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Most Popular Affinage Products and How to Use Them

Affinage Products
August 23, 2021

Rachael Grant

You may have heard good stuff about Affinage Professional, but you will be glad to know it doesn’t cater only to professionals. Affinage, also known as ASP (Affinage Salon Professional), is equally dedicated to sustainable retail hair care. A fan of Affinage Blonde Bombshell or White Ise Shampoo? You’d be happy to hear that the brand has a whole new range for the Australian market. By far, the most popular Affinage products for consumers are shampoos. Affinage shampoos solve three major hair concerns on most people’s lists – hydration, blonde hair support, and colour maintenance. Plus, they are vegan! 

And while we are at colour, let’s not forget about Affinage Infiniti – the luxury hair colour made from naturally derived ingredients – if you are in for intense colour revolution – this is it.

How to Use Affinage Infiniti

Since Affinage Infiniti contains powerful highlighters, its reaction time is reduced to only 25 minutes. You can even apply heat for blonde looks that instruct 9% (30vol) and 12% (40vol) developers. The process is gentle to the scalp and safe with all 100 shades used for recolouring, touch-ups and colour removal. 

You can get bold with Affinage Infiniti colours, as long as you follow some basic guidelines:

  • Perform a sensitivity test before application. Put a dab of colour on the forearm and wait to check for a reaction. Keep in mind that Affinage colours have a low ammonia content and a refined emulsion formula that guarantees safety.
  • Apply the correct colour vs. developer ratio using the AFFINAGE® Electronic Balance, a precision digital scale with milligram precision. 
  • Use the Infiniti Colour Star as a neutralizer.
  • Perform client profiling and colour diagnosis to achieve the ideal shade.
  • Virgin head application and replication require different mixtures; make sure you mix correct ratios.

White and grey hair coverage, virgin hair colour depth, and levels of lift required are three crucial factors you should consider when using Affinage Infiniti. 

10 Most Popular Affinage Products to Wash, Style, and Protect Hair  

Every great colour (and hairstyle!) needs a soft shampoo to rinse out the mixture and gently cleanse air and scalp. Which beloved Affiniti products can find a place in your beauty bag? Choose yourself!

1. Affinage Shampoo Blonde Toning

This shampoo is the “yellow blonde” solution by Affinage. It removes brassy tones from blonde hair, adds silver shine to grey hair, and removes dirt with a sulphate-free, low pH formula. Use it to wash bleached, coloured, grey or highlighted hair. 

How to use: Massage wet hair for 5 minutes and rinse off. Use sparingly for softer silver tones and more often for deep silver enhancement. Apply Afifinage Miracle Repair Mask if your hair is on the dry side. 

2. Affinage Sensitive Shampoo and Conditioner

Okay, these are two products instead of one. But if you have a sensitive scalp, you will hardly likely never leave the bathtub without applying conditioner. So, you’ll benefit from both. 

How to use: Apply the shampoo to wet hair, rinse well. Remove excess moisture with an old T-shirt. Towels can be too harsh. Put on the Affinage Sensitive Conditioner and leave it in for 1 to 3 minutes. Rinse and style as usual. If you have ever used products with Wattle Seed and Kakadu Plum, you know what best to expect from this shampoo, too. 

3. Affinage Thermal Protectant

The Thermal Protectant Spray ingredient list is rich with nourishing components: Marula Seed Oil contains Omega-9, and Avocado Extract is loaded with vitamins A, B5 and E, covering the follicle in a protective balm and do not allow the heat to penetrate and break the proteins. 

How to use: Apply on damp hair, concentrating on hair ends. You will protect hair from heat styling tools and remove frizz, static, and the porose hair effect.  

4. Affinage Hydrating Shampoo

No one likes to keep hydration away from hair unless it is in the shape of frizz. Grab your Affinage Hydrating Shampoo enriched with Waratah Leaf, Kakadu Plum and a UV filter, and seal in the moisture while your hair bakes in the sun and is affected by humid weather. 

How to use: Apply to wet hair and massage until you lather well. Rinse off and apply Affinage Hydrating Conditioner to protect damaged and split ends.     

5. Affinage Moisture Foam

To maintain frizz-free hair even in the most humid conditions, you need a professional leave-in product that moisturises and styles simultaneously. Affinage Moisture Foam stays in the hair, providing medium hold and hydration derived from Hydrolysed Rice Protein. 

How to use: Wash hair and apply product to damp hair. Do not wash—style as needed.

6. Affinage Contour Cream

Before you apply heat to hair from styling tools, flat irons, curling wands, and straighteners, think about how you can protect it from it. Even with the recent advances in heat styling technology, your hair will benefit from the omega oils and vitamins in Marula and Camellia seed oils. The product activates under heat from styling appliances. 

How to use: Apply Affinage Contour Cream on damp hair to soften, moisturize, and provide thermal protection. 

7. Affinage Clay Styling Wax

After you complete blow drying your hair (for lucky short hair owners, only the fingers will do!), your hair needs to stay in place, somehow. If you need a stronghold that will keep the hard effort you invested for hours, try placing a small amount of this popular Affinage product and see for yourself.

How to use: Apply a droplet to dry or damp hair to achieve a matte, non-sticky effect. 

8. Affinage Volumising Powder

Everyone needs that light, volume-boosting product for quick touch-ups of the flawless yesterday’s blowdry. When in a hurry or extend the professional hairstyling results for a few more days, sprinkle the roots with Affinage Voluminsaiing Powder and watch the excess oil disappear. The product is in a 7.5 mg bottle to carry in a bag and get that instant wild lift wherever you are.

How to use: Distribute from roots to ends on dry hair and style as desired. Finish with one last pump on the head crown for an overall bouncy effect. 

9. Affinage 24/7 Cuticle Sealer

Is your hair feeling dry or malnourished? What if you could apply just one natural product and feel the breeze and the shine through the tresses again? We all love to replenish cuticles with a quick fix (no matter how much you feed them, they are always hungry for more!). So, here is an Affinage product that may help you – the 24/7 Cuticle Sealer.

How to use: Pretty easy. Just apply a small drop to dry or wet hair and comb your go-to hairstyle.  

10. Affinage Purifying Shampoo

This shampoo works wonders in removing persistent impurities from oily hair. The Kakadu Plum extract still gently treats the hair while the Kangaroo Paw energizes hair to grow faster. Mint Leaf Oil is a relief for itchy skin prone to inflammation.

If you still haven’t found your perfect hair solution among these most popular Affinage products, maybe it is time to see what else is available at Affinage or perhaps check the AMR bestsellers we have prepared for you in our gift packs!


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