How to Style Short Hair with Bangs: From Preppy to Casual and Chic

How to Style Short Hair with Bangs: From Preppy to Casual and Chic
July 20, 2020

Rachael Grant

Revamping short hair with bangs is an exciting way to spruce up a hairstyle. With just a small change, you will transform yourself into a completely new person. Short bangs draw attention to your eyes and cheekbones, making the best of your facial features more prominent. And if you want to look younger, you can pull off the youthful look with short-fringed hair! Moreover, fringe is an excellent way to hide lines on the forehead without using expensive anti-wrinkle moisturisers. Be careful, a very blunt fringe on short hair can make your face look round. The smartest move would be to pair bangs with longer layers around the face. Wispy bangs need to be longer at the ends and shorter in the middle to create that elongated look. Once you’ve picked your style, colour and length, you’ll then need to learn how to style short hair with bangs.

Layered Short Hair with Fringe

One of the most flattering hairstyles for all facial shapes is short hair with bangs and layers.  The hairdresser will have a lot of room to maneuver the cutting techniques. By chopping, thinning, and leaving hair precisely in the areas that best suits you, you will get a grateful, easy-to-style hair. Layered short hair requires less styling and blow-drying than other, more symmetrical hairstyles. Usually, even a simple wash-and-go will be enough to get a presentable look. But it is of crucial importance to get a haircut from a person that knows their trade. They’ll also give you some insider tips on how to style short hair with bangs to keep the perfect look even when you leave the salon!

To illustrate the versatility of this fab hairdo, picture all shaggy, chopped, and textured bobs that you’ve adored over the past several years. Here are a few examples of medium-length and short hair with bangs to get you inspired if you are considering a new haircut: 


Short Hair with Bangs and Glasses

Wearing glasses is another factor you should consider when looking for inspiration for short hair with fringe hairstyles. Glasses can cover a lot of the skin around your eyes and become the central point of your face. That’s why it is even more important to choose the right cut. But if you hit the mark, wearing fringed short hair and glasses can create a quirky, cool personal stamp for any hairstyle. 

Make sure you pick a suitable glass frame. While doing so, include the eyebrow line, the fringe line, and the glasses line in the list of criteria. As a general rule, the frames of your glasses should cover the eyebrows, but not always so when you wear a fringe. 

Blunt, thick bangs and glasses may not be the ideal hairstyle for most shapes but oval faces can play with them as much as they like. In fact, choosing stylish glasses on very short hair with bangs can complete a stunning and daring look: take a look at the selection of short hairstyles with bangs to picture the style potential:    


I Have a Round Face and Short Hair: Are Bangs for Me?

That is a great question and the answer may surprise you. 

Despite what many people say about round faces, a short haircut with longer layered bangs can create the illusion of a longer face. Think of a pixie coif that is very short at the back and longer in the front. 

The only moment you need to be careful about is a small forehead. But even then, if your hairdresser adapts the haircut to your face shape, you can’t go wrong. Thinning the fringe into a wispy shape or combing it to the side will put an accent on all the right places. The many variations can be refreshing:


2020 Trends for Short Hair with Fringe

If you take a look at celebrities like Zoe Kravitz, you will definitely want to get that famous trim and end up with very short hair with bangs:

But if you don’t want to wear your hair as short, you can still pull off bangs, at least by growing them like Katy Perry who is growing her bangs along with her baby:


For dramatic blonde bangs, get inspired by Ciara who sticks to variations of short hair that has now grown a bit longer and includes a fringe: 


Elegant and chic hairstyles like tousled bobs never go out of style. Add the bangs for a more casual variation and you will be spot on for 2020:


Make it all about the colour:

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If you have thin hair, here is a look you can style differently when strait or use the iron to create some waves:


Make the most of those accessories on short hair with even shorter bangs:


A thick, blunt fringe with glasses for the intellectual hippie look:


Tuck it behind the ears to open your cheekbones:


Longer bangs on a textured bob – sometimes you just get it right as the IG post says:

A side-swept fringe with rosegold ends can bring up your new haircut to the max:


A glossy pixie cut for brunette hair:


Curls and bangs? Why not? It is not only possible but delicious. Just look at the bouncy volume on those flamboyant curls:


Chopped pixie with copper highlights:


And our personal favourite for 2020 is this grown pixie with pink highlights that will be a head-turner for summer and that suits all faces: 


Keeping Your Bangs in Order 

“But what will happen to my short hair with bangs once it starts growing?”, you may ask. You have several options: 

Whatever you choose, cutting your own bangs should not be high on your list of priorities.

Here is some more inspiration about fringe on short hair? Learn how to combine short hair with makeup and what new colour will best suit your new bangin’ hair! Comment below with your favourite how to style short hair with bangs look below!

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