Kryolan TV Paint Stick: How to Use It?

Kryolan TV Paint Stick: How to Use It?
August 2, 2020

Rachael Grant

The Kryolan TV Paint Stick is a versatile cream foundation with a thick base you can use on your face and your body. This review of the Kryolan TV Paint Stick is a gem if you buy and do your one makeup. You can easily replicate some of the moves of professional makeup artists many of which already use the stick. 

Regardless of the type of coverage or makeup, Kryolan always offers tons of shades. Therefore, you need to find your shade depending on what you are using it for – and you can use it as a foundation, a concealer, a highlighter, as well as for bodily coverage. Darker Kryolan shades can be used as bronzers or for contouring. It all depends on how much of the product you blend in and the application technique. The result you are going to get will vary. 

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How to Use Kryolan TV Paint Stick as a Foundation

Slightly twist and turn the Paint Stick to let it out of the container. The next step is to choose the application technique depending on how much coverage you want.

Thick, Creamy Coverage

Apply the creamy content directly to your face by rubbing the stick up and down. In this way, you get lots of the product on your face at once. Use a sponge or a medium-sized brush to blend the foundation into your skin. If you have acne-prone skin or intend to use the Kryolan TV Paint Stick for media, this will be a more suitable way. Use the brush to go over the lines to blend in well.  

Lightweight Coverage with More Blending Control

To achieve lighter coverage, instead of directly applying the stick to your skin, take a brush, get some of the product on it first, and then use circular motions to apply it on your face. 

If you find that the foundation is too firm and doesn’t get on your brush easily, use your hands to warm it. After a minute in touch with your body temperature, the Kryolan TV Paint Stick gets a creamier consistency and is easier to apply with this blendable method. 

Extra tip: Because Kryolan foundations have a thicker consistency, it’s important to moisturise your face before application well. If you want, you can also use a primer because this will help the Paint Stick stick and you will use less of it.

Applying Kryolan Paint Stick with a Wet Sponge

This is another easy-to-apply technique. Use a wet sponge to apply a speck of the creamy foundation on your skin and use a dabbing motion to blend it in. This method also gives you a bit more control over the product usage and provides seamless blending. 

In the end, your favourite application technique will depend on how comfortable you are with each one and what you have at home.  

Intense Concealer Coverage

The Kryolan TV Paint Stick can be used to cover small spots, breakouts, or under-eye dark circles. Use a smaller brush and apply the foundation to specific areas. Blend it in with your finger. 

Because it is so versatile, you can use the same product for so many different purposes. However, you will most likely need to get at least two shades: 

  • A lighter one, to use as a highlighter and a concealer
  • A darker one, to use it as main coverage or for contouring

Naturally, you will get better contouring and strobing results if you have some more colour variations at your disposal.  

Regardless of what’s your preferred application method, use a large brush to blend it all in in the end. This will help wrap up the look with a sheer effect despite the heavier base of the foundation. To make sure what range of colours is right for your complexion, look for Kryolan TV paint Stick samples and test swatches in your local store or online.  

Tattoo Camouflage with Kryolan TV Paint Stick

You can use the powerful coverage properties of the TV Paint Stick to mask tattoos – that’s how strong it can be. 

In essence, the tattoo coverage makeup is identical to applying a heavy coverage base foundation. However, it requires using a larger brush and more of the product. You will need to pick up a different, usually darker, more orangey tone to cover tattoos on your body because most people’s body skin is darker compared to the one on the face. 

  1. Apply one coat of the Kryolan TV Paint Stick directly to the tattoo area.
  2. Use a powder foundation and a brush to help the first coat stick to the skin.
  3. Repeat step 1 and step 2 if the tattoo is still visible.

Make sure to use enough fluorescent powder between coats to seal in each coat of foundation.  

Travel and Social Media

Kryolan TV Paint Stick is very travel-friendly (sigh!) because you basically get all-around coverage in just one package that is sturdy, it doesn’t unscrew by itself and stays closed until you open it. Additionally, it’s also very popular on social accounts with many reviews!

The Makeup of News Anchors

It didn’t get the name TV Paint Stick for nothing: its excellent long-hours coverage under heavy studio lights is widely appreciated on news channels, by professional makeup artists, as well as people who do stage makeup. 

Glamour, Stage, and Drag Artist Makeup 

If you are wondering how makeup wizards achieve those impressive transformation results when painting whole landscapes and fairytale characters of people’s faces, it’s Kryolan’s fault on many occasions. 

Known for accomplishing flawless precision, you can use the product to create a canvas on people’s faces which you can use to fashion mesmerising Halloween or New Year’s Eve drawings. 

The Kryolan TT Paint Stick is the choice for drag makeup, too. When the skin is coarser or includes facial hair remnants, you have to use a creamier foundation to design a smooth, flawless base and do makeup wonders. 

And thanks to its blendable versatile texture, you can use the Paint Stick foundation on oily and combination skin that frequently suffers from product breakdown in long working hours. Its camera-ready efficiency makes it the ideal choice for on-screen video makeup. 

There you go – if you are tired of carrying several makeup bottles in your bag and still losing coverage throughout the day, you may just find your perfect solution in the Kryolan TV Paint Stick!   Alternatively, learn a few other tips and tricks here!

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