Long Lasting Foundation Secrets: Why You Should Experiment with It

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March 17, 2020

Rachael Grant

We would all love to have a flawless complexion that doesn’t need makeup. However, reality bites and most of us quickly realise that a smooth, milky-soft face can be hard to obtain. The longer a foundation lasts, the better its coverage powers. You can rely on the best ones without needing to constantly reach for the makeup bag and reapply a new layer.  Foundation is not like lipstick. You cannot just discreetly retouch your makeup without anyone noticing. It’s messy, you need to wash your hands afterwards or carry a sponge or a brush with you to polish your looks. 

Apart from taking a lot of space in your bag, it can be unhygienic and risky for staining your clothes. Therefore, the search for the ultimate long-lasting foundation is on the top of the list for most girls. Once you find it, you may stay in love with it for years.  So, how can you speed up this essential beauty routine search? What are the characteristics of a long-lasting foundation that will suit your skin type? There are certain tips used by beauty professionals that will help you be forever pleased with your choice of foundation.

The Perfect Long-lasting Foundation for Your Skin Type

Your skin type is the first factor you should consider before choosing a foundation that will stick. 

Oily Skin 

Oily skin tends to be a naturally weaker canvas for new layers to stick on top of it. This is why the durable foundation for oily skin has a different composition, including ingredients that provide a matte or dewy effect, depending on the specific foundation brand. 

Matte-finish and Compact Foundations

The best foundations for oily skin are cream-to-powder compact types, which can also provide variations of coverage, from sheer to full. 
Matte foundations have the disadvantage of getting into pores and emphasising lines and wrinkles. However, many of today’s brands come in lightweight formulas with lasting coverage without painting your skin with plaster-type layers. A long-lasting foundation for oily skin is perfect for humid climates and hot weather and a better choice for skin prone to blemishes. 

Primers and Concealers for Oily Skin

If your skin is prone to that oily shine, you can achieve a dewy matte effect by applying primer before you apply foundation. If you use a foundation that lasts long and doesn’t look heavy of your face, use a concealer beforehand. Play with both makeup products by covering the more demanding areas with concealer while keeping the rest of the face fresh with just a dab of a lighter foundation.   

Dry Skin

Those with dry skin should generally stay away from compacts or sticks with heavy, waxy textures. A more gentle variant for drier skin is a moisturising liquid foundation or a pressed-powder foundation. Each comes with its benefits and downsides. Moisturising foundations provide natural look coverage and a satin finish that resembles a youthful complexion. 
Pressed-powder and loose-powder foundations are easy-to-use on-the-go and provide a lightweight luminescent glow to freshen a tired face or protect from sun rays when they contain UV protection.

Long-Lasting Foundation for Outdoor Activity

The lightest foundations are tinted moisturisers and BB creams, which are not usually tagged as long-lasting. But if you are heading for the beach, a festival, or camping, and still want some lightweight coverage that will stay on as you sweat, they may be the ideal choice. You get the hydration and the coverage in one product.

Ageing Skin Foundation

As your skin ages, it may require additional care by applying foundations that nourish, usually containing some type of serum or reflecting particles that provide a lifting, smoothening effect. The downside of anti-ageing long-lasting foundations is that they can get expensive because of the extra nutrients.  However, this is by no means different than any other anti-ageing beauty product, which is usually more expensive as a vital investment for the more demanding skin.

The Right Shade and Occasion

Once you’ve considered your skin type, it’s time to pick up the right shade. Now, this will require you dig a bit deeper into discovering the ideal foundation combo, especially if you are a fan of contouring and love to play with facial dimensions. A long-lasting coverage for contouring must be chosen carefully as it can ruin the effects if it doesn’t stay on or smudges too quickly. Instead of transforming proportions, you may end up looking dull and dirty. 

Long-lasting paintsticks give the precision and the range of colours to achieve the desired result without overbearing the face. Professional makeup artists rely on these because they know clients don’t like seeing the result of expert makeup get ruined before the special occasion. They pay for something long-lasting to get them through the big event or the highlight of the evening.  

Why Experimenting with a Long-lasting Foundation is Essential

Finding the right shade can be problematic because brands come up with shades in different colours. Some are more yellow-ish. Others are rosier. Depending on your natural skin colour, you may struggle with the shade even if the texture of the long-lasting foundation is ideal.  That is the main reason the search for a trusted product doesn’t end up so quickly. 

You should consider all of the above factors and experiment with different products. It takes some time to learn how your skin behaves under different circumstances. It changes with weather, activities, and your monthly cycle.  The choice of the perfect long-lasting foundation for you will depend on how low-maintenance or high-maintenance are your beauty habits, too. 

If you are the outdoorsy type that spends most of her time hiking or sweating at the gym and you want permanent coverage. You may go for a creamier texture even if you have very dry skin. If you don’t mind a bit of shine or healthy, blemish-free oily skin, you may want to stay away from matte long-lasting foundations. 

As there are so many benefits and downsides of each texture, weigh in the critical ones for you. Don’t quit from finding the personal ideal choice and don’t let the market inundated with offer scare you! Aside from informing yourself about what’s available and following foundation news, grab testers whenever possible. You never know when you will fall in love with your next best choice of a long-lasting foundation. 

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