Sorry, Your Hair Foils Are Boring (And Why the Solution Is AMR Professional Foils)

AMR Professional Foils
May 13, 2022

Sharnee Rawson

The title is confronting, but that statement needs to be said aloud. Most traditional foils are the same: crinkly, silver sheets. They work well, but they tend to look a bit… lacklustre. Traditional foil often recalls aluminium baking trays and foil hats from conspiracy theorists. 

Well, what if we said there was a different option?

Colourful, patterned hair foils are becoming increasingly popular amongst salons. There are animal prints, tropical scenes and every colour under the rainbow. They’re nifty pops of colour in the hair. Yet, we can understand reservations about the product. Hair foils are only worn temporarily, so why do they need to look nice? 

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The aesthetics are appealing, but it’s more than that.

For salons, colourful hair foils set your business apart from others. Potential clients walking by your shop windows will glimpse these items. Plus, they’re so Instagrammable! Think of all the potential pictures to advertise your haircare services. 

Coloured and patterned foils are also ideal for organising. Are you juggling multiple treatments for a client? Use distinct foils to distinguish between the treatment types. Are you managing numerous clients at once? Use coloured and patterned hair foils to aid your memory. 

Foils are certainly more than just looks! 

Where Can I Buy Coloured & Patterned Hair Foils?

Finding coloured and patterned hair foils can be tricky. Most sellers are boutique stores with high prices and dubious reviews. Although the price for standard foils is $10-30 depending on the number of sheets, some coloured and patterned foils are listed for hundreds of dollars! We’re as shocked as you, especially because of our inside knowledge.

After comparing key brands, we’ve discovered AMR Professional is the most suitable option. They list high-end foils for a fraction of the cost of competitors. You can nab sheets in rose gold, purple, leopard print and tropical patterns. There are plenty of bonus goodies to snap up too. 

AMR Professional Foils

Characteristics of AMR Professional Hair Foils

Trying a new product is always intimidating, but let’s alleviate some of that concern by studying the details. AMR Professional Foils are certainly worth a deeper look.

  • Pre-cut Sheets and Rolls

Rolls and pre-cut sheets are two common options for hair foils. The rolls option is packaged like kitchen foil, and there’s more freedom with sizing. For pre-cut strips, hairdressers don’t waste time cutting foil into the desired shape. It’s trimmed by the manufacturer into easy-to-grab pieces. 

AMR Professional Foils are available in pre-cut sheets and rolls. It’s the best of both worlds. 

  • Heat

Foils from AMR Professional trap and reserve heat effectively. It’s an important taskwarmth guarantees better results for bleaches and dyes.

  • Separation 

Another important task is separating the hair. Using foils, strands needing treatment are isolated from those that do not. Additionally, the application of bleach or dye is more consistent as the foil acts as a small canvas. 

  • Texture 

Some AMR Professional Foils have a gritty texture, which provides a better grip during foiling. Others are smooth for a traditional feel.

  • Colour and Pattern

The unique patterns offered by AMR Professional mean no confusion when performing multiple treatments at once. They’re also highly aesthetic. You can snap so many incredible photographs with these picture-ready products.

AMR Professional Foils

How To Use AMR Professional Foils

AMR Professional Foils are applied just like traditional foils. Let’s launch into a quick refresher, and see if you can spot differences in the instructions below. 

  • First, ensure the correct amount of moisture in the hair. Colouring is best done when hair is dry, but bleaching can be performed on wet hair. 
  • If using rolls, cut the foil into strips depending on hair length. The most common size is 10-13cm wide and 20-30cm long. If using pre-cut options, simply peel from the packaging.
  • Select the parts of the hair you need to colour or dye.
  • Place sheets of foil underneath the section of hair.
  • Apply colour or bleach using your desired method.
  • After the hair treatment is applied, wrap the foil around these sections.
  • Leave the colour or bleach to set. Times will vary depending on the treatment, so always read the instructions carefully.
  • Remove the foil and wash the hair.

See — nothing out of the ordinary during the process! Simply apply AMR Professional Foils like other brands, and you gain the added fun of colours and patterns.

Everything You Need to Know About AMR Professional

Here at AMR Hair & Beauty, we’ve squeezed all our industry experience into products we’re certain our customers will appreciate. This herculean effort is called AMR Professional, which stocks items like hair foils, combs, brushes, towels, peroxides, shampoos and conditioners. 

If you’re a hair and beauty veteran, you already know AMR Hair & Beauty. We’ve been working hard for almost two decades, and we’re still the fastest growing hair and beauty company in Australia. 

Shockingly, AMR was only founded in 2004. Yet, since then, the brand has carefully curated affordable hair and beauty items internationally. Our reputation has grown through services like free delivery, trade prices, price-beat and click and collect. For the trailblazers among you, there are even exclusive product ranges. 

With so much experience in the industry, it’s not surprising we’ve created our own line of top-quality items at affordable prices. To ogle hair foils and more, head to our easy-to-navigate website. You can also visit our physical stores in Penrith and Epping

AMR Professional Foils


In Essence 

Coloured and patterned hair foils aren’t a trend yet, but we’re sure that will change soon. While traditional silver foils are handy, the alternative has so many uses. You can easily use coloured and patterned foils for advertising, organisation or just for pictures. Helpfully, we pinpointed a company that sells affordable, quality options.

AMR Professional is a brand owned by AMR Hair & Beauty. This trusted supplier has infused decades of experience into their products, and their hair foils are fan favourites. Choose between rolls or sheets with plenty of colours and patterns. 

There’s no need for boring silver foils anymore. Spruce up salons and hair with colourful, utilitarian alternatives.

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