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Pick Your Next Medium Brown Hair Ideas from These 12 Celebrity Influences

Medium Brown Hair Ideas
March 30, 2021

Rachael Grant

Chrissy Teigen wears medium brown hair. So does Kendall Jenner. So does Miranda Kerr. If you look at them, they all look very different – yet another proof of how flattering it is to be a brunette. Most celebrities have played with at least several medium hair brown ideas. It is time to get inspired!


Medium brown hair is the closest to natural, untreated hair colour. Therefore, it can be the healthiest and the shiniest choice if you want to grow your hair long. If you are low-maintenance, that shouldn’t be a problem. But if you’re going to make changes and experiment with your creativity, you will quickly get bored with one medium brown hairstyle. Even the classic shades of brown hair don’t need to be the same with the proper haircut, such as a fringe makeover and styling tools.


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Brunettes, don’t call your fabulous hair boring until you see what celebrity styles can serve as an inspiration. Here we go!

1. Chrissy Teigen

Admittedly, Chrissy Teigen has gone lighter in the last couple of months. However, she used to be a devoted brunette for many years, making slight variations of her long, wavy, voluminous curls. Call her caramel, chocolate, or ombre; you cannot deny that her hair is just an extension of her lively personality, hiding a real person.

2. Miranda Kerr


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Miranda Kerr is proof that you don’t need to go over the top with an eccentric medium brown hair revamp to achieve a beautiful outcome. She is meticulous with her hair care routine and works on a healthy lifestyle to maintain that all-around glow.

3. Emily Ratajkowski


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Emily Ratajkowski (Emrata) is not the one to be shy about her looks. But when it some to her hair, she prefers sticking to subtle changes. She even went blonde for a while but then decided to go back to her natural hair colour (maybe because of the baby bump?).

You, too, can keep your brown hair healthy and achieve these sophisticated waves by trying the Babyliss miracle curler.

4. Natalie Portman

Look no further- the perfect honey brown hair is found on Natalie’s head! She popularised the straight cut bob with bangs at the beginning of her acting career and is now a loyal ambassador for short, medium, and long bob hairstyles.

5. Gal Gadot


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Gal Gadot’s brown hair is kitchen-made, but only in the sense of all delicate hues that spice up her naturally brown hair with lighter cappuccino and cinnamon shades. To keep hair healthy and prevent split ends, don’t forget to use the daily conditioner. Keratin treatment is another way to get that silky smoothness.

6. Olivia Palermo

The queen of style chic, Olivia Palermo, wears the lob like a pro. To get her celebrity medium brown hair, cut the hair shoulder-length and ask your hairdresser to add light brown (golden) highlights. Olivia swears on her detox shampoo for deep scalp purification.

7. Bella Hadid


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Surprise everyone with a bold new look like Bela Haid did with the red crown of front hair highlights. This hairstyle is one of the more original medium brown hair ideas we have seen on celebrities lately. You don’t have to go for the red – try blue, pink, or purple – depending on what suits your skin tone.

8. Lilly Collins


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The star of “Emily in Paris” wears her locks long and luscious. Similarly to French girls, who prefer styling their hair by maximizing the gifts of nature, Lily chooses to keep her hair colour simple while constantly recreating herself by styling her hair differently. Here she pulls the 2021 side-swept hair trend with aplomb.

9. Eva Mendes 


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Eva Mendes’ looks is a bit like a throwback in time, almost giving that 90s vibe od volume and curls. But when something works so great, why change it? We wouldn’t do anything different to this burned-orange-brown that is a magical match to her mesmerizing olive complexion. One word only – gorgeous!

10. Anne Hathaway


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You can see the true glow of Anne’s reddish highlights only under sunlight. But whether she carries the short pixie cut or long tresses, the actress has always kept her main colour in the medium brown range. And why not, when it looks fantastic with her milky skin and huge almond-shaped brown eyes? The best about this hairstyle is you can spend only minutes to get ready once you master your basic makeup moves.

11. Mila Kunis


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You have plenty of time to change hairstyles when your career lasts for three decades. Mil Kunis tried loos curls at the beginning of her career. Then she jumped to various lengths and curled or straight hairstyles and proudly wore the blunt bob haircut with a side part. Mila has a lot of hair. That is why simple hairstyles always look great on her. But the fringed

bob with sharper edges was one of her best looks that will look awesome on fine hair, too.

12. Dakota Johnson

Curtain bangs and lighter ends – that is what works for the “50 Shades of Grey” star, and we couldn’t agree more. Medium brown hair is flattering for darn and light-coloured eyes. The combination of blue eyes and brown hair is a rare find and that much more desirable. If you have blue eyes, this can be your next medium brown hairstyle. (It is a bit more challenging to change eye colour unless you’re happy with wearing lenses.). But since wispy bangs are having a comeback in 2021, you might want to stick to replacing your haircut and bringing accent to the eyes with your makeup skills.

Celebrities have an army of professional hairstylists and assistants that help them maintain perfect hair all the time. However, you don’t need to rely on so much support because being a brunette doesn’t require frequent touchups or tonnes of products to keep it stylish. We hope you found some inspiration in these celebrity medium brown hair ideas that deserve to be tested!

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