One Thousand Haircuts for the Homeless: Dignity Through Transformation

May 4, 2017

Samantha Bun


The quality or the state of being worthy of esteem or respect; inherent nobility and worth; poise and self-respect; stateliness and formality in manner and appearance.

Every human being deserves dignity. This is exactly why the Barbers at Jack Reed Barber Shop Pty Ltd want to do what they do best to help restore dignity by delivering one thousand haircuts to the homeless. Their project One Thousand Haircuts for the Homeless aims to provide dignity through transformation through professional grooming and styling.

Sadly, there are over 19,800 homeless people in Queensland who struggle to find a safe place to sleep with homeless shelters full long before night falls. Sadly, 27% of the homeless population in Queensland are under the age of 18 and even sadder, 17% are under the age of 12. Their stories of varied and shared experiences of family breakdowns, domestic violence, drugs, alcohol, mental health issues and financial hardships have left these communities marginalised in our society. Dignity is a long and forgotten notion.

The Barbers of Jack Reed Barber Shop believe that something as simple as a haircut can restore a human being’s sense of dignity. It is often something we take for granted, but a haircut is a luxury that is forgotten while your daily thought and actions are dominated by finding food and shelter for the day.


How we look has been proven to influence the way we feel. Psychologist Vivian Diller calls this the “Beauty Self Esteem” phenomenon. A person’s self-image is interwoven in all aspects of their appearance, especially their hair. Why? The hair frames one of our most important features; the face. This ultimately shapes the way people perceive an individual and how they interact choose to interact. Our level of attractiveness also impacts our level of confidence and positive self-esteem.

In fact, providing haircuts to the homeless isn’t unique to this initiative. You may have seen videos of barbers around the world performing haircuts to the homeless becoming viral sensations on the internet, like Melbourne’s Nasir Sobhani and New York’s Mark Bustos.

It was then a no-brainer for AMR to jump on board as supplier for One Thousand Haircuts for the Homeless. We stand behind and greatly support such a remarkable project and look forward to seeing one thousand transformations over the next 12 months. Big ups to Jack Reed Barber Shop for such a fantastic initiative and for showing us the true fruits of human kindness.


If you wish to support their cause, you can jump online and purchase One Thousand Haircuts for the Homeless by donating, purchasing a tee or paying it forward through On behalf of the whole AMR team, we would love to commend Jack Reed Barbershop for this amazing initiative and encourage you to jump online and make a contribution today. Thank you for your support.

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