How To Pluck Your Eyebrows – Fast and Painless Tips

August 21, 2017

Tako Phanoraj

How To Pluck Your Eyebrows – Fast and Painless

Your eyebrows are the most important asset to your face.  They frame and define your features.  Picture your face as a canvas, and your eyebrows are the picture frame that keeps it put together. Eyebrows can dramatically transform your face from drab to fab in minutes, but there is always something intimidating about getting your eyebrows done yourself. Each one of us has somewhat an eyebrow horror story; faux pas of eyebrow blunders we have all had in the past or undergone eyebrows phases we would rather forget. Whether it be being too eager and wanting to keep up with the cool crowd and just waltzing into the first beauty salon you see on the local strip and getting them done and not realising until you reach home and see that some of your flesh has been ripped off (yup that was me in year 7), or having cringe-filled shuddering flashbacks of overplucking them.

Eyebrow shaping works for everybody’s unique face shape. Brows are about balance and they have the power to make your face look strong and fierce but can also make people be like “What happened there?”. Remember that your eyebrows are sisters and not twins, regrettably, they will never be 100 per cent symmetrical due to facial muscle strength, hair growth and facial structure as our bodies are not mirrored images of themselves if we were to be cut in half; as we are not born symmetrical. So, doing a home job can be extremely difficult getting it right without proper guidance. We’re always on the search looking for techniques to better our eyebrow game and up our brow routine.

From eyebrow to eye WOW here are some tips to get amazing full, defined and naturally arched brows like a celebrity and the tools and tricks of the trade like a pro.


Grow them out

As embarrassing and self-conscious it will be, you must grow your eyebrows out. Letting them grow out for about six to eight weeks to its full potential will allow you to see its natural shape and see what you have got to work with.

Set the scene

Please take your time in trying to reshape your eyebrows, a lot of time and patience is needed to get your eyebrows from drab to fab, so don’t rush into it.

Avoid using a magnifying mirror as that tool will show more hair than there is that really doesn’t need to be removed. Use a regular mirror and be in a well-lit room or face a window to allow natural light.


You will need


White pencil

Mascara Wands

Eyebrow comb brush

Nail Scissors

Numbing spray

Wax Strips


Soothing lotion

Brow product



How To Pluck Your Eyebrows – Creating our eyebrow template

  1. First, we will be mapping out our eyebrow guideline. Brush through your eyebrow with either a mascara wand or eyebrow comb, take your ruler and hold it upright on your nose. The ruler should align vertically on your nostril to reach up to the inner side of your eyebrow. Mark with a white pencil a line vertically down, the line should be the same height as the beginning of your eyebrow, this should be where your eyebrow starts.
  2. The second marking will be where the end of our eyebrow tail should be. The ruler is up against your nostril once again and tilt it downwards on an angle all the way to the outskirts of your eye area. The tail end of your eyebrow should form a straight line, be in line with the bottom of the outer corner of the eye and the side of your nostril. Mark a dot here.
  3. Now take the ruler again, making sure it is still touching the side of your nostril, tilt it so that it is on an angle again and it reaches past your eyebrow but sits directly on top of your pupil, mark a point in your eyebrow and that is the second point the arch.
  4. There should be three points on your brow, now line them up by drawing your eyebrow template, connecting the points by drawing straight lines around your whole eyebrow shape.
  5. As you will see you have created a guideline, anything that is not in the template you will be removing your hairs and anything inside the template you will keep and will be filling them in later on.
How To Pluck Your Eyebrows
               Disposable Mascara Wands

How To Pluck Your Eyebrows – Tweezing and Trimming

  1. The next step is to take a mascara wand or eyebrow comb and brush your eyebrow hairs up, and the ones that do stand up and go past the white line you will be trimming these off to neaten your brows.
  2. After you have trimmed off the excess hair, now it is time to prep your skin. If your skin is sensitive apply some numbing cream or numbing spray on the skin where you will be waxing or tweezing away your eyebrow hairs.
  3. For the bulk of the hair you will take your wax strips and cut them into thin strips, about a centimeter thick and cut them depending how long your eyebrow is at the top and bottom as these strips will be used to wax off the bulk of the thin and fairer hairs. Pull your skin taut in the designated area that is outside the template and place the wax strip with the sticky wax facing down onto your skin, rub it on a few times to make it adhere very well onto the skin and then rip it off in the opposite direction. Repeat this step on the bottom part of the eyebrow. Please be careful on your waxing placement, use the template.
  4. Once all the waxing is done pluck all the stray hairs outside of the guideline, you want to pluck in the direction of the hair growth.
  5. Once all the stray hairs have been plucked, take your mascara wand or eyebrow comb and brush through to see your process.
  6. Once it is neat and tidy, there may be some redness in the areas where you have waxed or plucked, take a little amount of soothing lotion to calm the irritated part of the skin.
  7. After the redness has calmed down, now it is time for the fun part, filling in your eyebrows. The key here is to fill in the gaps to create a shadow of the hair in your eyebrow. Take an eyebrow pencil, pomade or powder and delicately draw in faint lines. If your strokes are too heavy handed just go in with a clean spooly brush or mascara wand and brush that area in to blur or diffuse the harsh line. We are not necessarily colouring the eyebrows in, we are creating soft and feathery strokes to create shadow and dimension.
  8. The last step is to add concealer and highlighter to showcase all your hard work and dedication. Apply some concealer underneath your whole eyebrow, blend that in well and place some highlighter on top of that concealer just underneath the brow bone section only. This will perk up your eyes for an instant eyelift. And voila you are done!
How To Pluck Your Eyebrows
                Natural Look Numbing Spray
How To Pluck Your Eyebrows
               Lycon Soothing Gel Aloe Vera
How To Pluck Your Eyebrows
Palladio Brow Obsessed Medium/Dark


Ensure that you maintain the shape of your brows regularly by plucking with tweezers in between weeks. So, there you go guys, now you know how to pluck your eyebrows. If you have tried this technique before or have any advice, please feel free to comment on the below.

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