How to Get Rid of Oily Skin

December 20, 2016

Samantha Bun



You need to love the skin you’re in – it affects everything from comfort to self-confidence. I have combination skin, it can be really dry during the morning and extremely oily by night. The dryness I could fix using moisturiser, but what I couldn’t tolerate is the oily skin – even with blotting paper. I went on a mission to find the right solution on how to get rid of oily skin.

My skin can be my biggest nemesis. I used to wake up in the morning feeling like my face is dry and really tight. I normally use a standard supermarket brand face wash and exfoliator like Neutrogena which ends up leaving my skin feeling even more dry and flaky afterwards. I also struggle with moisturisers that instantly hydrate, but over the course of the day gradually leaves my skin feeling even more oily. I have given up on moisturisers, and even then my natural sebum production still leaves my face extremely oily by the end of the day.

Skin maintenance is challenging, but I’ve come to realise how important it is. I used to buy higher end ranges of facial products like Shiseido which stabilised my skin, but became costly over time to manage. I neglected my skin for so long until I noticed that it was a far cry from the skin I had as a 16-year-old, where people would compliment me on how clear my skin was. It had become clogged up and full of blemishes and impurities, and it left me feeling really uncomfortable at the end of the day.

The aftermath is anything but pretty. My skin becomes so oily that the moisture seeps into my eyes and makes them watery and irritated that I become the Joker by the end of the night with bloodshot eyes and smudged eyeliner and mascara (even waterproof ones!) all over my face.

Luckily for me, I have access to a wide range of professional hair and beauty products available at AMR. At first, I have to admit that I was a bit hesitant and reluctant because trialling new products can be a hit or miss – it could work out really well, or it could leave you worse for wear. That, and I knew close to nothing about Byotea (previously known as Byothea) as a brand because it is not mainstream and from Italy. I had only ever heard my colleagues rave on about how brilliant the quality of the range is and how it helped them to eliminate oily skin.


I decided, close to one year into working at AMR, that I should actually give the products a go and I am kicking myself for not buying this earlier. I went for the Byotea Normalizing Range called “Pelli Impure” because it said on the packaging “Active purifying formula specific for impure, oily and combination skins”. This description seemed to fit how my face felt, so I took home the cleansing milk, clay mask, toner and moisturising cream.

Best decision ever! Not to mention, all this didn’t really hurt my pocket at all coming to a total cost of only $95.60 RRP (plus a staff discount to my advantage). I used to spend triple the amount on Shiseido for lesser results. Supermarket brands may come a lot cheaper than this, but the quality is not there, so you end up wasting that money anyway.

I noticed my face feeling smoother and suppler straight away, but my skin didn’t start to feel clear until about after a week of use. It did feel different, but I was thinking it may have been a placebo effect kicking in and convincing me that my skin was clearer. The change was only confirmed when my best friend (you know, that one brutal friend who notices and judges everything) commented on how clear my skin looked.

What I love most is the texture and consistency of the products. They feel very light and gentle in application, so I don’t feel my skin is being stripped in the process. It is gently cleansing and moisturising, making my face feel cool and refreshed. The products contain elements of Olive Oil, Willow Extract, Grapefruit Seeds and Mandelic Acid which work in synergy to rebalance and regularise sebum production, reducing the size of larger pores and getting rid of that oily shine on the skin.  Aside from all this scientific talk, the products smell delectable and the results speak for itself as I haven’t had the oily skin experience at the end of the day in over a week, so I wanted to share this magic with the rest of the world.

The product has worked wonders for my skin and I would highly recommend it for anyone who wants to know how to get rid of oily skin. It will change your life!


BYOTEA Normalizing Cleansing Milk

Active purifying formula specific for impure, oily and combination skins, with a gentle and deep cleansing action. Pour the product on the hands or a cotton-wool pad and rub lightly over the face, and rinse.


BYOTEA Normalizing Mask

A soft textured mask with a purifying and sebum regulating action. Ideal for restoring equilibrium to impure and oily skin. Its matte effect reduces shine and blemishes on dull and oily complexion. Apply a generous amount to the face and neck. Leave on until completely dry for 10 minutes. Remove with the aid of a sponge or face cloth dipped in lukewarm water.

how to get rid off oily skin

BYOTEA Normalizing Toner

The toner is a lotion formulated to help maintain natural hydrolipidic film and normalise sebum. It purifies, hydrates and tones. Ideal for daily use. Apply the product to the face neck and shoulders with a cotton-wool pad.


BYOTEA 24 Hour Normalizing Cream

The active synergistic actions of Willow extract and Mandelic Acid rebalances and regularises sebum production, progressively reducing enlarged pores and eliminating shine, for fresh, uniform and silky skin. It absorbs easily thanks to its light texture making it an excellent base for makeup. Apply the moisturiser to a cleansed face, neck and massage gently until fully absorbed.


***Disclaimer: This article is the personal opinion of a staff writer. For diagnosis of any skin conditions, it is best to visit a dermatologist for a professional opinion.

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