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Oooky Spooky Megalamooky Halloween Looks

October 16, 2017

Tako Phanoraj

With your supermarkets and departments stores all decked out with orange and black decor including artificial webbing, it means that All Hallow’s Eve is just around the corner. As a child growing up in Australia and watching American TV shows on our TV set at home, I was always gutted as a kid when us Australians here didn’t really take to the American custom of celebrating Halloween. So I always relished and enjoyed living vicariously through either TV shows that had a fantasy/mystery but spooky supernatural element to it like Scooby DooSabrina the Teenage Witch, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and I got super excited specifically when it was the Halloween specials on  TV like The Simpsons and of course, how can you forget, Hocus Pocus.

As I have gotten older, dressing up for Halloween has become a chance to go all out and play dress up for the night to be any other character but myself. Being so limited, I thought to myself, “Well, why not make events around me ALL FANCY DRESS?” So, as my 21st was a dress up party themed at movie films, my cousin’s sweet 16 was a non-themed dress up party, my other cousin’s dirty 30th was a childhood TV/film character dress up party, and my 27th was a dress up party starting with any of my initials… so when life gives you lemons, you make lemonade! And I think because of my love for anything fancy dress, my family and extended family have loathed me for it (but I think they secretly love it). Now, we see more people dressing up in Australia for Halloween which excites me.

With Halloween you have a big scope of being anything you want be, so in that case, let’s be extra creepy and scary this year and take a look at the looks to get you ooky spooky mega-la-mooky ready for Halloweenie. Wanna be scary or pretty? Trick or treat, you decide…

Cracked Living Doll 


If you guys want that creep factor going, here is a look for you. A broken or cracked doll is the epitome of angelic horror. Cutesy adorable doll turned into walking nightmare. Cosplayer, Twitch partner and Gamer Andy Rae shows us how eerily beautiful she looks as a smashed up doll. The cracks shown are the obvious trait that makes her the definition of broken doll, but she has cleverly added all these little details into her makeup and costume that make her a frightening living dolly. The main key to making this look so realistic is the shading and colouring of the negative spaces in the cracks as a straight matte black makes the look too flat, so add some highlighting in those areas to give your doll face/head a hollow appearance to give it more dimension and depth. You can turn this look into any doll you want. Andy Rae has transformed herself into a bit of a hybrid doll with her ventriloquist doll-like drop jaw. The shading and placement of the joints on her hands  make her hands look like as if they belong to a jointed doll. She is costumed in an innocent porcelain doll outfit with a high Victorian neckline, finished with brooch and a bow tie. Her wig finishes off the look in tight ringlets falling below her shoulders with bows on top. And there you go, HIYA DOLL FACE!

Pennywise the Clown 



If you’re not scared of clowns but want to scare others with your own clown face, why not go as the revamped version of Pennywise the Clown? To celebrate the new release of IT by creative genius Stephen King, here is Youtuber and Makeup Artist to the stars, Alex Faction showcasing his interpretation of Pennywise the Clown with a cloth like mask bolted onto his real face all done with makeup. With his amazing bone structure and smouldering looks, he is definitely the King of highlighting and shading when it comes to his amazing face transformations of Halloween looks. His Youtube channel is mostly dedicated to celebrate Halloween looks all year round. Mr Faction also pops in these menacing yet illuminating looking eye contacts in too for extra scare factor. “And when you’re down here with me… YOU”LL FLOAT TOO!” IT 1990 part 1.

Clawed Scratched Face



If you have been invited to a last minute Halloween shin dig, why not try a clawed face? This makeup is easier than it looks and can be done using three different kinds of mediums all found in specific special effects makeup stores like Barnes or Scotty’s located in the Sydney CBD area. For beginners, use some latex and singular ply of tissue layered on top of each other or ripped up cotton balls to achieve this look (beware if you are allergic to latex though – always test a small area on your hand before apply to your face) or if you want a hand at moulding, get your hands into nose putty or scar wax to get your scabby scars looking like your real skin. This is easily shaped to get your desired scars. If the combination of latex and tissue as well as scar wax is child’s play in your eyes, why not be a little more fancy and professional and have a go at playing around with silicone, also known as third degree. This medium looks more realistic to the trained eye. Makeup artist and Instagrammer Miranda Richards shows us the gruesome but simple to do animal attack on her face. And of course with this clawed, mauled and scratched face, back it up with other props as well. For example, pop in an animalistic eye contact to look like you’re mid transforming into sub human-wolf. Put on a farmer’s outfit to go as The Boy Who Cried Wolf, or even dress up as one of the three little piggies that didn’t get away. And of course, in pure form why not wear a red hooded cape to go as the not so lucky Little Red Riding Hood? Happy hunting!

Bride of Frankenstein




Here is a pretty yet terrifying look by none other than YouTube sensation and beauty queen Desi Perkins. Here, she gives her take on Rick Baker’s interpretation of Frankenstein’s monster bride. Surprisingly, this look is achieved not by using special effects makeup but by just using the beauty makeup in her kit of lip liners and eyeliners to get her scars and stitches looking super real and sore. To get her bolted look this smart cookie used caps off some lotion tubes she had and spray painted them silver and stuck them on with some pros-aide which was the only special effects kind of makeup she needed. Desi advised to go in with green eye shadow for contouring and shading to look beautifully green and festering.

Pulled Up Skin Face




This one will definitely get people running for the hills. Instead of doing your average zipper face, why not do a spin on it and do a pulled up face instead. This look necessarily does not require any special effects make up at all just your regular makeup will do. This particular Demon look Youtuber Nikki Tutorials is going for requires a lot of shading and highlighting, particularly focusing on the skin to make it look really pulled back. Although Nikki uses water activated face paint palette by Mehron for the red demonic side you can go in with your red lippy instead but if you insist on getting that kind of consistency and pigment then you can always use a red face paint that you can buy at these stores, The Face Paint Store based in Penrith and Sublime Body Art based in Woonona. Nikki also pops in a white eye contact to look really evil. But do not fret if this look is too full on in scare factor for you. You can always just opt to put glitter all over your face instead of your demon one just to showcase the extra-ness that every one is deep down inside.

Optical illusion Face




Fool your party guests and strangers with this optical illusion look that’ll be sure to make people do a double take as they walk past you. This isn’t necessarily scary, but it sure is creepy and positively trippy. All you need to achieve this out-of-this-world look is your regular makeup collection and a very steady hand. With this look though it is all about precision and as always, you guessed it shading and highlighting.  It’s crazy to know that French special effects and beauty makeup artist Ophélie also known as Simple Symphony only has 20,000 subscribers on her Youtube page as she is definitely a force to be reckoned with, with her talent for things both beautiful and mind blowing. Be sure to keep an eye, I mean, four eyes on her (geddit?)

So that’s all that we have for you today, let us know what you think of the looks that we have shown you. Please leave a comment below on what think on our looks or if you want to get special effects type of makeup in our stores. If you have created these looks because of this blog be sure to hashtag us at #amrhairbeauty #amr so that we can check out your Halloweenie looks.



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