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10 Jul

Have You Ever Tried Pixie Cuts? No? Think Again

Pixie cuts have been the it-hairstyle since tinsel town’s latest and greatest have rocked the trend. Some famous celebs currently wearing the pixie cuts are Katy Perry, Ruby Rose and Scarlett Johannson, but pixie cuts are nothing new. The hairstyle has been adorned over the decades by iconic stars like Audrey Hepburn, Twiggy, Mia Farrow and Liza Minnelli.

The pixie cut is a classic and I absolutely love all shorter hairstyles as they are stunning, ooze of confidence and sex appeal. Shorter hair is also less burdensome as it requires a lot less maintenance compared to long hair. Don’t you just love the lightness you feel after a fresh cut? The only problem is, however, that pixie cuts tend to suit long and slender face shapes. Maybe one day I will be brave enough to rock a pixie cut on my round and stout face. Until then, I’ll just share with you all my pixie envy.

1. This pixie cut was love at first sight for me, I love the low fade and the way the hair at the top is styled to perfection with volume and bounce. The pastel pink also brightens up her face and makes the look a lot more edgy.

2. Krissa Fowles has such a stunning face that her messy pixie cut wears well on her. This cut falls just below the ears and would suit anyone with a strong and accentuated jawline. The blonde also makes her eyes pop.

3. This pixie is a very short concave bob with a swept over fringe that nicely frames the face. This look is a little more cute and coy than edgy.

4. Another adorable pixie cut but with a shorter fringe.

5. This look is what I’m talking about! Kelli Chan is rocking this edgy and sassy silver fox look.

6. The gorgeous Heather Austere is absolutely rocking this disconnected skin fade and trendy colours. This look may be a bit jumping into the deep end, but there are so many cool ways to style this look if you check out her Instagram!

7. Another low fade pixie worn to sophistication with glasses and rocking red lipstick.

8. This pixie cut styles to a lovely mohawk and side swept fringe.

9. Loving this platinum blonde and a neater looking pixie by this Swiss MUA.

10. This pixie actually belongs to a friend of mine and fitness mum inspo! I adore this bob cut with the voluminous fringe, so hip and chic. Worn beautifully with @yummiiandi earrings.







11. A high fade and silver tips – hell yes! Nothing says punk rock more than this.

12. Olivia DeVries is currently rocking a mad violet bob, but this concave bob pixie cut is everything! I love the way the back of the hair creates really nice volume and that this style can be worn messy.

13. Pastel pink is slowly becoming my new fascination and I have never liked pink! This pixie is pretty awesome because of the layers created by the mid skin fade disconnected to the high fade.

14. The colours created by Sam Daly are captivating and I just think this pixie with an undercut is just stunning. Love the transition of violets in this style.

15. Another fashion colour pixie with an undercut. I love that these pixies can appear a bit boyish and feminine at the same time.

16. A messy pixie that looks styled is mint! This messy casual look is ideal for the busy lady.

17. This disconnected pixie cut is outlined nice and clean with a high quiff and more fashion colours!

18. Hair tattoos are gaining more popularity now and a pixie cut is its perfect companion.

This one is my absolute favourite out of them all and if I was to ever make the bold move, it would be with an epic hair tattoo undercut. I hope you have enjoyed these pixie haircuts as much as I have enjoyed looking at them! Do you dare make the big chop?

Samantha Bun

Samantha is our in-house content writer based in Sydney who covers all hair and beauty related topics. She has completed her Bachelor of Arts majoring in English Literature and is currently completing her Master of Creative Writing at University of Sydney. In her spare time, she loves writing poetry in calligraphy for her Instagram @samanthabunpoetry

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