How To Revitalise Dull Hair | 7 Steps to Bring the Shine Back

March 6, 2019

Samantha Bun


Healthy hair is full of shine and lustre, but what does it mean when hair is dull, flat and lifeless? Just like a withering plant, the quality and condition of our hair is an indicator of its overall health. If your client’s hair is dull and lifeless, then this is a sign that their hair is lacking essentials and in dire need of your help.

Dull hair can be a symptom of your client’s lifestyle and dietary habits or a range of other factors combined including their haircare routine and products that they use. It could mean the hair is depleted in keratin which may need some replenishing. Here are some causes for dull hair and what you can recommend to your clients:


1. Water Intake

Dehydration can be a major cause of unhealthy skin and hair. Recommend your clients to keep up their water intake to nourish their skin and hair, but also to be mindful of what they are drinking – coffee and wine do not substitute water!

2. Diet

Overall diet is essential to our health. A well-balanced diet full of nutrients essential to hair health and growth will greatly contribute to its vitality. Your client should be eating plenty of fruits, vegetables and lean proteins rich with Vitamin C, B Vitamins such as Biotin (Vitamin B7 or Vitamin H) and Niacin (Vitamin B3).

3. Exposure to chlorine/salt

Frequent swimmers may have some issues with hair looking nice and shiny. Salt water can be quite drying and dehydrate the hair. Chlorine can strip the hair of keratin and its natural oils when it penetrates the cuticle. One way to advise clients to protect their hair is to first rinse their hair with tap water before entering a chlorinated pool. Saturated hair makes it harder for the chlorine to penetrate. If they are frequent swimmers, you can recommend they protect their hair with a leave-in treatment or a chlorine care kit.

Malibu C’s Swimmers Wellness range is great for protecting swimmer’s hair. It prevents damage and discolouration caused by exposure to pool, spa or ocean water. The product removes damaging mineral deposits and toxins left on hair after a swim. It also lifts out green discolouration caused by copper build-up.

                  Malibu C Swimmers Shampoo


4. Exposure to hard water

Hard water is water that is high in mineral content like calcium and magnesium. It can cause hair to become dull, dry, tangly and affect coloured hair. You can advise your clients to install a shower filter to reduce the impact of hard water or use a lemon/lime rinse to remove build up from hair.

Malibu C also has a range for protecting hair from malicious minerals in water, the perfect defence against dry, dull and damaged locks.


Malibu C Hard Water Wellness Conditioner 266ml
                Malibu C Hard Water Conditioner

5. Over-bleaching/Dyeing hair

It’s no secret that hair colouring and bleaching are damaging to hair. The cuticles must be opened up in order for colour to penetrate, breaking hair bonds in the process. There are plenty of products that can help reduce the impact of the damage such as -plex treatments, however, it is still damaged. Over time the quality of hair, depending on maintenance, and exposure to heat can make the colour and quality of hair appear dull.

6. Lack of maintenance

It is best to advise your clients to set up a regular schedule for hair washing. Not washing frequently enough can result in a build-up of oils that leaves hair dry and opens the cuticle to dirt and dust build up from the environment. Though they do not want to wash so regularly that it affects the colour of their hair or stress the hair out. They should also be sealing off their hair cuticle with a conditioner, mask or cold water. Hair brushing is also an effective maintenance routine that can help hair better reflect light.


1. Choose the right hair dye

If your client regularly colours their hair, you may wish to advise them against colours that have harsh chemicals like ammonia, resorcinol and PPD. These products can strip hair and leave it feeling dry and dull.

Recommend colours that are rich in nutrients like Keratin, Argan Oil and Jojoba Oil that strengthen and protect hair.

Wildcolor Direct Hair Coloour is an example of a PPD-free formula enriched with Argan, Olive and Jojoba Oils.

                     Wildcolor Direct Hair Colour


2. Hair washing routine

Recommend your clients give their hair a day or two in between washes and to wash with cool water before coming out of the shower to seal the cuticle. This will help hair look smoother and shinier. Also, advise them to rinse their shampoo and conditioner thoroughly to remove any residue and enhance shine.

3. Shampoo and conditioner

If your client’s hair is dull, they might need a switch of shampoo and conditioner. A client with dull and lifeless hair could benefit from a volumising shampoo and conditioner that restores elasticity and vitality to hair, or detoxifying shampoo and conditioner that cleanses impurities and reduces oil.



4. Moisturisers and Treatments

If your client’s dullness is due to colour, then you can recommend a colour mask to enhance their colour and shine. If it is the quality of their hair that needs remedy, then you can recommend a deep moisturising and nourishing mask or treatment for weekly use. Treatment once a week can repair hair and give it that nourishment and lustre it needs to shine, shine, shine!

Bamboo Charcoal is rich anti-oxidants to draw out dirt, toxins, pollutants, oil, build-ups and impurities to restore shine and softness back into hair.

                   Blackwood Bamboo Charcoal


5. Reducing heat exposure

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again; heat damages hair. Hot styling tools will gradually burn the hair strands and impact the quality. Suggest to clients to use the low heat setting, or if possible, the cool shot button to alternate heat. Also advise the use of the cone over hairdryers to prevent hair from getting frizzy whilst styling.

6. Thermal Protectants

If they must use a styling tool, then recommend a thermal protectant to reduce the impact of the heat. A thermal protectant will add a layer of protection to shield hair from heat damage. It is important they apply heat protectant every time they use a hair dryer, curling iron or straightening tool.

                         18 in 1 Thermal Spray


7. Nutrition and Hydration

The most important recommendation you can make to a client is for them to make sure they drink plenty of water and eat nutritious foods. The average water intake should be eight glasses a day. Advise for them to have a wholesome diet full of fruits and vegetables. They will feel a world of difference. As the saying goes, you are what you eat.

We hope these tips will help you best advise your clients so they can achieve luscious and shiny hair. Healthy hair is a habit!

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