How to Use Cureplex

June 4, 2018

Samantha Bun

How to Use Cureplex

Does your hair suffer from bleaching or lightening services? There is nothing worse than having your hair turn into lifeless hay-like strands after bleaching, colouring and styling services. There is a science as to why this damage occurs, but luckily, there is also a solution! You may have heard of many “plex” treatments like Olaplex, Cureplex and Fanola’s own recent introduction Fiber Fix.

This is such an essential step to protecting the health of your hair. Cureplex was introduced to the salon world in 2015 with its revolutionary technology and ground-breaking science:

When you bleach or colour your hair, you are basically opening up your hair cuticle, or the outer layer, changing the structure of the hair. In this process, the hair can become damaged as the bonds in your hair are being broken while pigment is being removed. The -plex treatment is applied during the service to help protect and restructure your hair simultaneously, improving the quality of your hair while lifting or colouring, which leaves your hair silkier and softer in the process. Cureplex is your insurance with hair colouring, bleaching, highlighting, straightening, perming, balayage and even ombre!

What is Cureplex?

Cureplex is an easy-to-use 3-part synergistic system designed to protect the hair during chemical services, maintaining the health and quality of your hair. It prevents any damage before the damage can start. Cureplex is perfect for damaged or over-processed hair, also excellent with extensions and preventing breakage. The Cureplex System incorporates a revolutionary proprietary complex of naturally derived actives, encapsulated in niosomes:

  • Soybean IsoFlavones – Impart added nourishment improving hair’s health
  • N-acetyl-L-cycteine – Bond creator and protector
  • Phytocermide – Rice derived, provides protection around the hair shaft

An innovative amino acid combination supports the noisome actives to link in the disulphide bonds.

How it works:

The Cureplex System incorporates naturally derived active ingredients with innovative technology to ensure it penetrates the cortex. This dual action creates new bonds and buffers the existing ones, which enhances elasticity, strength, condition and softness of the hair. This should make you feel confident when colouring your hair; rest assured that your hair is not going to be overly damaged during a chemical service when Cureplex is involved.

No 1. Bond Creator: When mixed with powder lightener, tint, demi-permanent or direct dye, the Bond Creator links broken bonds and creates new bonds, improving the internal structure of the hair, resulting in healthier and stronger hair. This boosts the hair’s elasticity and makes it more manageable.

No 2. Bond Fortifier: Secures the bonds that have been created and repaired by the No 1. Bond Creator. Containing hydrating and conditioning ingredients, this product nourishes the hair and smooths the cuticle.

No 3. Bond Sustainer: This step is a take-home treatment to be used twice a week. It helps to maintain the bonds created and repaired in the salon service. It contains emollients to make the hair supple, soft and shiny.


Is Cureplex a colour?

No, it is not a colour. Cureplex is an additive you can mix with powder lightener or colour.

Will Cureplex affect the desired colour result?

No. Cureplex will not affect the desired result, however, can alter the processing time to be a bit longer than usual.

What do you need to know about your client before using Cureplex?

  • The condition of the client’s hair
  • The client’s desired end result (e.g. how many levels lighter)
  • The strength and elasticity of the hair
  • The client’s hair length
  • The client’s hair texture (thickness of individual strands)
  • The client’s hair density (amount of hair on head)
  • Existing artificial and natural hair colour levels
  • Contraindications to chemical services such as allergies, scalp sensitivity, existing chemical services (whether hair has been coloured with box colour or henna dye), condition of hair, presence of metallic and vegetable compounds
  • Whether client’s desired result is achievable
  • If your clients are aware of the extra costs involved

How do you test if this service is right for your client’s hair?

It is recommended you do a strand test prior to client’s appointment based on client’s desired result.

How do you teach clients about the No 3. Bond Sustainer and how to use it at home?

Explain to your client what each of the steps achieve and the importance of at-home treatment so that your work in the salon is further maintained by the client in their home. Recommend the client uses No 3. bi-weekly at minimum.

Away from the salon, the client may experience further hair damage as a result of thermal styling such as blow drying, straightening or curling, as well as mechanical stresses and environmental factors. Advise your clients that they need to have that added protection on their hair to prevent future damage and keep the hair in optimum condition. It is an added insurance policy they should not forsake.

Make sure your clients return when they run out of bond sustainer as this should be continued use for further results. This is a great selling point.

Should I be offering Cureplex to every client?

Yes. Cureplex is an add-on service suitable for any colour client to help achieve the best colour result possible, leaving the hair in the best condition. Every client should at least try it once to notice the difference it makes to their hair after a service.

Can you use Cureplex on damaged hair?

Yes, Cureplex is perfect for damaged hair as it helps create and repair bonds in the hair. It will help improve the condition of your client’s hair. This can be determined after a proper consultation and strand test declaring hair suitable to be coloured. If not, a Cureplex stand-alone treatment may be the option until the hair condition improves.

Can I use Cureplex on hair extensions?

Yes, given that they are 100% human hair.

How much extra should I charge my client for a Cureplex service?

This entirely depends on your location and overhead fees. Different salons charge different prices based on the socio-economic background of the clientele in that area. On average, the additional charge of -plex treatments ranges from $50 – $80 including the take-home.

Can Cureplex be used on top of Keratin smoothing treatment?

It is best to consult with the manufacturer of the keratin smoothing system for advice on whether Cureplex is compatible with their treatments.

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