How To Make Your Hair Smell Amazing

September 20, 2017

Tako Phanoraj

Some of you may be aware, but washing your hair everyday is not good for your hair or your scalp. Ideally you should be washing your hair every three to four days (*gasp* I know). Three to four days feels like a like a long time for some people, but there is a reason: over washing your hair strips the natural oils from your hair making your strands brittle, fading your hair dye and drying your scalp. What ends up happening if you over wash your hair is the hair overproduces oils to replace the what has been stripped in the washing process and your hair gets even more oily. This may be hard to keep up with short term, but it is worth withstanding for longer term benefits.

After a wash, your hair should smell fresh and clean for up to three days. During the three to four day period, your hair’s natural oils come out from the root to coat and nourish the hair. If your hair does not smell clean, there are some things that you may currently be doing that is making your hair smelly without realising. Thankfully, you can have the best of both worlds. Have the sweet smell of heavenly and luscious locks with minimal washing just by following these tips and tricks below:

  • Cover up. Covering your hair when you’re working in pungent environments like a kitchen or if you happen to be working near a smoking environment, cover your hair with a bandana or a hat. The bandana and hat would act as shield to protect your hair from the smells.
  • Dry hair, don’t care. Ensure that your hair is completely dry before laying your head on the pillow. The moisture of your wet hair will seep into the pillow fibres and it will eventually become smelly over time as well as stain. Remove your pillow case and take a whiff of the pillow, if it smells pleasant enough or there is no smell then it is fine, but if there is the strong smell of “old scalp” then you must replace your pillow. This goes for the pillow case as well; if your pillow case smells, wash it.
  • Clean hats make new hats. If you’re a hat wearer, wash your hat regularly. Head gear tends to be neglected as it’s not something that we think “dirties” easily like our clothes as head gear is worn above our shoulders. But because head gear keeps us warm, it locks in moisture and sweat creating stains and odours. Keeping all kinds of head gear is key to keeping your hair smelling nice. Follow the cleaning instructions of the hat, however, if the hat does not have any cleaning instructions, go to a dry cleaner to see if they can assist you there.
  • So fresh, so clean. Regularly cleaning your combs and brushes once a week will help in maintain clean smelling hair. Product build up over time embedded into brushes and combs may be a factor as to why your hair might be smelling off. If pulling loose hair out of the brush is not as effective, get a skewer to poke through the bristles across the paddle and lift up the loose hair. If the hair is too matted into the brush, use a pair of scissors to cut through the layer of matted hair to take out in sections.
  • Put it out. If you can help it, stop smoking. Smoke clings to the hair fibres and it is hard to mask. If you can’t completely stop, wear a bandana as per the first tip or only smoke outside in open areas and not enclosed areas like inside your car.



So here are the tricks on how to get great smelling hair and making it last:

  • SHAMPOO AND CONDITIONER. As we all know washing your hair every day isn’t good for your hair, so opt for a deliciously smelling shampoo and conditioner. Fanola’s range have some amazing smelling shampoo and conditioners. For example Nutricare smells like Butterscotch, After Colour smells like Shea butter and Rebalance smells zesty just to name a few.


Fanola Nutricare Shampoo



Fanola Nutricare Conditioner


  • LEAVE-IN CONDITIONER. Leave-in conditioner can leave your hair silky soft for days on end without a wash. The Fanola Leave-In Conditioner will leave your hair smelling glorious with its butterscotch scent.
  • DRY SHAMPOO. Maintain the smell of your hair in-between washes by wearing a dry shampoo. Dry shampoos help with body and texture by refreshing hair with a light spray of powder. Rockstar’s dry shampoo is weightless and smells like a mixture of rose apple and Aloe Vera. It comes in three different cans for different types of hair tones: dark, medium and light. Ensure you spray 15 cm away from your scalp and move the product with your fingers to create volume or brush it out with a wide tooth comb.



Instant Rockstar Dirty Weekend Dry Shampoo in Dark


  • HAIR TREATMENT. Using a hair treatment mask once every two weeks repairs damaged hair. Hair treatments or masks keep hair feeling soft and prevents further breakage. An added bonus is that their fragrance is stronger than shampoos and conditioners. Loreal’s Nutrifier Glycerol penetrates into the cuticle and rehabilitates the hair. Specifically for dry and over processed hair, this works a treat and smells enticingly sweet like lychees. 18 in 1 Intensive Treatment also works a treat with a coconut creme scent.
Loreal Nutrifier Glycerol Masque


18 in 1 Intensive Treatment
  • HAIR PERFUME. Wear a perfume designed specifically for your hair. Redist Hair Perfume comes in three difference scents: Pink Sugar, Sweet Spice and Love Garden. Hair perfumes are great as they effectively remove all chemical smells from your hair, make your hair smell great and adds shine. Hair perfumes are not as damaging as actual perfume for your skin as these products do not contain alcohol. Direct contact with alcohol on hair dries out the hair follicle.

DIY HACK: If you simply have run out of your favourite hair perfume, you can opt for this hack with your hairbrush and your favourite perfume: simply spray your hairbrush with your perfume and brush it through your hair. Not only will your skin smell nice but your hair too.


Glammar Tangle Tonic Brush Rose Gold


  • GELS AND PUTTY. If you want to style your hair using a hair gel that smells as yummy as bubblegum, Totex Hair gels can be used every day and still leave the hair looking healthy. It is great for all hair types and it leaves no residue, finishing with a wet look. For girls and guys looking for a mature scent, opt for the O3 Ocean and styling mud. It is long lasting, quick drying and has a refreshing oceanic scent.



Totex Hair Styling Wax Bubble Gum


O3 Ocean Styling Mud


  • SERUMS. Serums are a great finishing product. It is an oil that offers a glossy sheen to your final masterpiece. Try using Fanola’s Nutricare as it smells like the juiciest watermelon scent you will ever come across.



Fanola Nutricare Crystals


  • HAIRSPRAYS. Scented hairsprays are hard to come by so I recommend Schwarzkopf’s Silhouette Super Hold Lacquer. This hair spray is bang for your buck, has that pleasant smell that isn’t chemical like other hairsprays and does an amazing job for super-hold staying power.


Schwarzkopf Silhouette Super Hold Lacquer Hairspray


So there you have it! I hope you enjoyed this How To on getting great smelling hair. If you have any other tips that you have tried before and that I have not mentioned, please feel free to comment below.

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