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How To Become A Tanning Specialist

May 7, 2018

Tako Phanoraj

How To Become A Tanning Specialist

With the recent ban of commercial solarium use in all states and territories all over Australia since January 2015, the impact and high demand for fake tanning have catapulted through the roof. And with that, there also has been an increase of spray tanning vendors and spray tanning suppliers especially. Spray tanning is increasingly becoming popular and is becoming one of beauty’s most loved and hottest beauty treatments when it comes to getting pampered and spoiling one’s body to look fit, trim and fabulous. What a better way than to give yourself a sunless tan via a safe avenue with a spray tan to give you that seamless and non-streaky effortless bronzey glow.

how to become a tanning specialist

The tanning industry is a multi-billion-dollar industry. It is not regulated so anyone can buy tanning projects and open up a salon or offer a mobile service. However, in saying that, starting your own spray tanning business without any professional training is extremely risky. Whether you are dreaming about running your own tanning salon one day or just want an extra skill to gain to offer a portable tanning service, signing up for a spray tanning course is key; they give you the foundations to build a successful business. Improving your skills and investing in your future is vital. I mean, knowledge is power, right?

Recently, I have been given a fantastic opportunity in interviewing dynamic duo Alana and Emma who are not only business partners in life but are also sisters, too. They run their amazing mobile spray tanning business called Sunkissed and Co. I had the pleasure of asking them a few questions on how they started with their successful mobile spray tanning business.

how to become a tanning specialist
Sunkissed and Co-owners Emma and Alana

 When did you decide to become a tanning specialist? 

In 2016, we made the decision to start the business. We spent 6 months researching products and competitors before launching. Our goal was to be a luxury spray tanning service, not just for special occasions, photo shoots and weddings but for males and females who want to maintain a regular tan.

When did you start your career as a tanning specialist?

We launched Sunkissed & Co in March 2017.

Who taught you to spray tan?

We completed a NAKED Tan Spray Tan course which taught us the basics and then went on to perfect our technique by practicing on one another.

How long have you been working in the tanning industry?

Just over 12 months.

What speed bumps did you face starting your mobile spray tanning business?

Initially product knowledge, there are many products to choose from and understanding the products and what clients were after was a challenge but through research and testing, we have overcome this hurdle.

What advice do you have for potential beginners that want to become tanning specialists?

Learn about products and utilise your personal and professional networks. We have had a really good start. Emma has a car sales industry background and Alana has a real estate industry background. We both have knowledge on how to sell, market and build a client database. We utilised our personal and professional networks (gym, family, friends and other industry professionals) to spread the word.

What do you love most about your job?

The dawn-starts and all-nighters we have had. Spray tanning for competitions and shoots can be a lot of fun with our clients, but ultimately it comes down to being sisters. As sisters we love having a business together. We are both motivated and strong-willed women. Our principles and goals align which we believe is as essential for successful business.

Do you need the training to work in this industry?

Yes absolutely. It may not be rocket science but achieving an even tan without build-up on feet, elbows and fingers is not easy if you have not been trained.

What are your must-haves when starting a mobile tanning business?

Sticky feet! As you spray your client, excess tan drops on the floor of the tent. The last thing you want is for your client to have a beautiful tan and then the bottom of their feet look dirty.

How do you protect yourself from people that want to scam you?

We have been fortunate enough to not have experienced this issue. Initially, we did not have any protection and trusted our clients however we have thought about this as our business is growing rapidly. We recently moved to an online booking and payment system. Not only does it streamline the process, but it removes the risk of the client not paying.

What do you love most about meeting potential clients?

Everyone is so excited – it’s contagious! We have bodybuilders who have been working for months on their body and finally get to go onstage, brides who are beaming that their big day has finally arrived, models that have been selected for an event they’ve had their eyes on since they were little girls – our clients all have a story, a reason and a purpose. We love being a part of their journey!

        Sunkissed And Co

Thank you, Alana and Emma, for sharing your journey and story with us all on how to become a tanning specialist. All you need is a can-do and never say die attitude. When you work hard like these ladies, you will reap the benefits and rewards. If you want to check out the girl’s work on their socials head to for their website to book with them or type in @sunkissedandcoau as one word in Instagram’s search bar to head to their Instagram page.

Come in and shop at our store, or go online to get all your essentials to become a spray tan technician.


There you have it guys, if you enjoyed this interview/blog, please comment down below what you think and I shall see you all in the next blog.


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