How to Pre-Tone with No Yellow

May 8, 2018

Samantha Bun

How to Pre-Tone with No Yellow

What is pre-toning?

You might often hear about how some hairdressers use purple shampoo to pre-tone hair before applying colour. This is basically a little added step after bleaching or lightening hair where purple shampoo is used to cool down the yellow or golden tones of the bleached hair before colouring or toning. This enables you, the stylist, the achieve more of the intended colour. When you take your client’s foils out and have a golden or raw yellow blonde result, you can use Fanola’s No Yellow Shampoo to tone out extra golden tones if your target is to have a cool result.

An example of when you would pre-tone is if you apply blue onto yellow hair, and in basic colour principle, it turns more blue-green than blue. If you first pre-tone, you eliminate that yellow to give it more of a pure base to colour on top of, achieving the blue you desire. There are definitely more benefits to pre-toning, but also some setbacks. This blog article will explore the pros and cons to pre-toning with No Yellow.

Pros and Cons: Should I pre-tone my client’s hair?


1. A clean canvas

When it comes to fashion colours, it is ideal to start with a cleaner canvas, as suggested in the example given earlier on. Pre-toning can assist in neutralising unwanted tones so that there is a clean slate for applying colour and guaranteeing the integrity of the colour. This ensures that your undertones won’t affect the result of the colour and can help eliminate the need to colour correct afterwards.

2. Eliminate yellow or brassy pigments

Pre-toning can help soften unwanted yellow and brassy tones in the hair. No Yellow Shampoo with violet pigment will eliminate yellow pigments and No Orange Shampoo with blue pigments will eliminate orange and brassy tones. For instance, if you are looking to create a soft caramel, then a blue pigment can be used to counteract the orange. Once the tone is neutralised, you can apply the toner.

3. To create cool tones

When you are trying to achieve a cool tone like a silver, cool blondes, white blondes, lilacs and cool beiges, you want to eliminate the warmth by pre-toning. This helps to achieve a neutralised and cool result.

4. A cleaner fade

Pre-toning can also make the fade-out process a lot cleaner. When your client’s hair fades out, they aren’t left with yellow or golden hair.


1. A time-consuming process

With so many clients to get through on your list, pre-toning might be one more added step that you simply don’t have time to do in a service. After all, there are only so many hours in a day and so many clients to see.

2. Makes hair knotty

After a bleach, hair can be already quite dry and shampooing can sometimes make the hair a bit knotty.

How to Pre-Tone with No Yellow

Here are some simple steps to pre-tone with No Yellow in the basin:

1. After lifting to desired level, rinse out lightener

2. Apply No Yellow Shampoo to slightly towel-dried hair

3. Process for 2-10 minutes depending on desired amount of toning

4. Lather and then rinse

5. Towel dry and apply desired toner

Amazing hairstylist Josh uses No Yellow in this video to pre-tone before colour correcting to lighten the client’s regrowth and remove a gold band to create a beautiful pearly blonde:

In this video, he again pre-tones the hair with No Yellow to create a cool canvas for a rooty silver finish:

You can follow more of Josh’s fabulous hair designs on Instagram @colourbyjosh

So there you have it! I hope this blog has been useful in helping you decide whether pre-toning is the best option for your client or just something for you to try and see if it works for a better result.

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