Silver Bullet Review

September 5, 2018

Tako Phanoraj

Being a full-time working woman and a mother of an energetic toddler, my hair is always up in a messy bun or a ponytail most of the time. Having my hair done professionally is a treat that I only get done for special occasions like weddings or engagement parties for close family and friends. Even if I do find the time to do it myself, I usually need a minimum three-hour window to get both hair and makeup done! So, when I was given the opportunity to review the gorgeous and latest addition of the Silver Bullet family, the Silver Bullet Titanium 230 Rose Gold Supernova Touch Screen Straightener, I jumped on that chance like white on rice. I haven’t used a hair straightener on myself for a good seven years so I didn’t know what to expect in this day and age of hair straighteners. Here’s my experience doing the Silver Bullet Review.

When I opened up the box, the straightener was the first thing that I saw and it is absolutely beautiful. The smooth sleek metallic rose gold finish gives it a luxe feel and is one of the hottest and most popular colours at the moment and the power cord of the straightener comes in a chic matte black finish. After lifting the hair straightener out of the box, underneath there was a compartment that had other bonus goodies that came with it. Which proves extremely handy for someone that hasn’t owned a hair straightener before and needed some extra hair accessories to assist them with their desired hairstyle, so thanks for that Silver Bullet!

In the box came a quite large matte black square shaped paddle brush, a black styling comb, a two-year warranty pamphlet with safety instructions, four black crocodile clips and a protective heatproof mat. Getting all these bonus extras I thought was a clever incentive as you not only get a hair straightener but all these other quality hair products that you would use all the time to style your hair and for a bargain price, too.

I noticed that once I plugged in the Silver Bullet and turned it on, it didn’t take long to heat up. The touchscreen lit up instantly showcasing the different temperatures you can choose from, 110 degrees being the lowest temperature to 230 degrees being the highest temperature. Unlike other straighteners, Silver Bullet has a touchscreen you use to change the temperature gauge. The touchscreen was something I was really keen and excited to try and found it so cool. I was super impressed that a hair straightener like this one allowed you to change the temperature gauge at the drop of a hat; new technology and innovation at its finest. I was excited to see what it could do when in action if this was just the start!

With the advanced heating of the 25mm titanium infused rose gold plates, it didn’t take long for the straightener to heat up. I sectioned my hair using the crocodile clips provided, clipped half of my hair at the top of the crown. I had to use more than one as my hair is quite long and thick, so all four crocodile clips came in handy. I must say it was very convenient to have all the other hair accessories ready to be used in the box instead of looking around my vanity or house for some clips or hair brushes lying about. I prepped my hair with some heat protection thermal styling spray from 18 in 1 and then used the paddle brush to detangle the hair that I was going to straighten.  I grabbed a section of the hair, about 4 centimetres wide, used the styling comb to further brush it out and then used the straightener to straighten my hair. I noticed that the straighter wasn’t as smooth as what I was used to, as it felt it was tugging or pulling at my hair as I glided the straightener down. I wasn’t sure if this was normal or not as I haven’t personally straightened my hair in years, my hair did look amazing and it didn’t take that long either which i was rally surpised about.

18 in 1 Styling Thermal Spray 200ml

When I tried to use the straightener as a two-in-one styling tool the next day as a “curling tong”, the black power cord proved very efficient as it had a rotating 360° swivel that made the curling motion easier to manoeuvre and it didn’t tangle the cord like other straighteners tend to do. However, in saying that, would I use the rose gold straightener again as a curling tong? Probably not. Only because my hair is quite long, so the twisting of my hair around the straightening tongs proved very difficult because of the length of my hair. It was extremely annoying and tedious of how long it took just to curl one section of my hair. If I had all the time in the world, then yes I would use this as a hair curler but I think for efficiency to achieve a curled hairstyle, I would stick to using the Silver Bullet Fastlane Titanium Curling Iron Rose Gold 38mm or the Silver Bullet Fastlane Titanium Conical Rose Gold Large 19mm-32mm. But, in saying that though that always happens to me whenever I try to use a hair straightener as a curling tong; so by all means, if you had hair that reached to your chest area then you can use this straightener to curl your hair with ease.

The verdict is in and I have to say that yes I would use the Silver Bullet Titanium 230 Rose Gold Supernova Touch Screen Straightener again to straighten my jet black almost Rapunzel-like hair. If you have done your own Silver Bullet Review, I’d love to know what you thought. Please leave your comments down below and i shall see you all in the next blog.

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