How To Get Silver Hair and Wear it with Confidence

How To Get Silver Hair
October 15, 2019

Rachael Grant

Perfect silver hair is not that easy to pull off, but with a little expert help, you can be a proud owner of a shiny, healthy-looking ice-blonde mane. With the abundance of haircare on offer, most people get confused, wondering what’s the adequate choice of shampoo or toner to dye their hair silver. Yellow tones and hair damage are two common concerns. Eliminating brassy tones and overly dry hair is manageable when you use products as recommended, step by step, and in the right quantities. If you want to learn a few insightful tips and tricks about how to get silver hair without the yellow-ish residue, we have them neatly packed in the following sections. 

To start with, the process of getting silver hair depends on your existing hair colour. It is definitely way more simple to turn a natural light brunette into an ice queen than it is to lighten extremely black hair that has been coloured that way for years. Yet, although you may need to be more persistent and a bit more aggressive to your hair if you want to make a 180-degree colour shift, it is possible. Now, let’s look at how to get silver hair from darker colours because this not-so-new trend is not going anywhere soon. It has proven its versatile value as something that can be customised to most skin tones. 

How to Get Silver Hair from Dark Brown

A huge colour transformation will require stricter care regime, intense nourishment, and more frequent haircuts. Despite the fact that not all hairdressers are the greatest fans of such dramatic changes, they know how to deal with turning dark hair into lighter nuances. 

Remove Colour

Clients love to experiment, make bold choices, and keep up with the trends. From time to time, you will need to make a colour correction by applying professional colour extractors. The first step to getting silver hair from dark nuances would be to remove the initial colour. A colour extractor or lifter is a great friend of very dark brunettes or black-haired clients. It also works if you had your hair dyed pink or green, for example.  

You can get similar results at home with a softer colour remover. Make sure you follow the instructions to the word to prevent hair damage. 

Keep in mind that colour removers are not omnipotent. Often, the best you can achieve with them is reducing artificial undertones or weird colouring. Therefore, to get to the lighter platinum blond range, you will need to bleach the hair.  


Step number two is to apply bleach to accomplish intensive highlighting. Bleaching is not as fearsome as it looks. Your hair must be healthy before you bleach it. Therefore, dedicate a month or two to restore its health prior to going silver-blonde. It’s even better if you don’t alter it chemically in any way for a few months before bleaching. 

Bleach works its way to the hair shaft and lightens hair intensively, giving it a light yellow or even orangey tone, in case the previous hair colour has been too dark. If that’s the case, you may need to repeat the bleaching, but don’t do it immediately – wait for at least 7 to 10 days.  We would also recommend using a bond builder during the bleaching process to prevent dramatic damage to the hair. Cureplex is one solution to and is fairly easy to use

Add a Violet/Silver Highlighter

Now comes the best part of dyeing hair silver. It includes using a toning agent to contrast the yellow outcome that often accompanies bleached or blonde-dyed hair. 

If you are a natural blonde with cool undertones – lucky you, the silver hair trend is your ally. You can skip the previous steps and directly experiment with violet highlighters all you like.  Try washing your hair with a natural tone silver shampoo, which can give you a vibrant violet palette – from slightly toning your hair cool to a richer and darker violet blonde.

For the rest of us, assuming that the highlighting work has been done, you can choose toners and shampoos that act as colour refreshers to maintain the luminescent coolness as you move forward. 

One more reason for the popularity of silver hair is that women are embracing their grey hair. Luckily, grey hair is free from yellow brassy tones and can be more receptive to silver shampoos or toning sprays

At-home Toning and Nourishment Kits for Silver Hair

Both salon and at-home silver hair owners need to invest in maintaining the silvery shade as it tends to wear off and fade over time. You have a few options on how to keep your hair in the perfect condition. 

Typically, darker hair gets more damaged during the highlighting process and will be in sore need of deep conditioning. To save time and simplify the haircare routine, you can go for a leave-in all-in-one toning treatment that cares for and pigments the hair at the same time. 

For blondes who love to spoil their hair, the right shampoo and mask pack will really make all the difference, emphasizing the silver glow in all its radiance, especially when enriched with herbal ingredients, for instance, Australian Kakadu plum and argan oil. 

Get “Mushroom Blonde” Silver Hair

Mushroom blonde is another of the cool-toned silver obsessions we can see lately all over Pinterest beauty boards or in fashion magazines. Mushroom blonde is neither blonde nor brown, which makes it an ideal hairstyle for a variety of skin tones and clothing palettes. 

For maximum results, this transitional silver colour will need some expert colouring techniques, such a balayage, but you can do the upkeep yourself by using a toning shampoo or toning spray.

Dye Hair Silver the Vegan-Friendly Way

If you want to go silver but are in no way interested in leaving your vegan lifestyle, you can use a vegan-friendly option that provides the same benefits. We have recommended the Fanola no-yellow range as a pre-toning option on more than one occasion, but did you know that there is also a no-yellow vegan shampoo

Here is an Instagram video showing you how to get silver hair by using the vegan-friendly choice:

Did we make the road to achieving silver hair less frightening? Hopefully yes, and if you want to build your confidence even further, check out his video guide to rooty silver hair transformation., which makes platinum blonde hair strong enough to endure additional heat treatments.  

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