Are you looking for a professional styling brush that lasts?

August 28, 2016

Samantha Bun

If you’re looking for a professional hair brush that lasts, we have found perfection: Tamara Rose. Tamara Rose uses quality Korean brush technology that offers precision and strength, ensuring endurance and the promise of a lifetime warranty.

Each brush is crafted with intelligent ergonomic, ionic bristles, ceramic, anti-bacterial and boar bristles. Built with the highest quality materials, these brushes are strong and durable.

Here are some key qualities of Tamara Rose brushes that make them a must-have at your salon:

Ceramic Quality

The ceramic barrel of the brush retains temperature for rapid blow dry services and dramatic styling.

Ionic Innovation

Tamara Rose brushes are lightweight styling brushes with Ionic charged bristles, making styling services quicker, and ionic soft cushion repels against water, enhancing drying time. This technology works to maintain hair vitality for a healthier and shinier finished look.

Boar Brilliance

The boar bristles work to redistribute the natural oils from the scalp to the shaft. Boar structures hold similar characteristics to human hair, making these perfectly ideal for fine hair. The gentle pressure on strands helps to maintain hair health, causing less split ends, fly-aways and frizz.

Protective Fibres

The brushes are layered with an anti-bacterial coating that provides protection against harmful bacteria. The high-quality surgical metal is formulated with fibres that repel against germs.

We highly recommend Tamara Rose brushes for the salon.


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