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How To Get Rid of Frizzy Hair Quick and Easy

February 8, 2019

Samantha Bun



Frizzy hair is every girl’s nightmare, especially in humidity! Dry hair types are more prone to being frizzy. Why? Hair is comprised of lipids (oils and fats), water and protein. Healthy hair needs constant replenishment of these essentials, but dry hair is usually dehydrated. If hair is naturally curly or wavy, then it is naturally drier.

When the air outside is humid, dry hair will try to absorb as much moisture from the air as possible, which makes hair frizzy. This is why clients with frizzy hair will notice their hair becoming worse in humidity and on rainy days. The more moisture it absorbs throughout the day, the more the cuticle will open, and hair will go back to its original state before it was styled. This can be incredibly frustrating for most women who want their mane to be tamed for a special event.


What Causes Frizzy Hair?


  • Dehydration: your client might not be keeping up their water intake or eating a balanced diet, causing their hair to be dry.
  • Shampoo: the shampoo your client uses is drying on their hair
  • Conditioning: they are not conditioning their hair enough
  • Natural hair oil secretion: the hair’s natural oils are not travelling along the hair shaft
  • Products: oils and moisturisers are not penetrating their hair shaft
  • Protein imbalance: the protein to moisture balance in their hair is off balance, resulting in lack of moisture in hair
  • Sleeping surface: your client’s hair is rubbing against drying materials at night that can be damaging to hair; recommend sleeping on silk or satin pillow cases
  • Medications: medications your client is taking can cause changes in their body that affects their hair health
  • Over-processed hair: over-processing chemicals such as bleach can damage the hair cuticle




1. You are what you eat

You might not be a nutritionist, but it is safe to advise your clients to drink their 8 glasses a day! Hydration is important for all bodily functions and will greatly benefit their hair health. The more hydrated their hair is, the less frizzy it will become.


what causes frizzy hair


2. Choose the right shampoo

Choose a sulphate-free shampoo as it can be quite drying on the hair. Tell your client instead to look for shampoos that have Glycerin as it helps combat frizz by penetrating the hair strand and hydrating it from inside out. As a humectant, it also absorbs extra moisture in the air and creates a protective coat to lock in moisture.

                     Fanola Smooth Care Shampoo
    Natural Look Static Free Anti-Frizz Shampoo

3. Don’t over wash

While hydrating shampoo is essential, advise your clients to not wash their hair every single day. It is advisable to skip a day or two in between so they don’t strip their hair of its natural oils. Their hair’s natural oils can also help moisturise and protect hair from dryness that leads to frizz. Also try to avoid hot water or at least seal the hair cuticle with cold water at the end of their shower.

4. Condition

Conditioners are essential! They help restore moisture into hair and seal the cuticle to lock in shine. This step prevents the cuticle from opening up and letting excess moisture from the environment in. Also look for conditioners with Glycerin and other nourishing oils such as Jojoba Oil. Tell your client to condition from mid-lengths down to tips to prevent oiliness at the roots.

             Natural Look Anti-Frizz Conditioner


5. Deep conditioning with treatment mask

Treatment Masks will keep hair hydrated and prevent the cuticle from opening up. A treatment mask once a week will keep hair nourished and make it less prone to damage as a result of styling. Products with Coconut Oil or Argan Oil is incredibly beneficial for hydrating hair. Treatments can be DIY or store bought.

                  Fanola Frequent 5 Action Mask

6. Styling crème, leave-in conditioner, serum or oil

If hair is super prone to being frizzy, you can recommend layering it with some moisturising cream when hair is damp. You can advise them to warm some product on their palms and fingertips, then spread it throughout the hair. If they have curly hair, they can do the same process but wrap hair around their fingertips and let it air dry in place.

                      18 in 1 Moisturising Creme


If your client regularly works out, perspiration contains sodium that can dehydrate their hair. A leave-in conditioner before a workout will keep hair hydrated before and after. Leave-in conditioner is generally great to apply for especially frizzy hair.

Hi-Lift Leave-In Conditioner Spray Treatment


If they are looking for something a bit more lightweight, they can opt for a serum that both smooths and protects hair by forming a layer to seal the hair. This should also protect hair from rain or humidity.

                      Fanola Smooth Care Serum


If a serum doesn’t hold those frizzy flyaways, opt for hair spray and bobby pins to keep it slicked down.

Fanola Styling Tools Power Style Extra Strong Hair Spray


Pin-up Premium Bobby Pins 3" Black 250g
                     Pin-Up Premium Bobby Pins

7. Brushing hair

If hair is frizzy, avoid brushing it when dry as it can damage the hair’s cuticle by stretching it and causing breakage. Also be mindful of the kind of hair brush they are using. Advise your clients to first go over hair with a wide tooth comb when hair is damp to smooth out the tangles. Then use a boar bristle brush and to brush hair upside down to distribute the hair’s natural oils from the scalp down to the tips.

                            The Wet Brush


8. Drying hair

Be gentle when towel drying hair. Advise your clients to use a soft cotton t-shirt instead of a rough towel to dry their hair. It is highly advisable to air dry at least 90% of the hair to reduce heat damage and for hair to retain its natural moisture. When using a hair dryer, recommend a diffuser to limit heat and to not focus on one area of hair for too long as it can be damaging on hair.

Parlux Alyon and Advance Hair Dryer Diffuser


9. Don’t over-use hot styling tools

On this note, avoid hot styling tools like flat irons and curling irons as much as possible. If it can’t be avoided, then tell your clients to use a lower heat setting like 180 degrees Celsius. And always use a heat protectant spray to retain the hair’s moisture.

                  18 in 1 Styling Thermal Spray

10. Don’t over-process hair 

Harmful bleaches, dyes, relaxers and straighteners can create breakage, opening up the cuticle and leaving room for excess moisture to enter. This creates frizz! Tell them to get it done by a professional and recommend products for them to lock in that moisture.

Fanola Liss Ker Straightening Cream 300ml
                                Fanola Liss Ker

We hope your client will benefit from all these tips on how to get rid of frizzy hair.

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