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How To Fade – Learning From One Of The Industries Best Barbers

August 13, 2018

Tako Phanoraj

Yes, barbering can be intimidating for some as a short faded haircut can be quite difficult to master as it isn’t easy hiding a ruined buzz cut. Once you ruin it, there is no hiding from long lengths of hair to disguise the mistake. But, if you wanted to learn how to fade well, then you have come to the right place. Max Laban’s Barbering: Art of Fading Workshop is the class for you. The one-day, optional two-part workshop will offer you a look and learn experience with live demo done by Max himself and then followed by a hands-on look and learn class where you will bring your own model to practice on and get focused tutorial teachings from the legend himself. You’ll walk out knowing how to fade like the professional you know you are.

Live Demo by Max Laban

Max Laban’s recent sold-out class at the AMR Training Academy is proof that he is one of the industry’s highly respected barbers in Australia and New Zealand. In his workshops, past students attend from all different walks of life in their hair career. From the fresh, bright starry-eyed novice starting their barbering career to the more learned professional with 20 plus years experience seeking growth; this class is for anybody. Max values everyone’s time and offers his trade knowledge and experience to anyone willing to learn. There is always room for improvement and by enforcing the rule of leaving the egos at the door, coming in with an open mind and having the motivation and thirst to learn will make a successful experience for the student. He advises: “It doesn’t matter how long you have been cutting there is a never-ending process of learning.” 

Max Laban’s recent sold-out class

A little bit more about Max and his barbering background: he discovered his talent for barbering at a young age and became efficient in being a proclaimed self-taught barbering artist in both classic and urban hair-cutting, but then wanted to pursue legitimate qualifications. In 2007 he completed a barbering course back home in New Zealand. His experience in the barbering industry has led him to be a leading kingpin with 14 years in the hair business. With this comes his partnership as a head educator and ambassador for WAHL, an ambassador for iCandy scissors, and a quintessential member of Barbers League. His knowledge and expertise have given him the ability to open up his own barbershop and work with the biggest names in the NRL, keeping the players well groomed for all their social events. He has also produced astounding live demos at the Australia Hair Expo and had his handy work represented with one of the biggest Pacific Islander cultural events in Australia that is Pacific Runway. His most rewarding passion most importantly has been educating people all over the country, teaching in our classes at the AMR Training Academy, interstate at TAFEs, and reaching out to troubled youth groups and other charities, teaching his students how to fade.

Max Laban, Fade Specialist

Max will endeavour to teach you the ins and outs of what he knows and will pass his knowledge on to you. No question is too silly, no answer is too long either. His teaching method has a down to Earth and humble, casual approach to his classes that will lessen the burden of it being so terrifying. And he cannot stress enough the importance of both classes; yes, you can take the classes separately but it is more beneficial for you to do both theory and practice. Max wants you to leave his classes feeling confident and enriched with all his barbering knowledge, an insight into his demonstration skills and expertise. With Max Laban’s Art of Fading Workshop, you will feel fearless, positive and ready to tackle the men’s clipper head on (no pun intended). Max reinforces his mottos: “Staying positive to get positive results. Your process will come in time. Practice makes perfect. Trust the process; plan out your process to be more successful.”

In the first class, you would go through the in-depth training of WAHL toolkit 101 and the fundamentals of fading, following a step-by-step live demonstration. Max would advise you on all the WAHL hair electricals that he uses to cut and texturise hair, why he uses it, the importance of that tool and the benefits of using that particular tool. He wants everyone to be confident with what they’re using. And also what else would go hand in hand with tool 101? The simplicity and technicality of holding the tool itself, of course. Max will go through the structure of holding the clippers, his famed three finger rule, the tips for hand and wrist motion to uphold control and flexibility. As throughout his 14-year career, it still astonishes him to see how incorrectly one can hold a clipper which could cause injury to the barber or client. “The tool doesn’t make you a great barber it’s what you do with it that makes you a Great Barber!” he says. 

WAHL Toolkit 101

And with his simple steps of the fundamentals in fading, no one will enjoy the art of fading until now. Max will help you understand some basics in how to fade, show and explain how the process works and the vital use of the “magical line” he produces in his live demo. Allowing his students to work smarter not harder by applying the techniques you learn during the classes. He says, “Too much guesswork only leads to stress, you eventually start doing shortcuts, you try this and you try that and then all of a sudden you start losing the passion for cutting hair. It’s one thing to demonstrate and another to educate. You will come across some challenges, you will find yourself in a situation where you may want to give up, the key is understanding your purpose and appreciating that skills come through good and bad experiences. You will adjust the way you cut with each customer. Learn to recognise those mistakes as it will prevent you from repeating the same process. Each haircut is an opportunity to get better. ONE STEP AT A TIME”.

The Fundamentals of Fading

The second class is a hands-on experience class where students would be able to bring in a model, whether a partner/friend/family member or a doll head to practice on and get further encouragement and guidance from Max. Max believes that there will be some, who will have no experience at all when it comes to fading but are determined to learn and add this skill for future customers but that is where the magic happens and one of the things he finds most rewarding about his job. The real magic happens not during the workshop but when they leave the workshop and put in all that they have learnt into their work. Learning how to fade comes from your willingness to try new things and be brave enough to practice and participate.

Max Laban Hands-on Look and Learn

So, if you wanted to learn how to fade or spruce up your barbering skills, come and join us at Max Laban’s Workshop in his back to basics class of learning the art of fading. Keep up to date with the latest courses at our training academy.

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