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29 Mar


By AMR, Beauty, Hair, Health, Salon, Style
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He may be doing this in secret and you might not know. Going through uncharted territory here when it comes to men and their need to preen and pamper themselves. This term is not often mentioned or discussed, but we are here to talk about manscaping. What manscaping is like landscaping but on a man’s body hence, the neologism of the words man and landscaping. The trimming of manly bodily “hedges”, if you will.

Manscaping isn’t a feminine thing; it actually is a healthy procedure for every man to consider. Nothing wrong with a man giving himself the TLC that he needs to boost his confidence up. You can still look masculine and burly just with more of a neat and well-trimmed appearance. It not only sharpens your look but it is proven to be a confidence booster. I know that my partner looks forward to going down to his local barber to get prepped up and shaved and when he is strapped for time, he usually does it himself… but then bathroom looks like a complete bomb site with hair trimmings everywhere that remind me of dead pine needles off a Christmas tree. The guy in your life is probably doing it and it is probably his best-kept secret yet from you. That’s probably why his skin is so nice and smooth and his hair is all kept nice and tightly in check and into place.

In some way or another, there must be a gentleman in our lives who prefers to be smooth, groomed and well maintained. A well-groomed man is usually someone who sports:

  • No back hair
  • A little bit of chest hair
  • A washed and trimmed beard and
  • No unibrow

If the lucky man in your life has no clue and only showers, below are a few tips to nudge him in the right direction of what to do. Maybe not the lover in your life, maybe just your younger kid brother going through that awkward puberty phase and has no idea what to do. Here are some things you can use or give to your partner or brother to help them out in their ventures of manscaping.



Make sure they’re having a hot shower before the de-fuzzing begins. A hot shower will soften the skin and open up the pores. Or if the gentleman is strapped for time or a tad lazy, just heating up a cotton facial towel and placing that on the face works wonders for no fuss no muss. Add some essential oils to give it more lather up. Soap, although being a cheaper option, can leave your skin dry and irritated if your man has sensitive skin. Make sure you choose a really good shaving lotion for the man in your life. Shaving lotions will help to see where they have shaven and also it will be some type of form of a barrier or some kind of cushioning to avoid nicks and cuts for a smoother finish. So choosing some type of shaving formula for your face and body is great. But which one to choose? A shaving cream? Foam? Or Gel? What is the best? It may not be about the best but what works best for your skin type.

The difference is that shaving foam is the more so or less your traditional form of shaving product, however, it can be equally as drying for foam uses.

Gels form a thin barrier but are great as they have a double factor; they offer more lubrication and come usually translucent so you know where you can filter through and see how long the hairs are.

And shaving creams are the luxurious and the richest formulation of them all as they provide more of a thicker cushioning for the skin. Creams are often glycerine based meaning that they help soothe and moisturise the skin, making your skin more supple and soft rather than dry and itchy. And this is probably the best one when dealing with hard stubble.

Your guy may be using their trusty four-blade razor, but kicking it old school style, there is a reason as to why the original razor blade was invented in the first place. Straight razors offer a sharper and more precise finish. They are also disposable so one use, no problem.

What’s the deal with aftershave? All I remember is that it is some type of liquid astringent solution that irritates the skin, cue Kevin MacAllister from Home Alone slapping on some aftershave or Homer Simpson teaching his son Bart how to shave. What aftershave does is that it is designed to soothe and protect the raw and irritated layer of skin.

To keep the bearded man in check, here are essential things below to keep it nice and fresh.


When your significant other wants to nip the shorts and curlies, the number one rule is, of course, to be gentle and snip with care! And the second rule of thumb is to be squeaky clean as possible; sanitation is the key. Cleanliness and hygiene will not cause an infection of any sort.

When your man is doing down below the belt, always ensure that he has a sharp pair of scissors in his arsenal kit as trimming the longer hairs will not feel as painful going over it with clippers. Cut a decent length, not too short, so that the clippers can still get in there and cut through. Please ensure that you mark these as HIS scissors – below are distinctive colours, patterns and designs at decent prices that are used specifically for cutting of the hair. Whether these be for trimming leg hairs, back hair, beards or chest hair, these scissors will forever be known as THEIR scissors (if you know what I mean, ahem aka “down under scissors”).


After you have trimmed your hair via scissors and want precise cutting directions, use one of these trimmers below.


And there you have it guys, a blog for the man in your life about manscaping. If you liked this blog please comment below on what you think.

Tako Phanoraj

Tako is a Beauty Editor at AMR with a Diploma in makeup artistry having graduated in 2015. She is passionate about all things beauty and in her spare time loves to keep up with the latest trends and trialling new makeup. When she is not invested in makeup, she is busy being mum to one gorgeous baby girl.

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