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Makeup Brush vs. Beauty Sponge

March 14, 2018

Tako Phanoraj

There is the great debate of comparing the quality and the finish of using a Makeup Brush versus Beauty Sponge. Both have been invented to help combat and step up our makeup routines, they are tools used for a cleaner way to apply our foundations better than using our hands. The two have also been reinvented in many ways than before.

The makeup brush has always been an oldy but a goody, a classic you can say as this one was invented first. The makeup brush comes in many styles, thin or thick bristles, materials, real and faux fibres. The beauty sponge started off as a flat circular sponge; an addition to your compact which then turned into being a staple in any makeup artist’s kit being that of a disposable white triangular wedge shape. Now it has moved and formed into the infamous and iconic teardrop-shaped sponge that is hydrophilic, meaning that it is designed to absorb water, whereas earlier sponges were designed to repel all traces of moisture when applying makeup. This sponge is forever evolving and has in different variations in size, shapes and even in silicone.

So, like any dating relationship, we have created a Pros and Cons list to distinguish the great and not-so-great things about each makeup tool.


Palladio Foundation Brush
Palladio Foundation Brush



  • More sanitary
  • Convenient – you don’t have to add water to make it work
  • Easier to clean than a beauty sponge
  • Suits all skin types
  • Great for a full coverage foundation finish
  • Feels sturdier
  • Quicker
  • Can distribute foundation more evenly


  • There are many varieties to choose from, so it can be quite overwhelming for a beginner to choose the right foundation brush as there are flat foundation brushes, stippling brushes, oval brushes, densely rounded buffing brushes and etc.
  • More expensive compared to a beauty sponge
  • You can only use this brush really for just your foundation
  • Depending what foundation brush, you may use you can leave off streaky lines
  • Are not always vegan


Lily Make Up Sponge


  • Lightweight
  • Easy to use
  • More affordable in price than a brush
  • Compact/ Travel size
  • You can use this to blend out both your foundation, concealer and cream contour in the one sponge.
  • You don’t waste product when using it
  • You can use cream and powder products with the beauty sponge.
  • Great for medium to sheer coverage finish


  • They can be quite fragile if you clean them aggressively
  • You have to wet it in order to get the best results
  • Sometimes when you’re comfy and about to start your base application, you forget to wet or dampen the beauty sponge making you must get up again from your comfy spot
  • There are certain specific care instructions for this beauty sponge
  • The care for a beauty sponge can be more complex than a makeup brush as after cleaning the sponge it must be kept in a dry and open aired out atmosphere as keeping it stored in a damp, dark enclosed space will create mould
  • This may not suit people with texturised skin
  • Time-consuming when blending


Here are some real reviews of the team here at AMR on what they prefer using…

“Ok, in my opinion, I have used both brushes and beauty sponge to apply my foundation. I find that a brush is much better for my skin and the application is easier, I have no time to soak my beauty sponge in water to soak up the product, I am mostly on-the-go with my makeup bag in my purse, so having a brush is more compact and this suits me best.”- Alyce  

“Depending on my mood I like to use both. The rounded buffing brush is great if I am in a total rush and need to get my base done ASAP for a quick full coverage look and I like to use the sponge when I have plenty of time and take my time in doing a sheer foundation look.”- Tako

“I prefer a beauty sponge. The reason being is because when it’s damp, the foundation stick betters and blends into the skin rather than the foundation just sitting on top of the skin I find. Sometimes, brushes don’t always blend the foundation in smoothly and create strokes in the face from the brush bristles.”- Odette

“I prefer using a beauty sponge because I feel like it absorbs better into my skin compared to a makeup brush. It helps with layering, so I can build the density to how I want it. With a makeup brush, I feel it is thicker in the application and I don’t usually like having foundation packed on too heavily.”- Samantha

“I hate sponges. The whole dabbing your face thing my arm gets tired, it’s so exhausting. I prefer using a brush because it is so much better, and I feel it’s a faster application and I get better results when applying my foundation.” – Giselle

“I love using beauty sponges over makeup brushes for liquid foundation because it’s a lot easier and to be honest I couldn’t be bothered to constantly clean a makeup brush. My beauty sponge gives me that luminous, flawless finish and infuses the foundation to make it look like skin. Beauty sponges are easier to clean, easy to blend leaving no streaks and I find they soak up less foundation then what a brush would. I also love using my beauty blender damp to press in my highlighter to give a really natural glow.”- Lisa-Marie

“I prefer the beauty sponges especially the silicone ones. They don’t use up or waste as much makeup and are easy to spread. Brushes always leave brush marks because I use full coverage where sponges blend nicely.”- Taylor

So, there you have it guys – you be the judge. There is no right or wrong way when applying makeup. Your face is your canvas so do what works for you. I hope you all liked this blog, please feel free to comment below on what your opinion is on your favourite makeup tool to apply foundation.

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