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10 Must Have Products in the Salon

There are so many products on the market and so many to choose from, so we have put together a list of our most popular products that we believe every salon must have:

1. Tamara Rose Brushes

Tamara Rose Chromatix 5 Piece Brush Set

These brushes have been made popular for their durability and ergonomic design. Made with the highest quality materials, including ceramic and ionic bristles, the light-weight brushes come in different sizes to suit your styling needs. The ionic bristles repel against water and enhance drying time while creating a healthy and shiny finished look. The maxi holes in the design allow for greater airflow and eliminates frizz and fly-aways with its special heat resistant bristles. Also anti-bacterial, these brushes work wonders and last a lifetime!

2. Glammar Tangle Tonic

Glammar Tangle Tonic Brush Rose Gold
Glammar Tangle Tonic

The Glammar Tangle Tonic should be every girl’s best friend. It is an effective de-tangling solution that produces minimal damage to the hair.

3. 18-in-1 Intensive Treatment

18 in 1 Intensive Treatment

18in1 is one of our favourite new products to hit the market. It works wonders on the health of hair – after a 30-minute application, your client’s hair is rejuvenated and their natural hair health restored. It moisturises and repairs damage, also providing protective layers to shield from environmental pollution and harmful UV rays. In a delectable coconut creme scent, this product is manufactured in Australia and is 100% cruelty-free.

4. O3 Styling Mud

O3 Hair

O3 Styling Mud is a salon essential for the purpose of styling your client’s hair. This mouldable styling mud hardens with a long-lasting rock solid finish. It is not only quick-drying but has a firm hold with texture. It has an oceanic fragrance and is humidity resistant, meaning longer lasting style!


5. Armada setting gel

Energy Cosmetics Armada Professional Hair Styling Gel Extra Strong 1Ltr
Energy Cosmetics Armada Professional Hair Styling Gel Extra Strong 1Ltr

This is our favourite protein hair setting gel because of the smell and texture of the product. What we love most about it is its stronghold that allows you to style and sculpt hair as you please, trusting that it will stay! A classic product and an absolute must have.

6.SFO Balayage Tint Brushes

SFO Balayage Tint Brushes 6pk
SFO Balayage Tint Brushes

These SFO Balayage Tint Brushes that are perfect and ideal for balayage techniques. The textured bristles are 4.5cm in width and 2.5 cm in length, providing decent coverage and suitable for other colouring techniques like highlighting or lowlighting. The round handle has a comfortable grip and a pointy sectioning tail to help you, the stylist!

7. SFO Tint Bowl Set

SFO Colouring Bowl Set 3 pcs

Working with multiple colours on one client? No worries, the tint bowl set has 3 tint bowls that lock into place and conveniently separate your colours into colour coded bowls black, grey and white. Easy!

8. Glammar Aligator Hair Clips

Glammar Alligator Clips

We love the Glammar strong crocodile clips to section hair because they have the ultimate level of grip and comfort on your client. Great for sectioning hair.

9. Hair Colour Whisk

Hair Colour Whisk

Mixing colour has never been so quick and easy! The whisk saves a lot of time mixing colours and developers and you avoid having to scrape the sides of the bowl.

10. Fanola Leave-In Conditioner

               Nutricare Leave-In Treatment

This leave-in treatment is enriched with Linseed Oil and Milk Proteins. It is deeply hydrating and performs an intensely nourishing and restructuring on the hair without weighing it down. Clients will love it because not only does it leave the hair feeling soft and healthy, it smells absolutely delicious.

These are our top ten picks. We hope you find them handy.

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Hail Queen Eva

Eva Lam landed on our shores all the way from Vancouver, Canada to take on the Fanola Masterclass with the incredible Vena Love and Janet Nguyen. Eva has become a go-to and inspiration in the industry with her motto: “F*** Bad Hair” resonating deeply with us hair lovers. ¬†Her astounding hair creations coupled with badassery makes her the hair stylist to follow on Instagram @evalam_ with over 89K already on the bandwagon. She is also a woman of many talents with a Bachelor’s in business, a certificate in graphic design and a knack for charcoal drawings. Eva has been dubbed the queen of greys and displays artistic integrity in all her hair designs. We asked Eva her motivation behind hair and what she can foresee as upcoming trends.

We ain’t from around here. 🚀 Used @brazilianbondbuilder and @fairhairextensions #b3 #brazilianbondbuilder

A photo posted by FUCK BAD HAIR I VANCOUVER (@evalam_) on

What made you decide to get into the hair industry?

I originally wanted to do hair because every stylist I went to told me my hair was too difficult and wouldn’t lift but still charge an excessive amount for a terrible job. I eventually took a hairdressing program offered in my high school for fun and started experimenting with colour on my own head at home.

How has social media affected your job and your life?

I’ve always had a following in Vancouver, but now with social media I have people viewing my work from all around the world. It has exposed consumers to new standards and now they can see a full portfolio of the hairstylist before entering the salon. I think it’s great that I get to control my content and post work I enjoy which in turn attracts the clientele I want. Instagram is basically another full-time job I have to balance!

How do you balance having new clients with all your current clientele?

I am very loyal to my existing clientele because some have been with me for eleven years. Whenever they need to get it in, they are my priority. Taking in new clients will depend on my work week, if I see gaps I’ll start responding to emails and whoever wants the appointment first gets it. I’ve also trained a stylist under me who can do pretty much everything I do, so she’s been taking on the overflow and some of my old clients!

Yahh we did it! @jessfxstyle

A photo posted by FUCK BAD HAIR I VANCOUVER (@evalam_) on

Why did you choose Fanola and how do you battle not having the colours you want on the colour chart?

I chose Fanola because I do a lot of Asian hair and their ash series seems to be the strongest that I’ve come across. I play around a lot with the mixers and managed to create most of the colours I like to do. Sometimes I’ll mix colours from other lines because I prefer other tones more.

What do you foresee as an emerging trend this summer?

I think 90s style hair will make a comeback, well I’m planning to bring it back haha! I think the pastels, metallics and blondes are going to be trending for the next few years.

Love is a losing game, one I wished I never played. #amywinehouse

A photo posted by FUCK BAD HAIR I VANCOUVER (@evalam_) on

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Fanola Metallics, Vivids and Paints Masterclass: Event Wrap Up

The powerful forces of Eva Lam, Janet Nguyen and Vena Love came together at AMR to create three exquisite colour combinations in the Fanola Metallics, Vivids and Painting Masterclass. These young ladies have taken Instagram by storm with their eye-catching hair creations (@evalam_ 89.9K followers, @venalove 31K followers, @loveisinthehair_byjanet 17.4K followers) and we had the pleasure of all three talents in one location. While Janet is Sydney based, Eva flew in all the way from Canada and Vena from the US to host our workshop.

The workshop ran for 5 hours and began with some delightful introductions and refreshments while the girls prepped their models for the class. Then it was show time!

The girls briefed all the attendees on the intended results for their models and put their magic into motion. During processing time, they gave some interesting discussion about their experiences as highly sought after hairdressers, how they manage their clientele and their approach to client’s requests.


Eva, Vena and Janet got real about how they deal with clients who ask for particular colour looks they don’t think is realistically achievable for the client, when a client’s hair doesn’t turn out the way they want it to, and how they are now in a position where they can choose the type of clients who walk into their salon.

What we loved most about them was their rawness and authenticity. Despite their Instafame, the girls were very humble and down to earth. The way they executed their talents spoke in volumes and showcased why they are all so successful in their field.

The results were three spectacular works of hair art with colour styles all unique to each hair designer and exquisite in their own right. The beautiful combinations of Fanola’s purple, silver and blue metallic and vivid colours graced our eyes and the lives of our three lucky models! Our attendees also got a special treat with a guest appearance from @natalieannehair to help Eva style her model’s hair. There were a few gasps in the audience who got to see how fabulous her work was.

It was an overall successful educational event which demonstrated true artistry. We can’t wait to see what our attendees produce after having learned from these brilliantly talented women. We are so grateful to have had these hair geniuses host our workshop and look forward to what the future will bring for these extraordinary artists in the world of hair.


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Love is in the Hair by Janet has quickly become a household name recognised by many in Sydney’s west and apparently, in other parts of the world, too. With her 16.9K Instagram followers, Janet Nguyen has taken hair colouring and styling to new heights and her client list cannot keep up – she is booked out for an entire year in advance! We are constantly amazed and impressed by Janet’s skill and artistry, so we decided to pick her brain and see what made her decide to get into the hair industry and how her newfound Instafame has affected her life.

Colours of the ocean √ĘŇאַ√ĘŇאַ #loveisinthehairbyjanet

A photo posted by Janet Nguyen (@loveisinthehair_byjanet) on

What made you decide to get into the hair industry?

I was always drawn to working with hair, even though in my mind I kept telling myself not to. I had worked in real estate, medical centres, but always thought about hair. My older sister has her own salon and has inspired me with her success and I guess I just thought: I really enjoy hair, why not?

I enrolled in an apprenticeship at TAFE and, to be honest, hated it. But I kept going, working in other salons afterwards and yet, something was still missing. I enjoyed it, but the passion wasn’t quite there.

I just wanted to figure out where I wanted to be and what I wanted to do, without giving up completely on hair. So I started Love is in the Hair by Janet. And that was my answer. I wanted to run my own show/salon and I loved working with my own clients and helping them with their hair ventures.

How has social media affected your job and your life? Do you think social media has been your greatest asset?

Social media has been huge for me. I’m really fortunate -I had opened an Instagram account because my friends had pretty much forced me to, and most days, I would wake up with a few new hundred followers and all I could think was WTF? It blew up! It turns out that some of the major hair Instagram accounts would repost my work and that’s how it happened. I don’t know how really, but it’s pretty amazing.

It’s just so big now and it’s surreal – I was in the Blue Mountains hiking with my boyfriend and someone recognised me and called out “Janet! It’s also happened when we were on holidays in Vietnam. My boyfriend just teases me about it now. He can’t believe it either! it shocks me a bit, because I don’t think I’m that well known.

My metallic grey with hues of purple! #loveisinthehairbyjanet

A photo posted by Janet Nguyen (@loveisinthehair_byjanet) on

How do you balance having new clients with all your current clientele?

I need help actually! I’ve been thinking about opening a salon, but it’s my name on the door, so I’d only want people to my standard, or to train someone would take years. It’s hard and I’m still trying to figure it out.

How do I juggle my current clients and new clients? I’ll let you know when I know – at the moment, I ask my current clients to book in again with me so that they don’t have to wait, otherwise, it’s a bit of a wait for the next appointment.

Last year, I was booked out for a year in advance, which is crazy! It did create some problems, though, because it’s so far out, people forget etc. and I’m trying to make it more manageable – I’m booking appointments 1-2 months in advance now, that way, we’re on the same page, and I can see where I have time slots free for new clients.

Why did you choose Fanola and how do you battle not having the colours you want on the colour chart?

It’s a great product and it’s one of the brands which is a hybrid – which is what I love about Fanola. As I was training in the salons, we were using Fanola, which is how I heard about it and grew to love it.

How would I battle with not having the colours I want on the colour chart? That’s where my creativity kicks in! We are all hair artists for a reason – experiment and create! Think out of the box a little! And do some bad ass colours!

Everyone’s hair is different, and will react differently. I know what I’m looking out for, so if it’s not processing the way I expected, I can correct it there and then.

What do you foresee as an emerging trend this summer?

I’m trying to see what the next trend is, and at the moment, I can’t spot anything specifically. I think it might swing back to warm tones, warm blondes, less ashy and cool. I also think it’s a seasonal thing as we head into Spring and Summer.

See more of Janet’s incredible work @loveisinthehair_byjanet. Janet will be joining the talented Eva Lam and Vena Love on Monday 12 September 2016 to lead AMR’s Metallics, Vivids and Painting Masterclass. We are beyond excited to see what the girls will whip up and will be sharing their results with you very soon.

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How to Maintain the Perfect Blonde

Are you finding that your beautiful blonde is turning brassy and difficult to maintain? The colour stripping (pre-lightening) and bleaching process can have a harsh effect on your hair, damaging your hair structure by changing its texture and elasticity. Added with some extra heat from your blow dryer or straightener, your hair only becomes further damaged and changes colour in the process. Here are five crucial steps to take in maintaining your perfect blonde to prevent it from becoming brassy and hay-like:

Step 1: Shampoo

No Yellow Shampoo 350ml
No Yellow Shampoo

The best way to combat brassy yellow tones is to use violet pigment shampoo. In our opinion, the Fanola No-Yellow Shampoo has one of the strongest violet pigments available in the market. This shampoo is ideal for grey, superlightened and decoloured hair. Its violet pigment tones down unwanted yellow hues on grey, light blonde or streaked hair to keep your blonde as perfect as it can be. Apply the shampoo on wet hair, massage and leave it on for 1 to 5 minutes, lather and rinse. We recommend the shampoo process be applied twice; the first time to lather and lift dirt and the second time to rinse it away. The longer you leave the shampoo, the more effectively it tones the colour of your hair.

Step 2: Conditioner

Nutricare Shampoo


The shampoo process helps to maintain the colour while cleaning your hair, but it can be quite drying so we need to compensate this with a more nourishing process. The Fanola Nutricare Conditioner is the perfect solution as it is enriched with Linseed Oil to help hydrate and nourish dry, frizzy and brittle hair. After shampooing, apply the conditioner evenly to lengths and tips and leave it on for a few minutes before rinsing it off.

Step 3: Leave-In Conditioner

          Nutricare Leave-In Conditioner

Once your hair is towel dried, apply the Fanola Nutricare Leave-in Conditioner. It is pretty much a moisturising cream for your hair that restructures dry and frizzy hair. Also enriched with milk proteins and Linseed Oil, the Leave-In Conditioner works its magic with intense nourishing and restructuring action. What we love about this product is its light consistency; it does not weigh your hair down and it also has a light musky scent to leave your hair smelling fantastic.

Step 4: Heat Protectant

18 in 1 Thermal Spray

Most of us do not realise the effect that heat can have on our hair ‚Äúsunlight, LED exposure, hot water, blow dryers and straighteners all have a burning effect on our hair and can alter your hair colour, especially fashion colours. If you don’t apply heat protectant and straighten your hair, you are simply just burning the blonde in your hair. The best thing to do is apply Heat Protectant to minimise the damage done to your hair and we would recommend the 18 in 1 Thermal Spray. It is a high power filming product which protects hair from heat and drying as a result of hot tools. Simply spray this onto the hair and you can heat style straight over the top.

Step 5: Argan Oil

Zaffiro Puro

Argan Oil has been dubbed as “liquid gold” for its extraordinary qualities of beneficial nutrients including vitamin E, which promotes hair growth while undoing the damage caused by dye and chemical treatment making it effective for treating split ends. We highly recommend Fanola Oro Therapy Sapphire Oil as it contains Argan and Sweet Cyperus Oil, 24K gold extracts and sun filter, formulated to counter oxidation and protect your hair from damage caused by free radicals. On top of its regenerating action that restores body and vitality to bleached hair, it also has violet pigment to counteract brassiness. Do your best to avoid using products that have yellow tones. By placing Argan Oil as a final step over the hair, it will seal in the leave-in conditioner and proteins previously applied and form a protective barrier around the cuticle for a healthier looking finish.

We know these steps seem tedious, but for the love and health of your hair they are essential. Just make it a part of your routine and it will feel natural, just like how your hair will feel after you’ve cared for and maintained it effectively. Be kind to your hair and it will radiate like a thousand splendid suns.

See Guy Tang’s video on how heat can damage your hair colour.