Kryolan Makeup – An Introduction To The Range

August 12, 2019

Tako Phanoraj

Kryolan Makeup for those who don’t know it, is a professional makeup line. The extremely reputable, illustrious, super pigmented and colourful world of Kryolan Makeup. It’s been heralded as the makeup made by professionals for professionals for theatre, film and TV.

The company was transpired by a brilliant man by the name of Arnold Langer. His admiration for the theatre and his educational background as a chemistry student, determined the Eureka moment that ensued. Post world war 2, when theatres were re-opening again; Arnold was inspired with the glitz and glamour of 1920s Berlin. He wanted to combine his passion for the creative arts with his background of science to create something the world has never seen before. He figured out that there was a missing gap in the market for a product that artists and actors of that era can use to withstand the elements and longevity of working in the theatre. So he endeavored to develop a groundbreaking makeup line catered for professionals.

Thus, in 1945 Berlin, Germany, Kryolan Makeup was born. A professional range of makeup products perfected and developed with dynamic colours, unique formulation and manufacturing like no other. From then on Kryolan has built an incredible empire to spread in all parts of the world giving us the best and innovative makeup from the original makeup house.


Kryolan Makeup

Kryolan makeup blends like a dream and is so easy to work with. Trust that you are getting the highest quality of makeup with Kryolan. The colour pigment and formulation is impeccable. We have all your beauty needs to stock up your professional kit and personal makeup collection. Take a look down below to see what shall be your next Kryolan product as rest assured you are bound to find something you would fall in love with.


A Primer is a barrier that sits in between your skin and makeup. Primer is used to predominately make makeup last longer and smooth out the skin’s surface before foundation application.  In order for your foundation to look immaculate in a porcelain matte or dewy finish, you must have the right primer. Kryolan brings us the cream of the crop for the perfect base in these three amazing primers.

HD Micro Primer, I have personally used this myself and adore the HD Micro Primer. It utilities silk proteins to regulate the skin’s moisture levels, while blurring fine lines and minimising pores, drying to a matte velvet finish. It feels hydrating without the sense of an obvious film over your face.

Ultra Underbase is a thinner lightweight solution compared to the HD, it feels cooler to the touch. It feels super hydrating that will help with a dewy type of foundation look giving extra radiance. This primer also has a pleasant lotion type of mellow fragrance.

Perfect Matte Gel using a pea sized amount of this will go a long way. This silicone based matte gel is ideal for combination to oily skin. It dries to a soft matte finish and is adept in absorbing oil, maintaining the longevity of foundation and concealers.


Makeup lovers and pro makeup artists here are spoilt for choice in choosing their favourite high end Kryolan makeup foundation. Choose from your liquids, to your creams, to your compacts in the Kryolan foundation family. There are so many different colours you are bound to find Kryolan foundation shades to match your complexion.

Kryolan Ultra fluid foundation is a lightweight fluid foundation for building coverage in a matte finish. Combine it with your favourite moisturiser to form your own tinted moisturiser that will be perfect for spring and summer.

Specifically, the tv paint stick foundation is what Kryolan foundation is most famously renowned for. Used specifically for theatre, film and TV because of its flawless application, 90% coverage, beautiful opacity, supreme durability under hot lights and perspiration with a demi-matte finish. Besides from using it as a base, the TV paint sticks are also used for contouring and highlighting as well. A favourite amongst drag performers as it withstands their demanding jobs of being high energy performers.

Dual finish powder foundation, this magnificent baby comes in a compact foundation  with a handy mirror. It is usually used with a powder puff dry however, with the new and unique concept; the dual finish can also be applied to the skin wet like a cream or liquid foundation. The best of both worlds. Light coverage with a pressed powder or for building coverage, apply wet.

Applying Kryolan Shimmer Event Foundation on the body will give extra luminosity. Key body parts to apply will be on the decolletage and the shoulders. Add into other Kryolan foundations for a dewy glow or on top of skin as a highlight. Coming in Golden Beige or Silver to compliment yellow or pink undertones.

Loose Powders

Baking, the newest thing following contouring is the art of baking. Baking is the term used to set your cream concealer by dabbing your powder puff, makeup wedge or beauty sponge into loose powder and dabbing it onto the  cream/liquid makeup to set it for longevity. Baking would normally be done while moving onto another feature of your face like lining your lips. This isn’t recommended for those that have dry skin. A light dusting will do the trick for “quick baking”setting prowess.
The Kryolan Translucent Powder is a finely milled and a blended powder that has a matte shine. The powders contain a handy sifter to control how much product you want to use. Available in two colours.


The Kryolan Concelaer Wheel has six shades in one makeup produc! It’s definitely bang for your buck. It will camouflage away your blemishes and imperfections. Brighten the centre of the face, conceal and hide dark circles and eye bags. This concealer wheel will be your go to, to create that perfect base before and after your foundation. The concealer wheel is a must for any professional makeup artist, the best skin corrector in town.

Kryolan Concealer Wheel


The eyes are the windows to the soul, so make them pop even more.
Whether you want to do a a variation of smokey eyes, halo eyes, cut creases or a simple sweep of one eye shadow colour, look no further to the Kryolan Eyeshadow compacts that offer smooth, pigmented, buttery and high quality eye shadows. The colours are easy to apply and blend well. A little goes along way and they come in a variety of matte and metallic shades to get that perfect eyeshadow look.

Liquid eyeliner in the Kryolan Skinliner. It will be an awesome component for personal use. The pointed felt tip will give you to that razor-sharp wing. Available in two shades, black and terracotta. If liquid eyeliner is a little scary try using the Kryolan HD Cream Liner, this is the most acceptable way of using eyeliner in between clients to avoid cross contamination.  Achieve the winged liner of your dreams that glides on smoothly and is opaque as the midnight sky.

Kryolan Jean d’Arcel High Definition mascara increases the volume and intensity of normal lashes. The mascara brush comes in a tapered shape to get into the smaller inner corner of the lash line. This mascara holds up for 10 hours and is suitable for sensitive eyes and contact wearers.


Achieve perfect brows and arches with the Kryolan eyebrow products. The Kryolan Eyebrow Forming Gel is a colourless gel that will tame any stray eyebrow hair to give it a defined and groomed clean look and the Kryolan Eyebrow Powder is a soft powder suitable to achieve that natural brow look.

Blush and Highlighter

To give yourself blushing cheeks or glowing beaming skin of the Gods.
Kryolan Glamour Glow Blush come in assorted shades to cater for cool toned and warm toned boys and girls. Pigmented and buttery a little of this will go along. Apply on your apples or sweep softly from your cheekbones to your temple for a natural flushed look. Use the Kryolan Aessa Blush Brush and clean it by using the handy Kryolan Brush cleaner as well as cleaning all your other makeup brushes because cleanliness is next to Godliness.

Let your face gleam from Earth to the stars. With the Kryolan Illusion it is a creamy based product that can be used on the skin as a highlighter or on the eyelids. Top this up with a powdered highlighter  like Kryolan Satin Powder to set the cream. Or use either on it’s own for a natural glow.

Kryolan Lip ‘N’ Cheek is a two in one product this will accentuate your cheeks and plump up your lips. Coming in a creamy texture, using the product as a creme brush will give a naturally flushed look and using it on the lips is a lightweight and subtle colour that will give off a sense of  healthy lips that do not have that heavy and sticky gloss feeling.


Whether you want a gloss, smudge-proof stain, matte lipstick or some plumping power. We have you covered with your Kryolan lip needs.
Lip Stain, coming with a doe foot applicator, is a liquid lipstick that will dry to a matte finish providing smudge proof longevity. The more layers of liquid lipstick the more opacity. Pat on the lips with the fingertip for a naturally flushed healthy lip colour. Be sure to work quickly with the lip stain for a softer look.

High Gloss, is a lip gloss that will create a shiny sheen on the lips. Wear on it’s own or on top of another lipstick to emphasise the colour as well as the illusion of plumper kissable lips. Available in clear, metallic and pearlescent glosses  in different colours.

Lipstick are rich and vibrant tubes of lipstick that have a velvety smooth formulation that glides on with each application. Infused with vitamin E to leave lips supple with a satin finish.

Faceliner, is a triple threat of an all rounder makeup product for the face. Used as an eyeliner, lip liner or even a brow pencil you are definitely getting your money’s worth with this amazing pencil. This item will be handy to have in the purse instead of having to carry around three items in your bag. So pigmented and coming in assorted shades.

Setting Spray

For a full face of makeup to last all night use the Kryolan Ultra Setting Vaporizer as the finishing product to ensure your beautiful makeup application sits still. The fine mist in an aresol can lightly sets the makeup and dries quickly for a matte effect. This is perfect for high definition looks on TV/film and camera.  It is even be smudge and water resistant

Kryolan Ultra Setting Vaporizer

So there you have it, the ins and outs of Kryolan Makeup at AMR Hair and Beauty. Let it be known that Kryolan will always be the original Godfather of the makeup world. Try in-store for colour shades, swatches and use the Kryolan foundation guide for help or go ahead and buy online and in store now.

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