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How To Exfoliate Your Face

July 18, 2017

Tako Phanoraj

How To Exfoliate Your Face: Easy and Quick Tips

Ever feel like your face is either extremely dry or extremely oily at the end of the day? And you combat this by placing your face under the shower head full blast and that simply just does not cut it anymore for your skin to feel fresh and clean right? Well, here are my tips for scrubbing off the week’s dead skin cells and coming out with vibrant, smooth and soft baby butt skin.

1. If your hair is long tie up your hair in a ponytail or up in a bun. If you have a fringe or short hair, use a headband to push it away from your face. If you don’t want to leave hair tie marks on your hair, I recommend using these Glammar Tangle Ties:

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2. Wet your face with lukewarm water. Now take a small five cent dollop of your exfoliating facial scrub and place it on your fingertips. I use St Ives Apricot Skin Invigorating Scrub because I like the bigger grains as I enjoy the gritty sensation on my face. I have been using this product since I was fourteen and the reason why I like this product so much is the fact that I feel like it actually does something to my face in the removal of getting the day’s sebum and caked on makeup off my face. If you prefer not to use a facial scrub, you can just use your favourite face wash instead.

3. Now rub the dollop with both hands. I like to start at the centre of my face. Your fingertips should be on the side of your nose/nostrils working in soft up and down motions a few times and then moving outwards to your under eye area in soft circular motions with both hands moving sideways towards your ears. Continue down to your cheeks and to the bottom of your jawline using the rest of the surface area of your fingers to cover your facial space. Work this further down to your chin (this can be done with both hands or either hand) following down your neck and towards your upper lip area with your fingertips. Scrub the bridge of your nose by putting pressure on your nostrils again as well as under eye area to unclog those pores. Keep moving in circular motions up towards your temple area and then finish towards your forehead with either both hands meeting at the centre or one hand just scrubbing the forehead. Try to avoid the solution going into your eyes as the soap will sting your eye and the granules may irritate the thin and delicate skin in your eye area.

4. Under warm to hot water, depending on your heat threshold, cup your hands under the tap and splash and wash your face with the water to remove all your dead skin cells and soapy residue. Feel around your face to see if you have missed any obvious granules or soap still sitting there. And wipe away any residue.

5. Now run a facial washcloth (I like the ones that babies use for bathing as they’re quite thin and you can feel your bone structure more through it) under the warm tap water to soak it and then wring it dry. Tilt your head upwards and cover your entire face with it. It should look like a square on your face. Let it rest there for a few seconds and then rub the excess scrub or soap away. I usually concentrate around my hairline, near the lobes of my ears and the area near the side of my nostrils as those areas I tend to miss when washing the scrub off my face. This method is not a necessity but I feel like it gives my skin the extra tender loving care that it needs.

6. So now your skin should feel soft, supple and smooth. I then follow on by using a hydrating moisturising night cream. Apply this generously on your face in circular motions and then you’re done! Now you know how to exfoliate your face for that smooth and shiny look! However, this procedure should be done one to two times week even if the product as above is titled “Daily”, as scrubbing your face every day strips your face off its natural oils that your skin needs.

Environment Matters

It recently has been discovered that micro-beads in exfoliating products, whether they be facial washes or body washes, can potentially cause damage to the Earth’s environment as they are made up of synthetic and manufactured plastic that can be harming and polluting our waterways. Companies have been told to stop using these by 2018, however, it has not been legalised to stop adding it in their product ingredients altogether.

If you are environmentally conscious, there are alternative methods besides using exfoliating scrubs that have micro-bead related ingredients in their products:

How to exfoliate your face with an electric facial cleansing brush

Pro: The manual is cost-effective compared to its electrical counterpart. You control the momentum and pressure of the cleansing brush as this will be great for people with sensitive skin.

Con: It can be quite laborious of a task to do and after a while, you may have to replace them after a few months of wear and tear.

Pro: Electrical facial cleansing brush- These hot new gadgets come with bristles that rotate at the press of a button and brush along your skin. They come with ranges for sensitive skin to normal skin.

You can also get ones that are more gentle on the skin and are made with a unique silicone design that instead of rotating, they vibrate along your face like a massage. Instead of using bristles, they look like tiny grooves. An example is the Foreo Silicone Brush.

Both these tools are water safe and battery operated, so no cords are in the way.

Con: Both come with an expensive price tag. They have to be replaced depending on what type of brand or size you get. For example, the exfoliating brush with the bristles should be replaced every 3 month or so to ensure your face gets the cleanliness that it needs as the bristles may become worn out. The travel size and battery operated Foreo go brushes only have limited uses.


How to exfoliate your face using face washcloth

Pro: Cost effective, you don’t necessarily have to use a cleanser with it, you can just use hot water and rub vigorously to feel fresh-faced and stimulate your blood cells in your face and facial muscles. This makes your face feel naked without stripping the natural oils away from your face.

Con: Water and vigorous rubbing may not get you the best results.

How to exfoliate your face using a natural exfoliating mask

Pro: Natural DIY masks with ingredients such as honey, sugar, oatmeal, avocado, yoghurt, coffee beans even make the skin feel looked after and gorgeous. Using natural remedies such as these make you feel like you are connecting to mother nature and Earth and also smell amazing and taste delicious too.

Using natural measures as these, you know that you’re not exposing your skin to harsh human-made chemicals.

Con: These can be time-consuming and need some sort of planning beforehand, whether it be finding the time to go and buy the ingredients or finding it in the pantry. It also takes time to make and mix the mask itself, and ensure that the ingredients will not cause an allergic reaction etc.

Sometimes people tend to go too natural and use alternatives like sand instead of sugar. The granules in the sand are extremely harsh for your skin and can remove an entire layer from your skin so this method is not recommended.

Please let us know if you have any tips on how to exfoliate your face.

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