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How to Style Curtain Bangs with Straightener

How to Style Curtain Bangs
September 26, 2021

Rachael Grant

Curtain bangs are a daily styling inspiration to stay away from boring hair. But if you are unsure of how to style bangs, you will spend hours in front of the mirror trying to discipline them or find a fringe for your face shape. There are many ways to style curtain bangs; some involve using velcro rollers, others require a solid effort with a round hairbrush and a hairdryer. One of the easiest ways to keep curtain bangs in place is to use a hair straightener — that is how you end up with the coolest curved bangs styles. So if you want to know how to style curtain bangs with a styler at home, here is what you need to prepare.

Prep Time: Styling Curtain Bangs

If you are going to use a straightener, it is always a wise choice to use a heat protectant beforehand.  Assuming you have washed and blow-dried the rest of your hair before, you can apply a few drops or spray pumps of the thermal protectant only on the curtain bangs.  For those of you that have thin hair, use a spray or a foam with a hold.  Daily styling (read: torture) of curtain bangs needs bond repair, too. So, don’t be a scrooge with oil serums, particularly if you have dry hair.


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Do I Need a Blow-dry Before the Hair Straightener?

When dealing with naughty thick hair that wiggles under the hair straightener, first blow-dry the curtain bangs.

  1. Wrap the bangs around a round ceramic brush.
  2. Pull them up and forward at a 45-degree angle.
  3. Repeat the motion moving from the roots to the ends, pulling straight all the time.
  4. Use the hairdryer to remove moisture from hair altogether.
  5. Leave the hair alone to let it cool down.
  6. Take the ends on both sides and flip them over to the outside.

This trick may be enough if you don’t like using heat stylers every day. But not so if you need a stronghold or when your curtain bangs are on the short side.


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The Most Fun Way to Style Curtain Bangs (and the Easiest)

If you thought this way includes the flat iron or the straightener you have at home, you are right. However, you can try all tricks your hairdresser does and still never end up with the same result. That is expected. Tricks of the trade aren’t for everyone. But here are several tips that can help you end up with a much better outcome than hoped. Don’t get desperate — get busy, and expect delightful styling surprises!

1. Double-C Curtain Bangs

This weird way of styling bangs works, even if it doesn’t seem so in the beginning.

  1. Split the hair in the middle.
  2. Separate each side into two smaller sections.
  3. Take the top section on the right side and use the straightener’s heat to create a small C, curved to the centre on your forehead.
  4. Take the bottom section on the right side and repeat the styling, creating a large C curve facing the same direction.
  5. Repeat on the other side.
  6. Take the inward-curved sections and pull the ends outwards.
  7. Add clips for extra support during the day and to put on makeup.

There you go! This unexpected method for styling curtain bangs with a straightener works! Extra tip: Pull your hair up to see the effects of this trick. Curtain bangs look fantastic when you remove your hair from your face and tuck it behind your ears.


2. Add Volume to Curtain Bangs with a Heat Styler

Use the same hair straightener you used to pull the bangs apart to the sides. Bring the two side bangs into a centre section and use the heat to create an inward-facing, shaggy wave. This styling provides more forehead coverage and gives you that Farah Fawcett vibe.

Extra tip: Leave the hair to cool down after every heat application – don’t be in a rush to style.

3. No Time for a Blow-Dry? Worry Not!

You can repeat the same motions as you did with the hairdryer to create break-down zig-zag bangs. This is excellent when your curtain bangs are longer than the middle cheek length. If your bangs a really long, you may want to replace the hair straightener with a curling iron. Note that you will end up with more waves than bangs. However, that only adds to the bouncy glam, especially if you use a styler to take care of the rest of the hair, too.

4. Side-swept Shebang

Middle-parted curtains are a bit overused. If we are honest, they are everywhere on Pinterest boards, and Instagram feeds. And, they may not look perfect on your face shape. For instance, if you want to style wispy bangs, a middle parting is not always flattering.  Many people disagree that side-swept bangs are curtain bangs. We tend to disagree: side-swept bangs introduce freshness.

  • Check your profile to highlight the better side.
  • Work with your texture, not against it.
  • Split your hair into smaller sections for easier styling
  • Pull each section diagonally from your forehead.
  • Wait for 2 minutes, set the bangs with your fingers, and fix with a styling spray.

Whenever bangs are in question, get ready to befriend the dry shampoo. Fewer rinses are not only a time-saver but also keep your hind hair strong and healthy.


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Are Curtain Bangs for You?

You may need some more time to style curtain bangs in the mornings, but the benefits by far outweigh this minor nuisance. Hiding any face imperfections, asymmetry, or wrinkles is only one. Haircut mistakes, be they professional or made by guilty-as-charged-looking-back-at-you from-your-mirror, are easily corrected with curtain bangs and layers. The right cut will give an illusion of more pronounced cheekbones. Ask your hairdresser to cut them short right above your cheeks. Yes, you may need a biweekly trim to keep them in perfect condition. However, if you remembered how to style your curtain bangs with a straightener, curved iron, and hairbrush, you can play with styling variations and extend this time well beyond six weeks.

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