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Want to improve your circulation?

Ever get tingling? Experience numbness? Throbbing or stinging pain in your limbs? Pain? Muscle Cramps? These are all symptoms of poor circulation. There are many causes of poor circulation, including diabetes and obesity, but it is always recommended that you consult with your GP for a proper diagnosis. Over time, the effects of poor circulation can lead to reduced blood flow and can cause more numbness, tingling, nerve and tissue damage. Left untreated, poor circulation can lead to a series of complications you would much rather prevent.

Ballabaci has developed a natural solution to improve your circulation from head to toe. Say goodbye to spider veins, lack of energy, decreased immunity and hormonal imbalances with the Bellabaci Circuflow Kit. The kit works to normalise and balance the hormones and body systems so your body can function the way it is supposed to, with the added luxury of super smooth skin.

Utilising this cupping massage system combined with a special remedy that stimulates and strengthens the body’s natural healing processes promotes holistic health and wellness. You simply squeeze the cup to create a suction effect on your affected areas, which aids in balancing blood circulation, hormonal activity, venous and arterial repair and lymphatic drainage.

The Circuflow Genie remedy is packed with natural ingredients to boost your energy and uplift your emotions. It reduces stress, stimulates metabolic functions and processes to enhance wellbeing and mental capabilities, such as memory and attention span.

Ingredients include:

  • Coconut Oil
  • St John’s Wort
  • Cape Chestnut
  • Cape Chamomile
  • Cedar
  • Lime
  • Bergamot
  • Lemon
  • Cypress
  • Juniper
  • Bay
  • Rosemary
  • Honeybee
  • Arnica
  • Daisy
  • Pennywort
  • Horsetail
  • Witch Hazel
  • Butcher Broom

The benefits of Bellabaci are worthwhile the investment into your overall health. Start restoring your health and energy today and enjoy the long term benefits of the Bellabaci Circuflow.

Disclaimer and Contraindications: Do not use in your first trimester of pregnancy and avoid during lactation. The Circu Flow Genie Formula does not replace any medical treatment as prescribed to you by your overseeing doctor. Avoid if allergic to any of the ingredients, do not expose to the sun and check with your doctor if you have any diagnosed medical conditions before using this Genie.



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Kiss Cellulite Sally Goodbye!

Ever been afraid of looking in the mirror because your enemy Cellulite Sally is staring right back at you? Let her mock you no more with the Bellabaci Cellulite Be Gone Kit! Get the smooth thighs you have been dreaming about with this simple treatment solution.

The Bellabaci Cellulite Be Gone Kit combines the therapy of proper exfoliation, cupping massage and the powerful organic Cellulite Be Gone Genie. The kit includes the body massage system, the Genie and a Kese (an authentic Turkish bath exfoliating mitt).

Step One:

Take a hot shower or bath, soap up and rinse off. Slip on your Kese and use circular motions to loosen the dead skin cells all over your body for a few minutes to exfoliate.

Step Two:

Apply the Genie in a Bottle to your problem areas, just a small amount will do to provide ample slip for the gliding of your cup. The Cellulite Be Gone Genie includes an active combination of coconut, moringa, citrus, milk thistle, ivy, sarsaparilla and more to act as a treatment in itself. The great thing about the Genie is that it doesn’t stain, so you won’t have to worry about your linen and clothing getting dirty.


Step Three:

Now is the time to start kissing Cellulite Sally goodbye. Simply squeeze the cup and set it on your skin for a suction kiss effect. This cupping process is done in upward lines or circular and zigzag motions to loosen adhesions and lipid pockets and drain it towards the lymph nodes. Action can be applied to your legs towards your groin, your arms, stomach and other problem areas.  At first, it may appear that your cellulite looks worse, but this indicates that the cellulite has softened and is in the process of being eliminated. Throughout the process, you are building your collagen and elastin levels and kissing Cellulite Sally goodbye!

Disclaimer and Contraindications: Do not use if you are trying to conceive, pregnant or avoid during lactation. The Cellulite Be Gone Formula does not replace any medical treatment as prescribed to you by your overseeing doctor. Avoid if allergic to any of the ingredients, do not expose to the sun and check with your doctor if you have any diagnosed medical conditions before using this Genie.

See our Skin Care range here!

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Best massage oil for sore muscles

Did you notice Michael Phelps with cup-shaped bruises all over his body? He has been using traditional Chinese cupping therapy to help eliminate aches and pains.  Even Olympians are finding alternatives to artificial medications and better solutions and natural remedies to heal their achy bodies. The Bellabaci Aches and Pains Get Lost Genie Kit is the essential oil for muscle pain that could be the solution you have been looking for to restore the health of your body.

The Bellabaci essential oil for muscle pain is your healthy alternative to treating pain from headaches and migraines, injury and uncomfortableness with its innovative natural and organic formula. Bellabaci Aches and Pains Get Lost was formulated to relieve pain, discomfort and increase the body’s natural healing capabilities. It addresses all aspects related to pain and injury such as inflammation, trauma, post-surgery recovery, sprains, strains, spasms, nerve-related pain and removal of pressure-causing congestive fluids. It sends support to compromised capillaries to heal bruising and speed up the removal of cellular by-products caused by injury or stress.

The added benefit of the essential oil for muscle pain is its psychological properties that aid and assist with restoring vitality and optimism, dispelling melancholy that is commonly experienced by those who experience pain. This is all attributed to the all-natural and organic ingredients in the product put together by medical experts to cause the least amount of stress and strain on the body that is typically caused by synthetic medicines. The oil is paraben and artificial fragrance-free with ingredients including:

  • Coconut
  • Arnica
  • Black Cumin
  • Katafray
  • Lemon Eucalyptus
  • Lavender Spike
  • May Chang
  • Peppermint
  • Marjoram
  • Wintergreen
  • Marigold
  • Black cohosh
  • Witch-hazel
  • Rue

This natural remedy is best utilised in conjunction with the Bellabaci Body Cups for double the potency. The Bellabaci massage treatment is based on the knowledge of Ancient Traditional Cupping Therapy. Cupping has been known for its many benefits including nourishment of blood supply to the skin’s surface, stimulation of cells and strengthening the skin. The soft silicone material of the cup enables an easy squeeze, making it convenient for home use. You just softly squeeze the cup and apply your Genie treatment oil to the area of concern, squeeze the cup and massage the area for 8-10 minutes daily or as the need arises.