Lip Plumpers- How To Get a Poutier Lip

lip plumpers
November 16, 2017

Tako Phanoraj

Pouty Lips, Cherub Lips, Juicy Lips, Trout Pout, Duckface, whatever you want to call it there is a fascination and longing for full lips for some people. But sometimes when we’re simply not blessed with what our Mumma gave us with natural plump lips like old Hollywood Glamazons Jayne Mansfield and Leslie Caron or with the present-day celebs born with a full pout like Rosie Huntington-Whitely, Emily Ratajowski, Scarlett Johansson, Priyanka Chopra, Kerry Washington or Jay Z even and of course the epitome of full lip beauty Angelia Jolie. Here’s how lip plumpers can change your life.

Back in the 90’s and the noughties if you openly admitted that you had work done to your lips you had reactions of either raised eyebrows or frowned eyebrows. Frowned eyebrows being “Oh why do that for?”, “Be happy with what you’re born with” and raised eyebrows of “Oh what? She had her lips done? Isn’t that stuff expensive?”,  “She must be rich being able to afford that kind of lavish lifestyle or have a sugar daddy”. Well with reality Tv Star, celebrity, socialite and social media juggernaut Kylie Jenner, making the choice to go under the needle young and admitting to having it  done because of a backhanded comment from a crush doubting her kissing abilities due to her having small thin lips that she openly revealed on her new reality show “The Life of Kylie”. Nowadays getting your lips plumped up and fuller isn’t such a taboo and having cosmetic surgeries as these being somewhat affordable to your average millennial seeking lip enhancement. However, like your average working class Australian, lip fillers are exxy and simply isn’t realistic for the budget for that week or maybe you’re just scared of needles and can’t handle the pain so with us mere mortals  we do what we can, and do it the old school and natural way, faking it til you make it darlings.

Here is how to get a full plump lip, the natural way using lip plumpers.


  1. First and foremost apply Modelrock’s lip scrub in Vanilla Sunset all over your lips and then taking a cloth, scrub the residue away leaving a smooth and moisturised surface to work with.
Modelrock Lipscrub with Lipstick Remover

2. With a concealer or some foundation on a brush or on your beauty sponge, cover your lips with it to knock out your natural lip colour.

Lily Make Up Sponge Pink

3. Taking a highlighter whether in a powder or liquid form, brush or dot with your finger the highlighting product onto your cupid’s bow. This will allow the light to catch onto the highlight to give it the deception of your cupid’s bow popping out more.

Palladio Shadow Blending Brush

4. Now take two a lip pencil and liquid lipstick in colours that will compliment one another but one shade must be darker than the other. For example, a soft but deep red plummy tone for your darker shade and a light pinky nude colour for your lighter contrast in a matte liquid lipstick. Ensure that your lip pencil is sharp as it needs to be pointy to carve out your new lip line. If you use a retractable crayon the crayon will snap off so the best bet is to go with a lip pencil. Using a sharpened Palladio lip pencil in Rose on the bottom lip start to overdraw your lips in the centre. The bottom lip is the easiest to draw being one swooping curve. To make sure you get an accurate line have the drawing hand position the pinky on your chin to control your hand movements. For extra stability place your elbow on the drawing hand rest on a table for security when you draw whilst facing the mirror.

Palladio Lip Liner Rose

5. For the top lip sharpen your lip pencil again and overdraw the top lip starting on the outer corner of your lip and feather in small strokes in a curving motion to reach to the cupid’s bow area. Using the feathering technique will control your drawing and minimise mistakes rather than trying to fluke it by drawing one line above your lips in one go. When you reach the cupid’s bow you want to round out the edges as the curvatures will make your lips appear poutier as straight lines would make your top lip outline will come out looking too angular.

6. When you are happy with your overdrawn lip shape, colour in your lips with the same lip pencil or use a retractable lip liner crayon in the same colour if the lip pencil is too sharp for you. Try and go dark around the inside edges of your lip and when you get to the centre of your lip with a lighter hand still colour that section in but do not go as dark.

Palladio Retractable Lip Liner Raisin

7. So, now with your lighter lip product in a matte liquid lipstick dot that colour in the middle of your lips, top and bottom. And taking a lip brush you want to blend that colour in with patting and dotting motions to fuse the two colours together to give a slight ombre effect. Model rock’s matte liquid lipstick in Nude 24/7 is the best colour to pair with the lip pencil in Rose. The reason for using a liquid lippy is because we want our lips to be as opaque as possible.

Modelrock Liquid Last Matte Lipstick 24/7 Nude

8. Once your blending is done, you now want to take your concealer or foundation and crisp up your new lip line as not only will the trick of concealing, clean up your smudged lip pencil edges but it will give the illusion of your lip protruding out too, tricking the untrained eye. Also ensure that your concealer brush is clean every time you try and go around cleaning the edges as there is nothing worse than to spend all this time carving out the perfect lip line, blending in the colours and to have the whole lip look ruined by an uncleaned brush.

Palladio Liquid Concealer Beige

9. So you can leave it at this if you want a matte pouty look but if you want that bee stung, just bitten, the sky is the limit, ridonculous, sexy and kissable looking lips then add some sheen and shine to it with the form of lip gloss. We went for Modelrock’s liquid silk lip gloss in Crystal to match with the Nude 24/7. If you don’t have a matching coloured lip gloss matching your matte liquid lipstick then using a clear gloss on top will do the trick like Palladio’s Herbal  Lip Gloss lip plumpers in Clear. Ok, now with this part of the how-to; after the matte liquid, lippy is dry apply the gloss on the inner part of your lips only and dab it out towards the edges to fade it out. As putting the gloss on the edges of your overdrawn lips, the gloss placement there will show people where you have drawn your false lip catching you out on your illusion; so just apply the gloss in the centre only. This helps you achieve plumper looking lips with lip plumpers!

Modelrock Liquid Silk Lip Gloss Crystal

10. Set the area around your lips with a powder to give it a matte finish so that your lips will look juicy and glossy in front of a matte backdrop.

Palladio Rice Powder Translucent

11. Now, this is the last step we are of the moe stretch people. Taking a matte contouring powder or matte bronzer you want to draw lightly a small curvey line underneath the centre of the bottom lip to create a shadow to make your bottom lip jut out even more and that’s it you’re done. Voila! Your natural lip plumping pout is done. (Yay for lip plumpers)

So there you have it guys tips and tricks on how to get a plumper look, naturally. Let me know what you think down below in the comment section and let us know about your favourite lip plumpers.

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