Kryolan Review: The Best of Costume Makeup for Daily Use

Kryolan Review: The Best of Costume Makeup for Daily Use
November 12, 2019

Rachael Grant

Kryolan is well known around the world, especially by professionals. It’s been used within the theatre and film scene, mainly due to its long-lasting qualities. The German-made brand has made a name for itself.  Each Kryolan review slightly differs depending on the use. Some people are huge fans, while others struggle to move past the price point. We have critiqued the range and assessed if the brand has everything you need and want in makeup products.

Kryolan Makeup Review: Pros and Cons

Theatrical and professional makeup differs from everyday beauty products. With only a dab of colour, you will achieve the same look as with using copious brushstrokes with your regular makeup. There are several cons and pros of using such pigmented colours all over your face.


Given the general opinion shared in Kryolan reviews, Kryolan makeup is not your easy-breezy, standard makeup. When you use it every day, it can saturate the skin with excess ingredients, prevent it from free-breathing. Issues like dry skin or breakouts can occur as a result. 

To avoid such risks, consider using Kryolan makeup partially. This can be done on a part of your face you find is in the most pressing need of transformation. For example, this can be face contouring or eyebrow filling. Or just use things like using the foundation for special events that require your makeup to be durable.


Professional makeup artists may disagree with the overall stance of Kryolan reviews. This is simply because professional makeup requires different attributes that cannot be found in regular commercial kits.

  • Many clients prefer makeup that stays, especially for celebratory events. 
  • You cannot underestimate how durable makeup complements social media. Cameras love it. Apply shimmer, translucent powder,  and whole-day matte lipstick – and you score the latest catwalk looks with ease. Don’t forget to add that bit of highlighter too for extra glam! 
  • Costume makeup is great for definition and blending contours, as well as for covering skin imperfections. 
  • It can be used to conceal tattoos – Perfect for job interviews!
  • Finally, if you want to turn your face into a canvas, the strong pigments in Kryolan makeup are made for that. 


What makeup is on offer? 

Kryolan is a family-owned business with a tradition that produces an extensive range of beauty essentials. If you are interested in more natural, frequent-use products to achieve that impeccable radiant Instagram look, here is what cosmetics you should pay attention to:

Face Foundations:

There are a number of different types of face foundations on offer. From powders to liquids, to paint sticks and shimmer foundations, you can literally find a foundation for anything. You can even use these foundations all over your body if you were wanting to use it for theatre or a quick fake tan!

Dual finish powder foundation. A new concept that can be applied on the skin dry and wet, providing lighter or superb coverage.    

Shimmer event foundation. Available in golden beige and silver beige, for highlighting the under-eye area, nose, forehead, and the peak of the chin, with or without foundation. The shimmer can recreate that sunlight-kissed look, as well as provide dense holographic radiance.   

Ultra fluid foundation. Medium matte coverage for the most natural, yet professional look.

Paint stick. Kryolan TV Paintstick is an opaque and easy-to-use concealer formula with full coverage convenient for full-over makeup and quick corrections. 

Illusion Cashmere. A highlighting foundation with an in-between shimmer and wet radiance to bring attention to the most cherished face parts that cry for more attention.  

Face Powders

Face powders are perfect for those who tend to suffer from oily skin. You can use these powders through the day or night to hid pigmentation on the skin or just remove unwanted oil. You can also use powder as a matte finish. Select from compact powder or the translucent powder to define your look.

Compact powder. Blends easily with additional basic coat products, including creamy foundations and face primers. Use it sparingly to achieve the matte or semi-matte finish on shiny face areas. 

Translucent powder. The silky structure provides invisible, lightweight translucence that can be used over the face foundation and as a bronzer, lipstick, or a blush, depending on where you apply it and how thick is the applied coat. Use a fluffy brush for a subtle light-reflecting effect.

Eye Makeup

Kryolan eye makeup necessities include eyebrow enhancers, eye shadows, and pencils or eyeliners. They have something for everyone to complete a look. From glam eye makeup to creating something that looks like it’s used a whole bunch of special effects, they have something for you to use. Some of the eyeshadow favourites are more natural tones if you are looking for wedding glam like Oak Eye. If you are wanting to go bold with your eye makeup, you could try the pigment powder for a vibrant look! 

Eyebrow Enhancers

Eyebrow enhancers from Kryolan come in a forming gel or also a powder. Both of these options give different results so it’s important to know the look you are going for before making a purchase. Consider what you will wear the most often and consider your skill before purchasing too.

Brow forming gel. To tame mischevious eyebrows without overemphasising colour and shape – think signature eyebrows like Cara Delevingne, Lilly Collins, or Emilia Clarke. The same gel can be used as a glitter adhesive.

Eyebrow powder. Matte consistency that can be removed with an eye makeup remover enhance and reshape the brow in a natural way with a soft, smooth finish.



Getting the perfect eye blend is more than just picking the right colour for your skin. It’s important to make sure what you are using in a highly pigmented product that will be long-lasting. You want people to notice that you took time to shade your eyes and add a winged look. You can achieve any look with the following shadows and pencils:

Compact eyeshadow. Create a natural palette or rainbow looks with these matte and shimmer compact-pressed eyeshadows. Use them on eyes or cheeks as blush colours.

Eye pigment powders. Kryolan Living Colour Pigment powders have a double purpose – as light reflectors on matte shadows or as a dense sparkle shadow when placed directly on the eye or top of eye primer.  

Face liner. Long face lines are multi-purpose and can be used anywhere on the face where you want an outcome in a rich colour that blends well with the rest of the makeup. 

Skin liner. Waterproof, silicone-tip liners that stick to the skin in one clean, crisp line for the paramount high-definition look.

Makeup For Lips:

Everyone has their own preference for lip makeup. Kryolan ensured to meet everyone wishes with its variety of lip makeup packagings and textures. For makeup artists, it’s important to have a well-stocked kit to entertain an array of different looks. For personal use, you probably have a clear favourite when it comes to colour and texture.

Stain- Without leaving your lips dry, this vitamin E filled lipstick with a velvety matte finish for ultimate lip shaping and volume, capable of accomplishing small makeup wonders. 

Lip lacquer- For lip gloss lovers who are not in favour of keeping lips shine-free, this is the conclusive product for lip radiance.

Lipstick – Available in Classic, Fashion, and Pearlescent variant, Kryolan lipsticks are durable and versatile to achieve almost any look. 

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Kryolan Review Verdict: 

It’s well worth the money if you are a makeup enthusiast. For someone who cares about long-lasting looks and high quality, you really can’t move past it. If you rarely wear makeup and go out even less, then splurging on the entire range might not be worth it. It will last you an extremely long time as only a small amount of product is needed so it would probably expire by the time you ever got the chance to finish it.
Planning on using it for professional use? Your clients won’t be disappointed with the results. Regardless of what’s your preference, Kryolan makeup products have a long tradition that follows colour trends to make it all happen. You will never be left behind. Tried Kryolan already yourself? We’d leave to hear about your Kryolan review in the comments below. 

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