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29 Mar

How to Contour Exactly For Your Face Shape

If you’re anything like me and you know nothing about contouring, strobing, or highlighting, then come sit down. Let’s get well versed with what this all means and how to contour according to your face shape.

Everyone has a different face shape: heart, rectangle, diamond, round or oval. It is important you know yours so you can contour it correctly according to the latest trends.

First, let’s get familiar with what these terms mean:

Contour: the edge or line that defines the shape of your face. Ideally your contour should be up to two shades darker than your skin. It is used to add depth to your face and conceal any blemishes.

Luminizer: Luminizer is another word for highlighter or illuminator. It is any whitish, pinkish or glowing powder that is used to enhance the top of the cheekbone, centre of the forehead or down the centre length of the nose, the dented area above the lip and directly under the brow. Usually they can be up to two tones lighter than your skin and is used to highlight features and add a touch of glow.

How to Contour


What is the difference between contouring and strobing?

Contouring: when you use contour to outline the face by playing with lights and shadows. Often contouring is more defined lines that more strongly emphasises facial features.

Strobing: focuses more on highlighting the spots on the face where light reflects naturally to accentuate your natural attributes.

The goal of both techniques is to frame facial angles and to perfect bone structure and make them look more outlined.

Now for some contouring tips if your face is:

Heart Shaped

How to Contour

If your face is heart shaped like Selena Gomez, focus on contouring the edges of your face, the lower parts of your cheeks and the upper corners of your forehead. Light your temples, the area below the eyes and the centre of your forehead.

Rectangle Shaped

How to Contour



If you are able to draw a straight line from your temple to your chin, you have a rectangular face like Olivia Wilde. Contour the edges of the forehead, close to the forehead, hairline, under the jaw and below the cheekbones. Highlight below the eyes in an inverted triangle, on the brow bone and at the centre of the chin.

Diamond Shaped

How to Contour for your face shape

If your face is shaped like Anna Kendrick’s, then you have a diamond face. Highlight just below your cheekbones up to halfway across the cheek. Use luminizer below the eyes in an inverted triangle on the brow bone and at the centre of the forehead and chin.

Round Shaped

How to Contour for your face shape

If your face is a cute little ball like Chrissy Teigan or Demi Levato, contour on both sides of the forehead leaving the centre space clear. Then contour below the cheekbones and edge of your chin. Light around the eyes, from the brow bone to below the lower lids and the centre of the chin and the forehead.

Oval Shaped

How to Contour for your face shape

If your face is long and wide like Eva Mendez, Megan Fox or Jessica Alba, then you have a lovely oval face. Contour at the edge of the hairline and below your cheekbones from the ears to half way through your cheeks. Highlight below your eyes, the centre of the forehead and the centre of your chin.

Make sure you prepare your face with a primer, finish with a loose powder, blend correctly to achieve a natural finish and don’t abuse the blush!

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