How To Fix Dry Hair – The Lifesaving Guide

How To Fix Dry Hair
May 11, 2019

Rachael Grant

By now, you’ve probably heard about dozens of solutions to fix dry hair. Most likely – you’ve also found that none of them does the magic for everyone or for every type of dehydrated hair. Moistureless hair is one of the top issues for beauty salon customers. How many of you have found the perfect shampoo or a conditioner for one type of dry hair and, at the same time, heard nothing but complaints and critique about the same product from others you’ve recommended it to? Even when carefully and persistently applying hair products from root to end, it’s not easy to restore hair that has gone all thirsty and parched.

Mending dry hair is not simple or one-sided. It requires dedication, finding the right product for a specific hair type, getting all the right vitamins and minerals inside and outside, and a whole lotta regular love to achieve that brilliance that comes from locked-in moisture. And long hair has never been as in as it is this year, as the boldest celebrity transformations are all about letting the locks grow. Katy Perry has made a U-turn from a blond pixie to longer golden waves. We couldn’t see her full hair at this year’s Met Gala because of that quirky chandelier look but it looks all taken care of.

Love Island 2019 star Natasha Webster maintains her gorgeous locks with a range of products haircare goodies. Products include the 18 in 1 Nourishing Shampoo & Conditioner, 18 in 1 Styling Thermal Spray & Inebrya Pro-Color Color Perfect Serum.

Before you get all frustrated and start thinking of a dramatic cut (and we know that’s the last resort measure for dehydrated hair), let’s do a little research about all that you can do before undertaking transformational radical makeovers.


Simple Ways to Fix Dry Hair That Don’t Involve Cutting

In order to rebuild a dry hairstyle, aside from giving it proper care, it’s useful to understand the reasons for it. Here are some ways to fix dry hair that doesn’t need to be such a tall order that also include the most common reasons for messing up your hair health.

Nourish Dry Hair with Pantry Items

Hair needs proteins to grow properly and retain the vibrancy. Proteins often come through the stomach. Yet, not always. Many dry hair solutions include feeding your hair with natural nutrients such as avocado, olive oil, and egg yolks on the outside.

Revamping Parched Hair in a More Conventional Way

If you are the yucky type or you just don’t feel so skilled in mixing your own concoctions, you can get the same nourishing benefits by applying a moisture mask. Masks provide intense moisturizing that wraps up previous hair treatment that already included mild shampooing and reconditioning. Masks can also restore life in unmoistened hair independent from other products.
How to fix dry hair using organic products

Dry Hair Overhaul for Different Types and Texture

An important step to take before buying hairstyling products for restoring dry hair is knowing your hair type.

Some hairs are naturally dryer. Other people’ scalps are greasier and that affects the hair type making it also greasy and in need of lighter mending care. Let’s not even touch upon the problems of mixed hair with oily roots and dry ends prone to splitting! If only there was a magical potion to fix dry hair in a jiffy! Although quality hair products cannot solve all dry hair problems, the right choice can evidently bring back the moisture to thirsty hairdos and make them look healthy, shiny, and bouncy.

The texture is also important. Overburdening curly or wavy hair with heavy restoring products can make it messy and in-the-middle-of-nowhere as far as shape is concerned. You can definitely worsen the condition with poorly chosen shampoos or conditioners. After a while of using inadequate products, surrendering into the hands of a pro hairdresser will be your only (and more costly!) solution for decent looking hair.

How Weather Affects Dry Hair and What to Do About It

Other fixes are all about how often and how you wash the hair, the type of dryer you’re using and how merciless is your blowdrying and yup – the weather. The weather, as changeable as it is, it is one of the key culprits for pulling the moisture out of healthy hair and making it in a dire need of a dry hair overhaul.

Hello, wind, humidity, and heat  – we didn’t miss you at all! But missing out on beach fun is out of the question, too. The same goes for curlers, straighteners, and bleach. Sometimes, we can’t live without them.

The wind is nature’s hairdryer. Evaporated hair is very often a result of hair that has been dangled on the wind. Humid weather is an adversary to thin hair it particular as it can temporarily weigh it down to a lifeless state and dry it out once the sun starts shining brighter.

Luckily, there is plenty to be done product-wise to repair the damage that has been done and to bring back the lustre to dry hair. You can fight the effects of weather damage by applying a whole-range product series. Since most of you don’t have a couple of hours to spare daily on fixing dry hair with 5 or 6 products, you can look for deep treatments like moisture-locking creams and regularly apply oils to vulnerable hair ends.


Professional Leave-in Treatments

Sun heat and UV rays can change the hair molecular structure and result in hair breakage in need of an urgent injection consisting of keratin and argan oil. Severely damaged, brittle hair may require that you ask a hairdresser to be your saviour. Professional dry hair fixes not only encompass a full product range, but they also include concentrated in-depth leave-in treatments that equal regular product effects times ten.

Are leave-in treatments the solution to Rose Byrne’s countless transitions from a classical brunette to ombre and to 100-per cent blonde and from a mid-length bob to bouncy waves? We can’t tell for sure, but her healthy hair is on our envy list and if it takes using ten products, so be it!

Gentle detangling and brushing is prerequisite to preventing further damage to moistureless hair. Hairstylists are not magicians (okay, maybe not all of them) and they cannot apply quick fix dry hair remedies if you spoil the effort by constant careless behaviour. Approximately 80 per cent of a proper hair routine is based on personal care. Hairdressers can work with the rest of the 20 per cent. They might not always mention it, but they could appreciate your regular help. Just as with healthcare, prevention is much better than medicine. So, comb and blow-dry gently and pay your hair the love it deserves by applying standard and in-depth treatments when needed.

You can read more on how to get rid of dry hair if you enjoyed this topic, or comment below with some of your haircare hacks!

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