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How to Style Long Hair with Bangs

How to Style Long Hair with Bangs
September 9, 2020

Rachael Grant

Are you considering adding a fringe to your same-old, same-old straight hairstyle? Wonder if curly or wavy hair goes well with bangs? It’s time to eliminate those typical conundrums about long hair with bangs once and for all. Take a look at the solutions we provide to refresh and maintain a sassy fringe on long hair for as long as you are inspired or until the next revamp idea.

The Most Common Challenges of Styling Long Hair with Bangs

Having long hair with bangs seems like the easiest of all fringe haircuts to style. But depending on your skills, budget, and the hairstyle itself, quite the opposite can be true.  

Perhaps you don’t have the time to go to the hairdresser and get regular trims. Maybe your hair is straight and flat and you are worried you might take off from its volume if you cut bangs on a long hair.  Or, maybe, you aren’t sure if you have what it takes to carry a fringe hairstyle with allure. Are those bang or layers you have seen on a model? What type of bang haircuts will flatter your fashion style and lifestyle?

You facial shape matters, too. Oval shapes tend to offer more styling opportunities, while round, rectangular, and square face shapes are somewhat limited. With a little effort, you can even grow a short hairstyle with bangs into its longer, sultrier variant. 

 If you want to know how to help yourself by answering these common questions and concerns about long hair with bangs, keep reading.  

How to Style Long Hair with a Fringe

By far the best hairstyle for a fringe is a versatile one: you need to ask your hairdresser to cut your hair in a way that provides several styling alternatives. Varied bangs hairstyle demand less upkeep and are not that hard to style by yourself in the first place. That’s why they should be your preferred option. 

Of course, if you carry a statement look, such as a bold pixie or a 20s thick fringe, you won’t have as much styling liberty. (But you’ll have plenty of admiring glances coming your way!) The variations are endless. Here is how to manage the fact you are spoiled for choice when it comes to long hair with fringe and solve the most common problems mentioned above. 

Long Straight Hair with Bangs

For hair above shoulder-length, you can style bangs and layers on a bob or rather a lob. (Many don’t consider bobs to be a long hairstyle.) 

The bangs can be:

  • Side-swept, giving a delicate yet dramatic cover for lines and wrinkles 
  • Bold and thick, cut in a straight line across your forehead
  • Curtain bangs that frame your face from both sides
  • Wispy fringe, freshening up a stale look 
  • Layered, seamlessly flowing into the rest of your hair 

Whatever style you choose, make sure you get some texture into that haircut to compliment your forehead, eyebrows, as well as your face shape overall. Styling short wispy bangs could also be another great look!

A well-chosen fringe on a long hair can accentuate your best features, such as lonely eyes or exquisite cheekbones and make your look even prettier. 

Softer bangs generally look better on a tousled hair. Don’t over-style to maximum sleekness as your bangs may look unnatural on a super-neat hairstyle. 

Keep in mind that bangs on long hair are an easy way to make a change and keep the length. However, they can transform your appearance quite dramatically, so stay prepared to welcome the change.

Long Hair with Side Bangs

Side-swept bangs are a flattering hairstyle that suits most face shapes when done correctly. If you go for long with a shorter fringe, cutting side bangs will be one of the safest choices, always trendy and sexy. 

You can even comb your hair to one side and achieve the side bangs look with shorter layers from around your face. Unless your facial shape is an emphasises oval, you can turn most of your hair into one big, textured fringe that will be as easy to style as a pie. Side bangs look great on updos, too, and are an effortless way to a great style if you are too lazy to blow-dry the rest of your hair. 

Get the Maximum of Long Hair with Bangs and Layers

Layers on a long hair give an air of softness and sexiness that’s just not possible with straight, prim and proper hair. 

If you want extra points in the coolness department, wearing long hair with bangs and layers is a definite yes. Thin, wispy fringe look better than full bangs that can easily overwhelm your face. For the maximum romantic effect, pair long waves with a long fringe on a  long hair. 

Whatever you choose, keep in mind that bangs and layers on a long hair will:

  • Make you look younger
  • Flatter everyone, regardless of their face shape
  • Boost hair volume on thin and dull hair.

Thick, layered bangs on a long hair will create a gorgeous flow when they are cut at an angle towards the layers. 

With this hairstyle, your hairdresser should avoid creating any bulk in the hair. Usually, the best outcome is when you can’t tell where the bangs end and the layers begin. 

Long Hair with Bangs on a Round Face

Bangs on a round face are not in the forbidden zone. You want to stay away from strict straight lines and find the style that elongates your face. Side or curtain-style bangs will create a slimmer appearance. 

Here are several ideas of how to style long hair with bangs on a round face:

  • A textured shag with feathered bangs
  • Thick bangs on a concave lob
  • Bardot-style curtain bangs
  • Asymmetrical (diagonal) bangs 
  • Middle-parted bangs on long wavy hair
  • Brow-skimming wispy bangs

There are no limits on how you can style long hair with bangs. Whether you’re a devoted boho, a hopeless (hopeful!) romantic or a cool blonde that needs some inspiration in the hairstyling area, cutting a fringe is a balanced change towards a new low maintenance hairstyle. You could even consider adding a fringe with short hair too.

 If you aren’t sure how you will look with the new haircut, check out our article with professional tips about the best fringe for every face shape. 

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