Parlux Hair Dryer Review

January 9, 2017

Samantha Bun

Parlux Hair Dryer Review

I remember since the day I learnt how to use a blow dryer, it was a Parlux. My mum loved her Italian blow dryer that she bought from her salon and to this day, that Parlux hair dryer has been the longest lasting hair dryer we had ever owned. Every other hair dryer has not given us the power and longevity that the Parlux had been able to provide.

We use our hair dryer often, so it is important we have a highly functional hair dryer with optimal performance and endurance. When it comes to choosing the right hair dryer, Parlux has become reputable among all salon owners as being the best designed and built hairdryers in the industry. Speed, power and reliability makes Parlux hair dryers the most sought after hair dryer by hair professionals. Parlux complies to the most demanding needs and the latest trends in the hair industry while also keeping their products eco-friendly and environmentally sustainable.

These are the three Parlux hair dryers that are currently popular and we want to review: Parlux Advance Light (RP $229), Parlux 385 PowerLight (RP $191). All these dryers are very similar, however with more advanced features with each new model and a difference in price. All Parlux dryers use Ceramic and Ionic Technology, have 4 temperature settings and 2 speed settings, a 9 feet cord, 2 concentrator nozzles, and operate at 2100-2200 Watts, which is basically all the essentials you need in a hair dryer.


Parlux Advance Light is the most innovative of the range released in 2016. Equipped with the latest K-Advance motor, the hair dryer has a lifespan of up to 2500 hours guaranteed operation. It utilises Ceramic and Ionic Technology, essential for healthy static-free hair. Ceramic and Ionic Technology eliminates static and dries hair from inside out, leaving the external structure of the hair unharmed in the drying process.  The weight of all the components have been reduced to only 456 grams, making it easier on the wrists. The “anti-heating” front body keeps a low temperature in the front body of the hair dryer. Made of highly recyclable materials and a built-in silencer which is also built into other models, but slightly less noisy on this model. It is fast drying with 83 m3/h airflow and energy saving capabilities. Stealing the winning title for InStyle magazine’s best beauty buys for three years running, the Parlux Advance Light sets the benchmarks for the modern hairstylist.


The second newest of the range is the 2013 Parlux 385 PowerLight Ceramic and Ionic Hair Dryer, which is currently AMR’s bestselling hairdryer. They have all the same features with a few slight differences. The K-Lamination by Ciaramella allows for 2200 hours of motor life. Also lightweight at 449 grams (7 gram difference), the PowerLight is very powerful with 79 m3/h airflow and made of recyclable materials.


3800 EcoFriendly Ceramic and Ionic Parlux Hair Dryer is the 2010 model of the hair dryer. The dryer has an airflow speed of 75 m3/h, weighs 500 grams which is slightly heavier than the newer models, and the motor life is 2000 hours. It is still functional and works really well, and also the cheapest of the models. The biggest difference I guess is more so life span, innovation in technology and pricing. Also the 385 PowerLight and Advance are available in more colour options. All these three models have low energy consumption, no toxic emissions and eco-friendly packaging.

The choice is really yours because in my opinion they have all similar features but with slight upgrades and more expensive with each new model. Parlux Advance has yet any chances to pick up recognition and awards by the beauty industry because it is so new, but it is by far the best of the lot. Though, the pricing is still quite steep. I believe the Parlux 385 is worth your buck as the pricing is moderate and still has upgraded technology. This all really comes down to your budget and how often you use your hairdryer. We all need a hairdryer that will last a long time, consider it a worthwhile investment!

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