Modelrock Lashes Review: Your Favourite Hassle-Free Lashes

Modelrock Lashes Review: Your Favourite Hassle-free Lashes
July 20, 2020

Rachael Grant

If you are looking for practical, easy-to-apply bundle lashes, then this Modelrock lashes review is just the right reading for you. Even those that are not the biggest fan of applying fake lashes by themselves will appreciate the variety of eyelashes offered. The choice is abundant. Makeup artists and lash technicians will enjoy the faux fur, 100% human-hair, or Korean silk fibre lashes coming from Modelrock, too. 

Modelrock has an animal-friendly manufacturing policy. All eyelashes are tested on humans only. And if you are a first-time lash newbie, worried about the application, you need not be. Modelrock has one of the easiest and simplest lash application methods, great for beginners. They’re also just as equally inspiring for expert wins such as the #voguechallenge

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Modelrock Lashes Review: Styles for Every Occasion

Eyelashes can make the whole face pop up and put an accent on professional makeup. It’s not unusual to see numerous lash variations for diverse events, especially when the camera lens is close to your face. You feel the need to look your best! Modelrock has twelve series of occasion lashes, applicable daily as part of a natural look. Alternatively, they can be used for celebratory events and full-on stage makeup. You can’t miss the Instagram drool-worthy bundles of cat-eye, doll, or staggered lashes: 


And if you are in soul search of your beloved drag queen style, Modelrock has you covered with several variants of glamour and double-layered lashes. 

Most lashes by the brand with a 7-year tradition include packs of five pairs, but you can also find individual lashes. Furthermore, they come in pairs of two, and pairs of ten. Professional lash artists can make bulk purchases of their favourite and most sought Modelrock eyelashes.  


The Difference between Natural and Dramatic Eyelash Styles

When picking natural style lashes, it is important to know your lash length and curvature, as well as the distribution of individual lashes over your eyelid. This will help with correct positioning and gluing the lashes at all the right places without looking unnatural. 

Choosing the right shape and size of natural lashes is even more important for partial lashes. You can always trim lashes with longer bands. However, keep in mind that cutting may affect the overall shape. 

Here are the measures to look into when choosing Modelrock eyelashes:   

  • Lash band length 
  • Inner hair length
  • Mid-point hair length  
  • Outer corner hair length 

These measures are important because lash bundles are usually shorter in the inner and the outer corners, and longer at the midpoint. Created by hand, each piece has been carefully designed to resemble natural lashes so that you get the maximum benefit without looking like you are coming from a cartoon. Invisible lash bands help natural look stick well without adding that extra eyeliner look that no one appreciates:


Bridal Modelrock Lashes: Review

Although it is a challenge to select just a few pairs of lash extensions made by Modelrock that can be used as bridal, its natural lash series comes closest to what most brides would be happy with. And there are seven different styles that vary in band length, lash length and fibre substance.

The most distinguishable characteristic of bridal lashes is that they have two lash layers. One is shorter and one is longer, giving the impression of natural lashes that have more volume at the roots and more length at the ends. The seven available bridal eyelash extensions from Modelrock with their respective lash band length, inner hair length, mid-point hair length, and outer corner hair length are:

  • Allure: 3 cm, 6mm, 11mm, 6mm.
  • Miss Rosie: 1.5cm, 4mm, 6mm, 8mm.
  • Pin-Up Angel: 2.9cm, 4mm, 10mm, 12mm.
  • Sunny Sunday: 2.9cm, 3mm, 10mm, 7mm.
  • Valentina 2: 3 cm, 4mm, 8mm, 10mm.
  • Valentina 3: 3 cm, 4mm, 9mm, 7mm.
  • Wispy Flower: 2.9cm, 8mm, 13mm, 14mm

Miss Preppy is a frequent pick of future-to-be brides who prefer accent, more pronounced eye makeup that still doesn’t look over the top:


Modelrock lashes reviews from customers speak in favour of the brand’s reputation throughout the seven years of existence. If you are interested in submitting your Modelrock eyelash review, you can do so by selecting “reviews” on the main drop-bar menu. 

How to Apply Modelrock Eyelashes

Applying faux lashes need not be difficult. Make sure you do your makeup first and follow with the lash extension afterwards. This will help with error-free makeup. After you coat your natural lashes with mascara, get your preferred Modelrock lashes and:

  1. Measure eyelashes against your eyes and trim them if necessary.
  2. Apply a very thin coat of lash adhesive on the lash band.
  3. Wait for 30 seconds for the adhesive to dry up until it becomes tacky.
  4. Pick up the lashes by the tips with tweezers or a lash applicator and place them against the natural lashes. (Don’t glue on the skin.)
  5. Press gently from both ends along with the lash band to secure the eyelashes lengthwise. 

Some extra helpful tips: Go easy on the glue. Less is more to start with. Use black lash glue to avoid small blobs of adhesive to ruin your final look. Finally, pour a tiny amount on your hand or a flat surface to dab the lashes into it before applying.  


Modelrock Lashes Review Summary

Since its inception, Modelrock has worked hard to build a name for itself. Now is the beloved lash brand of makeup and lash artists that love using quality, cruelty-free lashes made from natural human hair and from faux mink. 

Korean silk is among the most treasured artificial materials for eyelash production, durable and suitable for clients who may be allergic to human hair or for very fine natural lashes. 

Online purchasing at Modelrock is quick and easy. Another advantage is that you can shop in bulk and for other makeup products at once, especially for custom, glamour, or festival makeup. 

The affordable prices and the extensive selection of occasion and everyday lashes make Modelrock lashes one of the most competitive brands, in particular for human hair eyelash extensions. 


The bridal collection is more than worth checking, too, as it includes lash packs that suit formal and casual wedding celebrations. It is difficult to point out a specific disadvantage of the bridal lashes because what you don’t find in one model is absolutely included in another. 

Your new eyelashes have served their purpose? Check out this guide on removing eyelashes without running your natural lash line. Did you find this Modelrock lashes review helpful? Toss a comment below!

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