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Kiara Sky Nail Colours To Spirit Finger About This Spring Season

October 3, 2017

Tako Phanoraj

Goodbye winter shade manicure and hello darling to soft and pretty spring colours. Spring is here and let us enjoy all the things it has has to offer: clear skies, sunnier days and brighter colours, so let’s ditch the vampy winter hues for the spring fling colours. Kiara Sky offers an extensive array of nail colours to choose from in their dip powder range and I just adore their creative and clever spin on using quirky and punny names for their colours.


Canary yellow, pineapple yellow, fluro yellow… yellow is definitely a showstopper and not for the shy wallflower, whether it be a bright colour or a pastel colour. You will most definitely get attention with this hue no matter what.  Yellow is an underrated colour, in my opinion, that brings out the tan in the warmer skinned boys and girls and makes our hands look brighter in our fairer toned friends. Kiara Sky’s Dip Powder in New Yolk City will undeniably perk up your look and make you reach for your sunnies of its bright true to its colour pigment. WATCH OUT!



A colour I have admired from a far and certainly want to try is baby blue this season. Its soothing and calming nature reminds me of the great big blue sky on nice and warm spring days. So I am certainly looking forward to giving Kiara Sky’s After The Reign a go on my hands. This shade would suit most skin types, too.








If you are swapping your deep plums and burgundies for a softer and more feminine shade, look not further than  a lilac colour.  Look beyond pink try a light purple like Lilac Lollie. The soft creamy finish tones down the colour but still gives you some personality. Kiara Sky’s Lilac Lollie is the ultimate shade of light purple to make you feel ultra gorgeous without having to go to a pink.






I do understand that green is not a go-to colour with most things for some people, but why not dabble in trying to rock a soft pastel mint green this spring? It most certainly matches every skin tone and is a cute and fun colour to wear that makes your manicure look fresh. The lighter of a mint you go, the more neutral it looks. Kiara Sky’s pastel green in High Mintenance is your go-to shade for this spring to stand out from the crowd and will most likely be a conversation starter.






There’s nothing like a clean and polished look with the good old trusty light pink mani. For nude polished wearers, this is a subtle yet pretty colour to up their transition colours to come into the warmer climate. A sweet and flirty way to let your nails look ultra fem which is great for both office and play. Kiara Sky’s Chatterbox is the perfect soft pink to display.





So there you go guys, let us know how you find your Kiara Sky Dip Powder experience below or hashtag us on your Instagram to be featured on our Instagram page @amrhairbeauty

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