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22 Dec

Summer Nails

By AMR, Beauty, Style, Trends
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Christmas may be over but summer is still here, so time to give your manicure and pedicure the new year pampering that they deserve. New Year, New Nails. Get your nails ready to play in the dazzling sun and balmy nights for the party season. Your nails will never look so cool for the summer until now and here is some summer nail inspiration for you to get your social calenders ablaze for this year’s hot, hot summer. Think fresh, crisp, vibrant and bold flavours with hints of bedazzling, pizazz and still a lot of sparkles.

Juicy corals

I remember vividly one summer, many summers ago I was walking in my local mall and what caught my eye was what looked like a fresh pedicure. A bright slick coat of a vibrant coral on a girl’s perfectly polished tootsies.  I was wowed; I had to have that very same colour on my toes and off to the closest nail salon I could find. And from then on that colour is my go-to in the summertime for my own pedicure. I would have never considered that hue if it weren’t for her as it is a hard colour to define. Is it a red? An orange or a pink? Or simply a tone in between all three shades? Either way, the coral colours make us feel bright, happy and summery. This shade is great for all different types of skin tones too due to its variety. To get you juicy coral ready for the summer try our Kiara Sky Dip Powder in Allure. Using Kiara Sky can be tricky so we’d recommend reading how to use Kiara Sky before committing to doing this one yourself! Other seek out an expert who uses the brand.





Crispy whites

You would think come summer it’s all about the bright shades, but not necessarily. The hottest trend for nails at the moment is not even a colour at all; it’s white. White nail polish back in the 90s was only ever achievable with the old school way of applying liquid paper solution onto your nails which came in a small bottle that looked like a bottle of nail varnish too. Nowadays white nail polish is a must to go along with tanned skin. It’s a manicured look that is chic, sleek, minimal yet fun and summery. Seen on celebrities like Emma Watson, Naya Rivera, Lea Michele and sporting down on the Fashion runways too of Paris and Milan. This shade of no colour suits all skin types and will simply look fantastic paired with your go-to white dress. Keep your white manicure polished and minimal with Kiara Sky Dip Powder in Pure White.





Hot pinks

Ditch the red and go for the hot pinks. I remember when I was pregnant, not knowing what sex my baby was. I would always be gravitating towards the soft pink pastel and the hot pink shades of your bright candy coloured pink, your neon bubblegum pinks, your fuschias and magentas. Then lo and behold, I was blessed with a beautiful baby girl. Mother’s intuition. There is just something ultra feminine and flirty about that pretty hue. Like the same movie title says (you feel) “Pretty In Pink“. But to make this look feel less 80’s, keep the rest of your look simple and let your nails be the stand out of your fashion ensemble. No acid wash or denim on denim here folks. For a striking hot pink Kiara Sky’s Dip Powder Back To The Fushia, is only fitting for this segment.





Neon Yellows

Like your crispy white nail polish, you can’t help but think about school supplies again when you think of neon yellow nail polish. Like your days of rummaging through your pencil case in school and you were out of white liquid paper, the next best thing was your neon yellow highlighter. This high octane neon yellow will undeniably stop traffic with your neon looking nails. Who needs a safety high visibility vest when you have loud and proud bright digits? (Just kidding, always wear your safety gear.) This electrifying colour will definitely brighten up your day and you will want to warn others with its almost glow-in-the-dark tone or maybe you won’t have to, considering you will be easily spotted from a mile away. This colour is great to bring out your tan in the hot summer months. And we love using Orly’s Thrill Seeker for that neon yellowy almost bright lime green shade.







Calming Turquoises

With the Turquoise gemstone in itself, if given by a loving friend it will protect the wearer from negative energy and bring good fortune. Turquoise is the symbol of friendship and brings peace to the home. So, no wonder why I have always been drawn to this gorgeous tone as it happens to be one of my favourite colours. There is something calming, soothing and tranquil about this colour. When painted on, this colour feels fun and youthful. And what better way to rock this gorgeous colour on your toes and feet is by pairing it with some turquoise jewellery of course. Try the Gelous range in the colour Gelous Gel Nail Polish in Nautical to sail into your summertime.






Tangy Tangerines

When you see this colour, you can’t help but think of enjoying a delicious frosty fruit ice block or sip on a refreshing glass of lemon-lime and bitters on a hot summer’s day. This citrusy colour just makes you want to smack, slurp and lick your lips with relish.  The colour that is hotter than the sun flatters every skin tone and gives a jazzy pop of colour to the darkest outfits. If you’re a lover of black clothing, then this colour is the one for you to still give you that splash of a high impact shade to go with your chic, sophisticated but dark outfit ensemble. Love this look? Get it by using Kiara SkyDip Powder in Caution to get tangy tangerine ready for the summer.




So there you have it guys, your next manicure and pedicure look for the summer. If you like this blog let us know in the comments below what you think. Don’t forget to take into account nail shapes before picking a design! Need more inspo? See our Halloween Nail Ideas or check out our Easter Nail Art examples!


Tako Phanoraj

Tako is a Beauty Editor at AMR with a Diploma in makeup artistry having graduated in 2015. She is passionate about all things beauty and in her spare time loves to keep up with the latest trends and trialling new makeup. When she is not invested in makeup, she is busy being mum to one gorgeous baby girl.

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