Skincare Routine Steps: Your New Flawless Skin Is Near!

Skincare Routine Steps: Your New Flawless Skin Is Near!
October 9, 2020

Rachael Grant

Tired of looking at those Instagram models with flawless skin and wishing they were you? While it does take a lot of work and determination, it is possible. While we are strong advocates of loving the skin your in and not changing to be like others, having dry, oily, flaky or blotchy skin can be embarrassing. There are a few things to consider before starting a regime. You want to get the best results specifically for you to ensure you’re taking the right skincare routine steps.

Skincare Considerations Before Deciding On a Routine

Firstly, it’s important to understand your skin type. Different skin concerns will require different types of treatment. How would you describe your skin? Is it oily, dry or a combination of both? Perhaps it’s aging, has blemishes or had imperfections you’re wanting to correct. Knowing your skin type and factoring in what you want to achieve is the very first step when it comes to establishing a good skincare ritual.

Establishing Your Skin Type:

Dry Skin

Dry skin often lacks moisture and can sometimes flake. Your skin will appear dull, with little to no shine. It’s a very common skin concern and can be combatted easily. Certain seasons cause it to worsen, such as summer and winter. As you age, the skin tends to dry faster, so it’s important to pick up good habits early on. Dry skin can be caused by hormonal changes, lack of water, over-exfoliating, sun exposure, certain chemicals and hot water. It’s important to use specific products specialised for dry skin.

Oily Skin

If you’re someone who suffers from oily skin, you are more prone to have a visibly shiny face and not always in a good way. This is caused due to large pores and an overproduction of sebum. The overproduced oils can cause clogging of the pores if not removed and can lead to breakouts and acne! Those with oily skin describe the feeling as “greasy and slimy” and report that shortly after washing their face they will feel oily shortly after. When selecting skin care, ensure you pick products dedicated to oily skin.

Combination Skin

Combination skin is extremely common and is a mix between both oily and dry skin types. You may experiences periods of one or the other, or you can experience patches of dryness, with areas of oil. The ‘T-zone’ is normally an area where you’ll experience oily skin and cheeks will appear dry or vice versa. The ‘t-zone’ is across the forehead and goes down the nose, through to the chin. It’s the central part of a person’s face and is the most likely spot to experience excess oils. Be sure to select products to cover combination skin!

Sensitive Skin

Those who experience sensitive skin report frequent blemishes and often react to certain types of skincare and even environmental factors. Generally, those with sensitive skin have thinner skin in comparison to other types. You need to be extra careful when selecting products for sensitive skin. Remember, always do a patch test first!

Normal Skin

Those who are blessed with normal skin are lucky. They require the least amount of work and have the least common problems. Your skincare routine will be about balance to ensure you remain normal and don’t cause dry spots. There is also aging skin and acne-prone skin too which could be a possible skin concern too. There is plenty of product out there for normal skin types.

Skincare Routine Steps Everyone Should Follow:

  1. Cleanse: It’s important to cleanse your skin to remove dirt, grime, makeup and build-up of products like sunscreen. It will help to prevent breakouts and will leave your skin feeling soft and refreshed.
  2. Tone: Help to balance the PH of your skin by using a toner. This is optional but should be used after cleansing.
  3. Vitamin C Serum: Ideal for helping to reverse the effects of the sun and improving the skins moisture levels.
  4. Eye cream: Gently apply cream under your eyes using your pinky finger. This will help to reduce dark circles and help prevent bags.
  5. Acne treatment: Helps to heal and prevent acne. This step isn’t needed if you aren’t susceptible to pimples and breakouts.
  6. Moisturiser: helps to rehydrate the skin, making it soft and smooth. Apply over the face by making small circles with your fingers. Leave on your skin so it can be absorbed.
  7. Face oil: helps to add an additional protective barrier to the skin, and offer added hydration. Especially great for those with dry skin!
  8. Sunscreen: The sun affects our skin more than anything else. Help to protect it from sunspots and melanomas by wearing adequate sun protection! Only apply this in the morning if you plan to head out!

Remember how we discussed establishing your skin type and the outcome you’re hoping to achieve? This is an important factor is working out what steps are a must for you. Obviously, it’s important to remember that certain steps aren’t important right now, but will be one day, so it’s good to get into the habit early on.

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Skincare Routine Frequency: 

It’s most commonly recommended that you follow this routine, twice, daily. We get that there are a lot of steps and but your skin will thank you for it. Let’s be real, not everyone has time to dedicate so much time to a beauty routine. At the very least, do these 3 steps:

  1. Cleanse: Use a cleanser to help remove the build-up on the skin. Do this in the morning when you wake and also before bed. This removes sweat, dirt and anything else that is present on your skin.
  2. Moisturise: Cleansing can dry out the skin, so replenish it with moisturisers. Select one best suited to your skin type for the best results. Apply in the morning and before bed.
  3. Sunscreen/cream: Again, only apply in the morning to help protect your skin against UV rays! Some makeup has it within the formula but it can’t hurt to double down.

Following these skincare routine steps is the start to getting flawless skin. Remember, it takes time and dedication but it will be well worth it. Remember, skin changes during the seasons especially becomes drier in winter. Additionally, it’s important to patch test your skin before applying it all over to avoid any reactions. Also, if your skin is still having issues, there may be some underlying problems, so seek the help of a dermatologist if needed.

Do you have any other tips to get the perfect skin? Comment below to share your skincare routine steps with others!


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