Parlux Alyon Gold: Is This the Best Parlux Dryer?

Parlux Alyon Gold
July 19, 2021

Rachael Grant

So, we must ask. Is the Parlux Alyon Gold the best professional hairdryer? Here is our take. Parlux has been tweaking its formula for forty years now, coming up with technologies that revolutionised the hair care industry. Some products fail to hit the mark, but if you ask any stylist to find an affordable professional-grade dryer with long motor life, eight out of ten will recommend a Parlux product. It could be because of the wide variety of products that the company has on its shelves. Or it could be the quality.

In 2021, Parlux introduced the Alyon range. They named it, quote “the new reference model in the professional hairdryers world,” and for good reason. What is special about Parlux Alyon Gold is that the dryer perfectly balances all the important features.

Thus. A new motor equals longer life. The dryer is lightweight and offers maximum performance. However, unlike previous models, the Alyon range will cost you a little extra.

Also, the standout model is the Parlux Alyon Gold. It looks pretty, lightweight, perfect for professionals and home use, and uses Air Ionizer Tech to guarantee faster drying.

Why is The Parlux Alyon Gold the Best Dryer?

When looking for a hairdryer to use in a professional setting or at home, there are several factors that you should consider. These factors affect performance, service delivery, and your health.

Factor 1: What is the Technology?

Parlux products often feature ionic or ceramic technology. Ionic hairdryers break down positively charged water molecules using negatively charged ions. Because of that such dryers will not open hair shafts. The benefits of buying a dryer that uses ionic technology are:

One – it preserves curly hair.

Two – you may dry your hair using a lower temperature, thus minimising heat damage.

Three – your hair dries faster. However, the lower temperature makes it easier to over-dry it. But that is often the result of human error, so pay attention while drying.

Ceramic dryers use ceramic heating elements to dry hair. Remember, ceramic is a good conductor of heat. That means ceramic dryers are better at distributing heat. On top of that, ceramic dryers generate both negative and positive ions.

The point being. If you want to straighten curly hair, use a ceramic dryer. Conversely, if you want to dry your hair without straightening it, use an IONIC dryer.


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Parlux Alyon Gold Combines Ionic and Ceramic Technologies

What makes the Parlux Alyon Gold stand out is the technology behind it. That is, it uses a system known as Air Ionizer Tech. Air Ionizer Tech makes hair shinier and softer by eliminating static electricity. Another innovation I should mention is that the item features antimicrobial treatment.

The ceramic technology ensures better heat distribution and reduces static. These two technologies make the dryer perfect for people with straight or curly hair. Its technology is comparable to that of the Dyson dryer! 

That means sharing the item at home no longer requires sanitisation. However, the antibacterial treatment does not offer protection against viruses. So, if you are operating during COVID continue taking protective measures.

In short:

  • These technologies allow the dryer to dry hair from the inside. Thus, it does not damage the hair’s external structure.
  • The dryer preserves your hair’s natural moisture. Meaning, it is less likely to dryer out hair completely.
  • Anti-heating technology keeps the dry cool to the touch.
  • Powerful energy-saving motor.
  • The addition of a silencer makes the dryer run relatively quiet.

Patented Hair Free System

If you hate clean-up after drying, the Patented Hair Free System catches and collects hair. Consequently, the device’s efficiency is preserved for longer.

Factor 2: 2250 Watts and the New Professional K-Advance Motor

Wattage dictates hairdryer performance. that means the more power you put in, the faster the dryer works. But, the motor also matters. Consequently, even if a dryer uses more energy, the performance will be bad if the motor is of low quality.

When buying, people often mistake the product’s name for its wattage. That is why we recommend checking the back of the box before purchase. Also, a hairdryer should have at least 1800 watts of power.

The new range of Parlux dryers features a professional K-advance motor that promises 3000+ hours of service. The airflow is 84 cubic meters per hour (impressive, right?). What we like about the motor is it’s powerful, lightweight, and has a longer lifespan. That makes the dryer perfect for salon or home use. We’ve compared the 3200 vs Dyson hairdryer to see how they stack up against one another!


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Parlux Melody Silencer

For professionals, we recommend getting the Parlux Melody Silencer. As the name suggests this item helps to reduce noise and internal vibrations.

Factor 3: The Manufacturer

There are lots of imitations and fake Parlux dryers in the Australian market. Fake dryers are often cheaper and may pose a risk to your health and safety. Therefore, when buying Parlux dryers, these are the questions you should ask.

  • Does it have an SAA approval number? Check the back of the handle.
  • Is the Parlux logo present?
  • Where does it originate? Parlux dryers are manufactured in Italy.
  • Does it have an Australian plug?
  • Is the price too low or too high? Compare prices online.
  • Is there a noticeable difference in design?

The safest option here is to buy from a reliable vendor in the Australian market.

That said, what you should look for is the “made in Italy” sign. Remember, Trezzano Sul Naviglio is the Milan-based factory where Parlux dryers originate. So, if you look at the product details and notice another point of origin. Then the dryer is probably fake.


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Factor 4: Ergonomic Design

Ergonomics is about efficiency. That means the weight distribution of your hair dryer should be well balanced. The weight should be manageable, and the handle should fit in your hands.

Parlux Alyon Gold Ergonomics

How long can you hold it? Is it comfortable to the touch? Is the weight distribution okay?

Weighing 0.45 kilograms or 1.01 pounds. The Parlux Alyon gold is lightweight. That makes it perfect for travel, home use, or salon. Additionally, it is possible to hold the chassis as you use it. That gives you better manoeuvrability.

And because the surface does not get hot. Your hands are always safe.

Factor 5: Temperature Options

Temperature control allows you to turn down the heat but maintain power. The Parlux Alyon features four temperatures settings. If you have curly hair, we recommend using the lower heat settings. This will define your curls without straightening your hair.

Remember, using a higher heat setting changes your hair’s shape and texture.

In a salon or barbershop, having the option of switching from low to high heat will benefit you plenty. The reason for that is you will no longer have to switch dryers when someone with a different hair type walks in.

Other Factors to Consider when Buying Parlux Hair Dryers

Parlux Alyon’s innovation does not stop with the device. The unique attachments deserve a mention.

Concentrator Nozzles

The dryer features two concentrator nozzles. The narrow nozzle releases concentrated air at high pressure. This makes it perfect for drying curly or wavy hair. The wider nozzle dries longer hair faster.


A 9-inch strong cable means that you do not have to stay close to an outlet.

What if gold is not your colour?

If gold is not your colour. There are nine colours to choose from including jade, midnight blue, matt black, pink, yellow, graphite, green and blue.

Salon storage

Remember to have a safe spot to keep your hairdryer safe! This should be your pride and joy, so make sure you have a trolley that can store it, or has its own blow-dryer space!

Summary: Why is the Parlux Alyon gold the best Parlux dryer of 2021

In-house tests have shown that the Parlux delivers silky smooth hair with undeniable shine. But that is not the end of it. We also noticed:

  • Four heat settings make the dryer suitable for curly and straight hair.
  • 2250 watts, a lightweight motor, and ergonomic design mean that the device is both powerful and comfortable to use.
  • Combining two technologies, ceramic and ionic results in better protection from damage and more efficient heat distribution.
  • The dryer’s lightweight design makes it perfect for travel, home use, or professionals.
  • A cool shot button locks your style in place. It also helps to ensure a longer-lasting blow dry.
  • Dries hair faster than other Parlux dryers.
  • Hair Free System makes clean-up easier, and it preserves efficiency.

Equipped with Air Ionizer Tech, Ceramic heat distribution, and the newer and stronger K-Advance DC motor Parlux Alyon promises a longer lifespan. The ergonomic design means that it is comfortable to use. And the stylish light build makes it perfect for home or work settings.


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We conclude that the Parlux Alyon has everything you need in a dryer. Yes, it has a higher price tag compared to previous Parlux dryers but what you are getting is a durable dryer that offers better performance, aesthetics, and ergonomics.

Overall, Parlux Alyon may be the most innovative hairdryer in the Australian market today. But what are your thoughts? Do you own a Parlux and are looking to upgrade? Tell us in the comments and do not forget to visit our shop for more Parlux products. P.s. Don’t forget to use a thermal styling spray when working with any heated electricals on hair!

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