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No Yellow Shampoo Review

May 21, 2019

Samantha Bun

No Yellow Shampoo Review

Those of you with blonde coloured or bleached hair know the importance of having a violet shampoo that works. Stumbling upon the right product is like finding the holy grail. It means a having salon-fresh looking blonde hair for weeks after a professional service. Fanola No Yellow has made its rounds on social media and it is to no surprise with it being one of the strongest toning shampoos on the market.

Fanola No Yellow Shampoo 1000ml
                          No Yellow Shampoo


Fanola No Yellow is a blonde toning shampoo that deposits violet pigment to reduce unwanted yellow tones in blonde or streaked hair. It is most effective on hair that is level 9 and up.


No Yellow’s strong violet pigment counteracts any unwanted yellow tones in the hair. As a result, it neutralises the yellow and reflects a cooler tone.


1. Will it make my hair purple?

The simple answer to that is no, unless your hair is a level 10 or above and you leave it on for too long. In this case, it will fade in a matter of days as it is not a permanent colour. The acid violet dye used in No Yellow is a strong pigment, enough to stain your hands which is why it is recommended to wear gloves on application. However, it is not strong enough to actually your dye hair, just enough to achieve a toning effect on the hair.

2. Does No Yellow work?

Absolutely! It will tone your blonde and highlights, making the effect a cooler more even tone. If the result isn’t evident, it could be that you need to leave it on a bit longer. You can also try toning twice a week for up to a month to achieve optimal results. If you are not noticing a difference, it could also be that your hair isn’t the right level for No Yellow to work. Your hair needs to be a level 9 and above for most effective toning. If there are orange or brassy tones in your hair, you will need to use No Orange. Learn which colour base shampoo is best for your hair by viewing the colour wheel explanation.


3. Will it make my hair dry?

Any shampoos with sulphates can be drying on your hair. This is why Fanola No Yellow is recommended for use in accompaniment with the No Yellow Mask. The mask will restore hydration and seal the hair, leaving it silkier and shinier while further toning. If you are looking for a less drying formula, then you can always opt for the new vegan version of No Yellow that is sulphate free.


No Orange is a blue pigmented formula that is effective for eliminating orange in dark blonde hair, while No Yellow counteracts yellow tones in lighter blonde hair. The two can be used together for clients who want to eliminate both tones in their hair. You can learn more about colour depositing shampoo to see how it can help your hair to pick the right product for your hair.


                             Fanola No Orange


Comparing the No Yellow shampoo against its vegan counterpart is an obvious difference. The vegan shampoo starts at a higher price point but the quality of the product is so different from the original shampoo. Ingredients found in the new formula do not contain sulphate, salt or parabens, which means your hair is less likely to dry out. Dry hair after constant use was a known problem in the original formula which is why Fanola decided to make a change. In addition to the better quality ingredients, the smell is fresh and sweet! If you want to strengthen your hair but still receive the same colour results as the original, we’d recommend spending a little extra and trying the vegan range, you won’t be disappointed. If you are price conscious, stick to the original and just invest in a good moisturising mask.

Vegan No Yellow Pack
   Vegan No Yellow Pack


In a recent product test we did, Fanola’s No Yellow did produce a strong result, but 18 in 1’s Intense Violet and Inebrya’s No Yellow performed a stronger result. Having said that, it still performs better than some brands that use a cosmetic dye rather than an acid violet dye. See how 18 in 1 and Fanola compare to one another if you’d like additional information.

We hope Fanola works wonders for you! Please let us know your thoughts in the comments below about our No Yellow shampoo review. Tell us what your favourite purple shampoo is!


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