potential beginners that want to become nail technicians in your field?

Never stop learning and never give up. Always show support to one another and treat your clients like how you would want to be treated.


Go and check out the girls work for yourself and head to their Instagram page titled cjartistrygirls or make an appointment and visit their salon to get your nails from trashy to fabulously flashy.

Not only do the girls at CJ Artistry have passion and drive to make their business successful, but other requirements that would help you on your way to becoming a nail technician is that you must have a neat, personable appearance, a pleasant and tactful manner, no allergies to products and chemicals, a genuine interest in people, good interpersonal skills, excellent hand-eye coordination, which goes hand-in-hand with patience. Some people don’t realise that nail artistry is a physically demanding job as well, just as much as hairdressing can be, even though you’re sitting down for the whole day it can be quite taxing on your back. And of course, the flair and artistic creativity is a must.

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